New Nordic Noir

Murders… Rain… Sinister struggles… More rain… It’s New Nordic Noir! Thanks to a run of massively successful dark Danish dramas, international audiences are getting to know Copenhagen's streets like the back of their hands. 
Following on from the Emmy-nominated series The Killing, featuring Danish actress Sophie Gråbøl and that sweater, BAFTA-winning Borgen is the latest hit TV series in a strong wave of new Nordic Noir. Here, you'll find fun facts, deadly new drama to look forward to and inspiration for a city break with a difference...

"1864" - Most expensive Danish TV-production ever

Denmark is pulling out the big guns with new series "1864" deemed to be the most expensive Danish TV production ever.
The series has been acquisitioned by BBC Four and should air some time in the beginning of 2015. 

Get a feel for the atmosphere in new Danish historical '1864' about the border war between Denmark and German states, Holstein and Prussia.

BAFTA-winning political drama

Described variously by the international press as "fantastically compelling and intricate" and "the Danish West Wing", the political drama Borgen receives great praise wherever it screens across the world.

The BAFTA-winning political drama that's getting rave reviews and an army of viewers across Europe.

The worldwide hit

Forbrydelsen was a popular show in Denmark, but no-one expected the legions of devotees, international spin-offs and cult status that it would receive abroad as The Killing. Find out more about the show that's sparked a dark interest in all things Danish...

Since its first airing in 2007, The Killing has gripped audiences with a completely unique take on crime drama. 

If you loved The Killing...

Why not try one of these other excellent and deeply dark Danish dramas? They include new hits such as The Bridge, other BAFTA-winners and shows featuring Cannes Best Actor 2012 Mads Mikkelsen, soon to play Hannibal Lecter in the US!

Crime dramas are something of a Danish speciality. Besides The Killing and Borgen, Denmark is also responsible for five other Emmy-winning drama series.

Copenhagen quick facts

Copenhagen                     (1,199,224)
Greater Copenhagen  (1,931,467)
Copenhagen                     88.25 km² (34 square miles)
Greater Copenhagen  3,030 km² (1,170 square miles)
Population density       6,200 people per km² (16,000 per square mile)