GoBike is a mode of transportation that combines biking and public transportation. The bikes are equipped with tablets on the handlebars, which will make your journey from A to B easy, flexible and smooth.

GoBike is a new, flexible transport solution that is aimed to make it more appealing to take the bike instead of the car.

The bikes are parked in docking stations around the city. Many of the docking stations are located by train and metro stations, which makes it an ideal mode of transportation for commuters.

Bikes with tablets

The difference between GoBike and other city bikes is the fact that GoBike is equipped with a tablet. The tablet will provide navigation, train departures, purchase of train/metro tickets, information about activities in the area, locations of docking stations and available bikes. 

Integrated form of transportation

GoBike gives you the opportunity to combine biking with public transportation. You don't have to bring your bike on the train. Instead, you can park your GoBike by the station and jump on another one once you arrive at your destination.

Practical information

The bike has an adjustable seat and is also equipped with lights.

If you have a smartphone, you can download an app that tells you where the nearest docking station is located. The app can also help you with availability and reservations.

You can pay for the bike with your phone, either via text message, subscription or with your credit card.

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