Practical Information

Denmark has some of the best angling waters in Europe and you are never far from a peaceful lake, rushing stream or open sea.

Fishing around Denmark

It’s free to fish in Denmark’s coastal waters, if you have a fishing licence. In streams and lakes, you will need to have permission from the landowner or a fishing permit to fish in that area, as well as a fishing licence. Inland water tends to be privately owned. Local angling societies often rent out water spots for fishing and there will be signs in these areas stating that fishing by others is prohibited.

Put & Take lakes

Denmark also has a number of Put & Take lakes where you can fish without a fishing licence or permit. The Put & Take website has an English homepage, from which you can click through to a list of Put & Take lakes around Denmark.

Accessible fishing spots

The Nature Agency owns a number of fishing areas that are freely accessible to anglers. Some of these sites are free to fish while others require a paid permit. The Nature Agency website pinpoints all these fishing areas on a map, but the website is in Danish.

The My Fish Maps website is a handy new English resource that lists fishing areas in Denmark, as well as comments from other anglers on different water spots.

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