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2 new World Heritage Sites for Denmark!

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Welcome to Denmark - home of the happiest people in the world!

This is the official travel site for Denmark, Scandinavia’s greatest little kingdom! Here you’ll find everything you need to plan, book and experience a one of a kind vacation in Denmark. Wondering how to get to Denmark? We’ve got Denmark maps and transport advice. Looking for things to do in Copenhagen or Denmark facts? We’ve got lots of inspiration and recommendations.

Go sailing on the glorious Viking longships, join the battle in real viking armor or explore the viking settlements and monuments.

Danish fairy-tale castles

Video: Nordic Cookery

The very best in Nordic food from the beautiful regions of Denmark. These clips from the BBC series "Nordic Cookery" is sure to make hungry for more Denmark. 

TV chef Tareq Taylor travels around Denmark, in four wonderful Nordic Cookery programmes. The series dig into the local culture, sights and, of course, delicious Danish food!

Here some great inspiration on the many things you can do while in Copenhagen. Now you can get there easily and directly from the West-Coast. Michelin star restaurants and unique Danish hygge awaits you!

Victor Borge - Jewish Denmark

Beloved Danish entertainer Victor Borge escaped Nazi persecution during World War II.

This is part of his incredible story. More on Jewish Denmark here.

Video: San Francisco to Copenhagen... by bike!

Danish superchef René Redzepi runs the extraordinary Nordic kitchen at noma in Copenhagen.

Be sure to check out these World Heritage Sites while your in Denmark