World's Happiest Country

World's Happiest Country? 12 ways you can get happy in Denmark

If you head to one of the world's happiest countries, will some of that happiness rub off on you? You’ll have to come to Denmark to find out! The World Happiness Report has repeatedly named Denmark as the happiest country on Earth. Some researchers claim that Danes are born a bit happier than other people. Whether or not Danes have a built-in happiness gene, their contentment grows out of a number of things which you too can experience when you visit Denmark. From meeting ordinary Danes to noticing our cheery electrical sockets, here are 12 ways you can get happy in Denmark.

1. Just look at our electrical sockets!

Wouldn’t you feel a little bit happier with these happy faces smiling back at you from your hotel room or B&B? Ordinary Danes walk past these cheerful sockets every day at home. Maybe the happy wall sockets in Denmark are helping with the general feeling of contentment? Only one way to find out – come and plug something in!

2. Meeting and eating with Danes

The fact that Danes regularly top the list of world’s happiest people could have something to do with our outlook and general sense of contentment. So what better way to get some happiness pointers than actually spending time with Danes! There are lots of ways to travel like a Dane in Denmark, and organisations to bring you together with ordinary Danes for home-cooked meals, tours of their local areas or Danish cookery lessons. You can also spend an evening eating with Danes at popular communal eating spots, like Absalons Kirke in hip Vesterbro.

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Quick Tips for Getting Happy

1. Plan a vacation
(This can make you happy!)

2. Come to Denmark
(One of the world's happiest countries!)

3. Hunt for hygge
(A way of living that makes you happy!)

4. Try all the things in this article
(It's packed with semi-scientific happy!)

5. Take some happiness home with you
(Or stay.)