Mønsted Kalkgruber

Welcome to Mønsted limestone mine. In an endless labyrinth of galleries you will find caves as large as cathedrals and passages so narrow that a grown man cannot walk through them upright. An underground world, which tells you its stories about geology, bats and the long working days demanded to bring the limestone out into the daylight. 60 km of galleries. visitors walk on their own, so you can any time walk back to the entrance. 2 km of galleries are illuminated; 600 meter are available for handicapped. You can bring a torch. On your way you will see small streams and underground lakes.

Bats. Mønsted Limestone Mine is the largest hibernation for bats in the Northern Europe. They come here in August where they mate before they hibernate. Next year in April they wake up and during the summer they live all over Jutland. 10.000 bats hibernate in the mines.

Above the largest lake in the mine i every hour a flood of light, where the story of the limestone and the mine reflects in the water.

The temperature in the mines is always 8 degrees C so bring a sweater.

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+45 86646011


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