Krolf for the family

Krolf is a mix between croquet and golf. The equipment is like what is used in croquet, the principle of getting the ball in hole on fewest strokes is from golf. You will be divided into teams and everyone who wants to try a game of krolf can participate.

The price for participating is 50 DKK. which should be paid at the place

The adress is Løkken Fiskepark, Trudslevvej 87

Event date/time
07/07/2014 - 07/07/2014 Løkken TuristbureauMonday10:00 - 11:30
14/07/2014 - 14/07/2014 Løkken TuristbureauMonday10:00 - 11:30

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Løkken Turistbureau



Jyllandsgade 15
9480 Løkken


  • City / Area

    • Løkken-Vrå
    • Toppen af Danmark
  • Intended audience

    • Family with children
  • Types of events

    • For children

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  • Coordinates

    Longtitude : 9.7124800000
    Latitude : 57.368361