Tourist Market at Gram Castle

On six Thursdays during the summer you can experience a true market atmosphere at Gram Castle.

With its excellent location and exciting history Gram Castle is the perfect setting for six exciting summer markets. The old cow barn - right next to the cafe and shop - is turned into a market square where enthusiasts from the entire region present and sell their goods.

At the market you can meet small food manufactures and artists with a passion for their work. Everything is unique and made with heart and care.

Bring the entire family
There are plenty of experiences for both adults and children. While mom and grandma spend hours in the shps, dad, grandpa and the kids can enjoy themselves at the large nature playground. Afterwards you can all enjoy the various cakes that are traditionally associated with South Jutland.

There is a tour of the castle every day at 2 PM and in the evening there is a ghostwalk through the castle at 8.30 PM - if you dare!

Event date/time
03/07/2014 - 14/08/2014 Gram SlotThursday -

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    • Haderslev
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    • summer café
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    • Market