Cheap vacation in Denmark

Do you think Denmark is expensive? It doesn't have to be! Denmark can actually be a cheap vacation destination, perfect for budget travel. It's a small country, easy and quick to get around by bike or public transportation. Many of Denmark's most famous attractions and landmarks are free. There are lots of free events and Denmark's beaches and national parks are all free to enjoy all year round. Worried about expensive restaurants and places to stay? Don't be! There are many cheap hotels, cheap restaurants and ways to spend less money on food and accommodation in Denmark. Let this page inspire you to save money but still have lots of fun on your vacation to Denmark.

Free sights Denmark

Denmark's not all fine dining and sumptuous hotels! There's free fun to be had in Copenhagen and around Denmark. Here's our pick of unique Danish experiences that won't cost you a thing!

Of Denmark's five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, three are completely free to visit! Others, such as Hamlet's Castle in Helsingør, have paid entry but seeing them from outside for free is worth it!