Come and be charmed by Copenhagen, Northern Europe’s cosiest capital, packed with cafés, shops and the best restaurants in Scandinavia. From the winding streets of the beautiful old town and grand royal palaces to the city’s cutting-edge buildings and attractions, Copenhagen is the perfect blend of old world and new. Hop on a bike or stroll the city on foot and take in its laid-back atmosphere and effortless sense of style. Read on for sightseeing inspiration, help finding restaurants in Copenhagen and to make Copenhagen hotel bookings.

Unforgettable sights

Walk, cycle or take a boat trip between Copenhagen's multitude of sights. From stunning palaces, such as Rosenborg Castle, to icons like The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen will leave a lasting impression on you.

The Holiday Season in Denmark is quite remarkable. Cozy Christmas markets, seasonal food and Danes in the holiday spirit. 

Danish "Hygge" in Copenhagen

Out on the town

From a day of sightseeing or shopping in Copenhagen's cosy centre, head to one of the city's excellent restaurants, bars or clubs for an evening to remember. Night and day, Copenhagen has more than enough to keep you happy and busy!

The lesser-known city

You've probably heard of The Little Mermaid and Tivoli Gardens. But have you considered taking a guided tour of Copenhagen based on the hit TV series The Killing? Find out more about Copenhagen's best kept secrets here...

Green Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of the world's greenest cities. Hundreds of thousands of people cycle across it each day and the water quality in the harbour is so great that you can swim in it. See everything from ground-breaking sustainable architecture to relaxing green spaces...

Welcome to the world's most bike-crazy capital city!

Copenhagen for kids

Royal guards, castles, amusements parks... Copenhagen is a city with a serious sense of fun! Many of the city's museums have special departments just for kids, so read on to find family fun across the city.

More than a fairground, Tivoli is a fairytale land for the young and the young at heart!

Royal guards, castles, amusements parks - Copenhagen is a city with a serious sense of fun!

Get to know the city

Copenhagen is a small city, divided up into unique areas and really easy to navigate. The lakes mark the northern edge of the city centre and the start of fascinating districts such as Nørrebro, Østerbro and Frederiksberg. Get to know the city here! 

Copenhagen map

Copenhagen quick facts

Copenhagen                     (1,199,224)
Greater Copenhagen  (1,931,467)
Copenhagen                     88.25km² (34 square miles)
Greater Copenhagen  3,030km² (1,170 square miles)
Population density       6,200 people per km² (16,000 per square mile)

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