Meetovation exercises


An easy exercise that can be made in all contexts. Often it gets to be more and more fun by being repeated many times so that you feel that you get better and better.




  1. Wake up
  2. Enhance concentration


Approximately 5 minutes

Group size

Best suited for group size 5-12


  1. Stand in a circle. 
  2. To send the first message, look someone in the eyes and clap in the direction of the person while saying “ZIP”. 
  3. The receiver passes on the message. This time he says “ZAP” instead. 
  4. The next person says “ZUP”, thus making it go: “ZIP-ZAP-ZUP”. 
  5. The pace is should be a high as possible.


  1. Make sure there is eye contact when the message is sent off. 
  2. If you feel like it send more than one set of “ZIP-ZAP-ZUP”s around.
  3. If desired, makes the sequence longer: “ZIP ZAP-ZUP-BINGO”.

Why use energizers in a meeting

In an time with far too many boring and ineffective meetings where we spend endless hours glued to a chair, energizers and power mingling exercises are effective and diverse means to jumpstart energy and group dynamics. Read more about energizers here ...

More info about energizers

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