Wine and Dine in star-studded Denmark!

Royal Denmark - the world’s oldest monarchy

New Nordic Cuisine - some of the best in the world!

Explore the renowned Danish Design - new & old

LGBT Denmark - a long standing frontrunner for gay rights

New San Francisco route nonstop to Copenhagen

New routes from SFO to CPH

Map of Denmark

Here some great inspiration on the many things you can do while in Copenhagen. Get there easily and directly from the West-Coast now. Michelin star restaurants and unique Danish hygge awaits!

A couple of things you probably didn't know about Copenhagen

TV chef Tareq Taylor travels around Denmark, in four wonderful Nordic Cookery programmes. The series dig into the local culture, sights and, of course, delicious Danish food!

A Royal Affair, Babette's Feast, The Celebration, In A Better World - Denmark has given birth to many award-winning movies. See the best of them here!

Victor Borge - Jewish Denmark

Beloved Danish entertainer Victor Borge escaped Nazi persecution during World War II.

This is part of his incredible story. More on Jewish Denmark here.

Video: San Francisco to Copenhagen... by bike!

How to get your hands on the latest and greatest Danish design products.