The Church of our Lady

The Church of Our Lady
The monastery here was set up by Dominican monks and was first mentioned in 1246 but was probly established in 1227. The Church of Our Lady now occupies the south wing og the relatively well preserved monatery buildings.
The church was originally called Skt. Nicolai Church and can tracked back to ca. 1000 on the basis of discovery of the crypt in the 1950s. There are three separate auditoria: the great central nave, the Chapel in the crypt, and the Abbey Church.
Built in 1060, the Crypt is the oldest ecclesiastical building in Aarhus, as well as being the oldest arched space in Scandinavia.
It's possible to get guided tours if you contact the church office.
On Sundays and holidays only opened for churchgoers.

Opening hours
01/09/2014 - 30/04/2015 Monday - Friday10:00 - 14:00
01/09/2014 - 30/04/2015 Saturday10:00 - 12:00

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