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Saturday, August 9, 2014

We meet at. 14:00 for coffee at Fiddler Museum in Rebild. You will be given the option of attending one of the following two walks, and after tonight's communal's playroom. 

Walk tour 1:

Guided hike in Rebild. In addition to the amazing experience of nature will be told about the history and wildlife, legends of witches and robbers, fiddler tradition and folklore. The tour lasts 1.5 hours. A minimum of 30 participants. 

Walk tour 2:

Visit the Lincoln Log Cabin, Tingbæk Limestone mine and Fiddler's Museum. Check the roldskovmuseern

Evening event:

Kl. 18:00 Eating at the museum. Kl. 19:30 Playroom. Music by Rebild musicians and Quadrille Orchestra. The dance is led by Jens Larsen. Kl. 21:30 Joint coffee. Kl. 23:30 Ends evening.

Event date/time
09/08/2014 - 09/08/2014 SpillemandsmuseetSaturday -

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