Nordic Cool is Hot Commodity This Winter

Only in Scandinavia
“If World Domination were determined by Herring Consumption, We Would Rule the Planet” Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden Launch New “Nordic Cool” Tourism Campaign Spotlighting all Things Uniquely Scandinavian
Thursday, February 21, 2013

NEW YORK, NY (February 21, 2013) – The Nordic countries are setting new standards for cool. From the crisp fresh flavors of new Nordic cuisine and cutting-edge design to visionary sustainability initiatives and the world’s most progressive gender equality achievements, trend-setting circles have been abuzz lately about Scandinavia. The Scandinavian countries are even leading the world’s happiness indexes. With this increased focus on Scandinavia in mind, and in conjunction with the Kennedy Center’s Nordic Cool 2013 Festival in Washington D.C., the Scandinavian Tourist Boards, VisitDenmark, Visit Finland, Innovation Norway, and Visit Sweden, jointly with the Nordic Council of Ministers are launching a new Nordic Cool campaign. The objective is to create greater awareness on Scandinavia through fun, quirky, creative facts, and cultural trivia.

Collecting "Only in Scandinavia" moments

The campaign will have two components: a social media element through Facebook with a dedicated website as well as an outdoor advertising campaign in the Washington D.C area with ingenious facts about Scandinavia that will grab the public’s attention in the capital’s metro and public buses throughout the length of the festival. Fans of Scandinavia and inquiring minds can test their knowledge about the region and learn more about the Nordic countries at Visitors can enter to win a grand prize giveaway of two round-trip tickets to a Scandinavian destination of choice courtesy of SAS Scandinavian Airlines.

This campaign aims to create greater awareness and educate Americans about Scandinavia through humorous, clever trivia questions and quirky facts that play on uniquely Scandinavian customs, achievements and experiences. The dedicated site also aims to entice visitors to travel to the region providing them with an opportunity to collect Only in Scandinavia moments. Scandinavia combines a thousand year old heritage and traditions with some of the world’s most cutting edge culture, design, and gastronomy. 

Scandinavia is easily accessible from the US

Scandinavia is easily accessible from major US cities and from most of the East Coast, getting there isn’t much longer than a transcontinental flight within the United States. The region’s highly integrated infrastructure also provides for easy and seamless travel within Scandinavia by air, rail or ferry. It is very easy to combine two or three of Scandinavia’s trend-setting capitals or a capital and stunning nature and adventure options in one trip.

Washington DC residents and visitors will also have an opportunity to experience Scandinavian culture first-hand with the Nordic Cool 2013 performing arts festival showcasing the best of Nordic arts from dance and theater to music, film and literature. Nordic Cool 2013 will be held at The Kennedy center from February 19 to March 17, 2013. The festival’s complete program is available at the Kennedy Center website

About VisitDenmark, Visit Finland, Innovation Norway, and Visit Sweden 
The Nordic countries have a unique tradition of cooperation. It is in keeping that spirit alive that VisitDenmark, Visit Finland, Innovation Norway, and Visit Sweden have partnered in this initiative to promote the riches of the region. VisitDenmark, Visit Finland, Innovation Norway, and Visit Sweden are the official tourist boards for their respective countries. They are responsible for promoting tourism to Scandinavia as well as Scandinavian travel products in the North American market. They sometimes cooperate on joint marketing initiatives under the umbrella of Scandinavian Tourist Boards.

About the Nordic Council of Ministers
The Nordic Council of Ministers is the forum for Nordic governmental co-operation. The Prime Ministers have the overall responsibility for Nordic Co-operation. In practice, responsibility is delegated to the Ministers for Nordic Co-operation and to the Nordic Committee for Co-operation, which co-ordinates the day-to-day work of the official political Nordic co-operation. 

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