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Juelsminde Fishbistro

7130, Juelsminde

The fish shop has always fresh fish and freshly smoked fish from their own smokehouse.Sea-food bistro with delicious specialities.During the summertime barbecue and outdoor service....

Juelsminde Strand Camping

7130, Juelsminde

Nice campsite for the whole family with excellent facilities. Situated by the end of the main street in the centre of Juelsminde. Situated by the beach and the marina.Excellent opportunities for tours...

Snaptun Marina a.m.b.a.

7130, Juelsminde

Snaptun is a delightful little ferry harbour and fishing hamlet at the entrance to Horsens Fjord. The harbour features a new clubhouse with a bistro and a small shop. 

Rosenvold Havn

7140, Stouby

There is not any harbour master's office at Rosenvold yachting harbour. The harbour master is present two times per day.Otherwise the payment has to be made in the mail box&nb...

A large selection af handmade danish ceramics.Vases,different kinds of tea pots, name cups, unika ceramics, raku ceramics etc.Workshop. ...

© VJ

Hjarnø Church

7130, Juelsminde

The second smallest church in Denmark!Church from the age of Reformation. Furniture: Romance granite-font. The altarpiece and pulpit from 1805 are made by Jens Hjernøe with a later painting ...

As Church

7130, Juelsminde

Romanesque church with gothic extension. Fragments of frescos with illustrations from the Fable of Aesop about the Fox's and the Stork's feast (1514). Romanesque granite-font....

Stouby Church

7140, Stouby

Originally a romanesque church from the 11 th. century. The church was rebuilt 1400 to a gothic style. Romanesque granitefont. The pulpit is dated 1640 and the altarpiece 1731. In the chancel there ar...

Café and ice bar with a wide selection of clubsandwiches, baguettes, snacks, hamburgers, french fries, childrens menu, take away, coffee, cake, ice and softice. The café offers the...

Harbour of the Year 2012!

The harbour which was certified with the blue flag 2012 is navigable night and day.

Price: smaller than 12 metre Dkk 140,- per day.Between 12 and 15 metre Dkk 150,- per day...

Schur Conference Center

7130, Juelsminde

Very nice conference hotel situated in beautiful surroundings. For further information please contact sales co-ordinator Heidi Rasmussen hvm@schur.com or manager Sør...

© Det Hvide Hus

The White House " is a beautiful old renovated villa built in 1914.

The villa is situated in beautiful , peaceful surroundings in Barrit , with walking distance to forest and beach. We is only a 5 mi...

Palsgaard Manor House

7130, Juelsminde

The history of the Manor of Palsgaard begins as early as 1275-1300 according to the dating of the ruins of the original castle.In those days, the buildings stood some one and half kilometres...

Uldum Kær

7171, Uldum

Special landscape...

Uldum Kær

7171, Uldum

Excellent angling possibilities.

Angling for Prech, pike and river trout.

Here you will find a map of the area

Fishing licenses can be purchased here...

Uldum Mill

7171, Uldum

Uldum mill: The largest one of the few Dutch-type gallery windmills left in Denmark. After a fire the mill was rebuilt i 1895 by its owner, Ole Knudsen. In 1982 a group of Uldum citizens bought t...

Uldum Church

7171, Uldum

Uldum church was built in 1883.A granite stone in the churchyard features hollows from the Bronze Age....

Hotel Vejlefjord

7140, Stouby

Quite simple – Surprisingly good experiences ...

Hotel and Spa Stays

Our beautiful hotel is in a scenic location, surrounded by beech forests and overlooking the fjord. We have 113 bright rooms and ...

Vejlefjord - Wellness

7140, Stouby

Vejlefjord offers excellent wellness facilities in beautiful surroundings.For further information www.vejlefjordhotel.dk....


7160, Tørring

Swimming bath with a large and a small pool, sauna, café and kiosk. Fitnesscenter is also present at the center. Please look up prices and opening hours at www....

Østerskovgård Farm Shop

7160, Tørring

We are the eighth generation on "Østerskovgård".
Until 1792 "Østerskovgård" belonged to the manor house "Lehnsgårde".

We are offering farmhouse holidays.

We have imported wine from france (organic)...

R.S. Glas

7160, Tørring

Glass workshop. We are selling our own products of glass and Danish applied art.For extended opening hours please call us.  ...

Koutrupgård teltplads

7160, Tørring

Koutrupgård nature camp is situated just south of Koutrupgård at the edge of Koutrup forest. The nature camp has fire ring and shelter and be used free of charge of wanderes, bike riders and ride...

Hærvejens lejrskole

7160, Tørring

Hærvejens school camp also called Hammer school camp is situated by the spring of the Gudenå....

Tørring church

7160, Tørring

Tørring church was built in 1200.The characteristic octagonal dome of the church tower (beginning of 17th C.) is seen above the houses of the "older part" part of the town north of the river...

