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Local bike route Blue
The route is a 100 Km. round trip in the Middelfart area. Starting from Middelfart you go south along Lillebælt, towards northwest to Båring Vig and back to Middelfart through Strib. No matter where you are along the route, beautiful nature surrounds you and it is located close to hotels, campsites and holiday house areas, so you can “hop-on, hop-off” whenever you want. The route is not signposted.

Local bike route Green
A 17 Kilometre long route stretching from Føns at Lillebælt in the southwest to Båring Skov at Båring Vig in the northeast. The route is not signposted.

Local bike route Red
A short ride of 6 Km. from Vejlby in the northeast towards Svenstrup in the southeast, close to Middelfart town, but still through beautiful nature.

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