The 3 meter tall and 2,5 ton heavy metal sculpture is placed on Nordre Toldbod by Langelinie and has caused quite the stir Copenhagen.

The Little Mermaid has gotten a new neighbour called Zinkglobal.

The sculpture has an impressive size and it solidly placed on a 9 meter long key. It's made out of 8,500 pieces of used metal from cars, machines, etc.

Think globally

The metal man on the key is called "The Global Visionary" and the key is intended to symbolize the key to the future. It encourages to think more global, future-proof and outside the box.

Heavily debated sculpture

The Copenhageners have different opinions about the statue itself as well as its location. However, the plan is to keep the sculpture on Langelinie for 10 years.

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