Vestkystruten 1 (national cycle route)

The Blokhus - Hirtshals stretch is 55 km. and Hirtshals - Skagen is 51 km. Between Blookhus and Løkken the route runs along the beach, with a bridge provided over Nybæk just south of Løkken from 1. April - 1. October.
The route runs along gravel tracks across forest and fields and some tarmac roads with light traffic and with bike paths along some stretches.

The Lønstrup-Hirtshals-Tversted stretch

Towards Hirtshals - the town in the surf - we cycle through a particularly lovely coastal landscape in the plantation of Tornby Klitplantage characterised by large migrating dunes separeted by plains and with a distinctive and vigorous plant growth. On the cycle path that runs alongside the road we continue towards Hirtshals and see ahead of us the impressive structure of Hirtshals Fyr lighthouse with a focus height of 57 metres above sea level. The lighthouse is still in active service.
Later we have a good view of the town, the sea and one of the Land of Lights most important fishing ports with its ferry connections to Norway. Relax and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the monument known as "Trappemonumentet" and the square, "Den Grønne Plads", which links the sea to the town. The cycle path leads you past the North Sea Museum, which houses Nothern Europes biggest aquarium, "Oceanarium" containing some 4,5 million litres of seawater and shoals of the species of fish that inhabit the North Sea. Following the visit to this maritime town, we head east into a landscape of fragrant conifers, watercourses, hills and fields. We are now in the dune plantation og Lilleheden Klitplantage, where, depending on the season, it is possible to find many different types of herbs, blackberries, cowberries, blueberries, wild raspberries, crowberries and various wild mushrooms.
At the forest lake there is an Iron Age grave. The attractive route leads us on through the plantation at Uggerby Klitplantage, which is also the site of the stream Uggerby Å.

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    • Hirtshals
    • Toppen af Danmark
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