Linnerup church

7160, Tørring

A small village church with an imposing fresco by Joachim Skovgaard (20th.C)....

Hjortsvang Museum

7160, Tørring

Local museum in the middel of the village.

The country life. See the changes that have occurred over the past 200 years. Feel the mood of the room, stables and barn.

See tools and gain a look into...

Tørring Canoe rental

7160, Tørring

Start your canoeing or kayaking trip along the river Gudenå at Tørring Canoe rental.

You can rent a canoe or kayak for one or several, and accommodation is available along the Gudenå, and package sol...

Tørring Camp

7160, Tørring

The earlier Tørring Campsite is now Tørring camp. It is placed among the hills of Jutland close to Givskud SafariPark, Legoland, the sources of the Gudenå and Skjern Å rivers. Tørring&n...

Langskov church

7160, Tørring

Langskov church was built in 1880. The altar-piece dates from an earlier church about 1520....

Aale Church

7160, Tørring

From 1200. Romanesque, Gothic and Classicism. Frescos in choir and nave....

Ajstrup Strand Camping

8340, Malling

Great campsite by the sea - and close to the city

Ajstrup Strand Camping is situated by the beautiful East Coast beach surrounded by lovely nature, forests and cycle paths - and still close to the ci...

Cosy accomodation in Malling, between Århus and Odder.

Arranged as an appartment on the first floor with balcony, fully equiped kitchen, three room - one with hanging soil. In the kitchen area there...

Come and have a wonderful time with our Iceland ponies.With us you can go tour riding in the woods, or enjoy an easy ride at the stables, or, of course, both. ...

Voervadsbro Torvehal

Sdr. Vissing Torvehal

8740, Brædstrup

The Sdr. Vissing Torvehal is a newly started market place where the goal is to ensure that our customers are able to find all the nice quality products that they wish to use in everyday life.

We hav...

© Rødspætten

Enjoy a lunch or dinner in the shop, Det Lille Røgeri's, charming restaurant, Rødspætten.
The lunch menu consists of good classical danish seafood, such as "stjerneskud", or fish filet and chips.

Experience a different, fun and challenging day in the wonderful world of labyrinths, and get a good workout for your brain and your legs.
Labyrinthia now has seven different outdoor mazes: A new 2,0...


8600, Silkeborg

AQUA Aquarium & Zoo in Silkeborg is a family-friendly discovery centre featuring northern Europe’s largest freshwater aquarium and a lovely nature park with an abundance of animals found in the Danish...

Himmel & Hav is a place for those who like to enjoy life. Here you are close to nature and you have time for contemplation and rest. Himmel og Hav is an unpretentious place, where g...

At Fru Møllers Mølleri flour mill and farm shop, the slow-turning stone mill grinds the flour in such a way that taste, freshness and an optimum content of nutrients are retained.
If you pay a visit...

Annex with own terrace located at private enclosure. Beautiful nature right outside with access to a smell creek. Price per night per person: 150,- DKK incl water and electricity. Off season...

Café Alrø

8300, Odder

Cafe Alrø opens new season Saturday 12th af April 2014 at 12-19 pm
The entire Easter 12-19 pm. See Cafe Alrøs website for opening hours  rest of the season or call +4522110338

Café Alrø has opened a ...

Hou Beach Camping

8300, Odder

Great family site with excellent beach for kids.

Well-equipped cabins
Fine angling opportunities
Ferry service from Hou to Tunø and Samsø
Super surfing waters
Bouncy cushion and playground

Restaurant Bondehuset

8300, Odder

Cosy restaurant by the beach in Saksild. The beach of Saksild is one of the absolute best beaches in Eastjutland.

Restaurant Bondehuset has a big danish cuisine and a varied á la carte menu. The rest...

Painting and woodsculptures. Juhani was born in Finland but came to Denmark after the second world war. His sculptures varies in size and shape, but are easily recognized by their bright colours ...

A camping site, that has everything
- Excellent beach for kids
- Free swimming-pool
- 10 well-appointed cabins
- Bouncing cushion and playgrounds
- New family rooms in the service building
- Supermark...

The Sandbjerg Camp

8350, Hundslund

In the beautiful nature to Horsens Fjord you find Sandbjerg Camp. Everything you need for the big family gathering, celebration or likewise.

The campground i 115.000 m2 with a field for ballplaying,...

Odder Fitness Center

8300, Odder

Odder Fitness Center - The local Fitness Centre which offers training to international standard.AEROBIC / HEALTH: Aerobics / Step, beginners; Workout; Body Toning; Massage; Step 1; Slimming ...

Tunø Festival

8300, Odder

The Tunø summer festival, with it is great selection of jazz and folk music, performed by both popular local artists and well known international musicians. The festival has been held every summer sin...

A good and cosy naturist camping site for the whole family, close to a fine beach with good possibilities for surfing. Good facilities, playground and lots of opportunities for activities (for instanc...


Showing 51 - 100 of 303 entries