Mindesten for 3 amerikanske flyvere

The stone is erected on a private initiative and was unveiled on 9 April 1946 as a memorial to an American four-engine military airplane, which was shot down on 9 April 1944.

The crew consisted of 10 soldiers of whom two died in the plane, one parachute did not open and seven was saved and illegally brought to Sweden by members of the Danish resistance movement.

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Lyttesholmvej 1
4960 Holeby


  • City / Area

    • Holeby
    • Lolland-Falster
    • Møn
    • Nysted
    • Sealand, Møn, Lolland-Falster

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  • Coordinates

    Longtitude : 11.45727
    Latitude : 54.711548