North Sealand

North Sealand is a vacation favorite with Danes and not just because of its close proximity to Copenhagen. North Sealand not only offers you the famous Kronborg Castle, immortalised in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but also beaches, lakes, deep woodland and green open landscape, perfect for hiking, cycling and camping trips. The area is fringed by calm coastline where you can dip in some of Denmark’s best coastal swimming areas. The drive or train ride north into the region winds along the beautiful Oresund coast, giving you views across to Sweden. The massive Isefjord and Roskilde Fjord define the West of the region.  

The Danish Riviera

Head to the Danish Riviera, a short drive from Copenhagen and lined with lovely, calm beaches. The famous Coast Road winds north from the capital past beach after beach on the way to some of Denmark's most popular holidays destinations.

Map of North Sealand

A regal playground

Long the playground of Danish Kings and Queens, this region is dotted with castles, royal parks and fascinating history. It also offers you some of Denmark's most popular museums and art galleries.

Natural North Sealand

North Sealand is a picturesque area surrounded by water and dotted with lakes and forests. It's easily accessible and packed with opportunities to get out into nature.

Enjoy an easy-to-get-to region dotted with lakes, fjords and forests and surrounded by sea.

Quick facts

Main town: Helsingør
Nearest Airport: Copenhagen
International Ferry Port:
Helsingør (Sweden) 
Distance from Copenhagen:
Helsingør (47km)
Hundested (66km)
Frederiksværk (54km) 

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