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© Villy Svindt

Branden Fur

7870, Roslev

Sails every 15 minutes days, every full hour nightsMore information on:

© Karin Jørgensen

Galleri Flora

9460, Brovst

Gallery Flora is a small gallery, wich contains paintings, icons and different kinds of handicraft. Common to it all is that the colours are very vivid and strong + that most of the things have an ima...

© Villy Svinth

Fur Kaffe and The

7884, Fur

Fur Kaffe og The
Fur Kaffe & The (Fur Coffee and Tea) is a small cozy shop. Here you find a wide selection of coffee, tea, whiskey and wine.

Music and dance events in the barn during the summer as we...

Regitzesminde Fur

7884, Fur

Regitzeminde was built as a health resort for chaperones in 1929.

Today Regitzeminde caters larger functions and private parties.

Regitzeminde accommodates up to 60 persons.

The place is known for ...

Regitzesminde Bed & Breakfast

Regitzeminde has 5 double rooms.

Price: Double. Room DKK 600,- Including breakfast.

Single room DKK 300,- Including breakfast....

© Pia Knudsen

Café På Herrens Mark
Charming café with a relaxed atmosphere on the island Fur.

The café offers homemade pancakes in many varietes and healthy buckwheat pancakes.

The café also offers B&B and a visi...

© Pia Knudsen

Furisk Ferie

7884, Fur

Furisk Ferie Fur is a small B&B with 2 double rooms with separate entrance and shared bath/toilet. There is an extra bed in the larger room.

The house has a small kitchenette, terrace and wireless In...


Frode Jensen is the only charcoal burner in Jutland.
Please contact Frode Jensen and make an appointment....

Movieperformance in the middle of the forest.

Swimmingplace at the lake St. Økssø in the forest "Rold Skov"....

Saturday 10th May 2014 10:00 to 16:00

Open House at Vedsted Skovhus with live presentations of Rørbæk sawmill.
Activities for children and adults.

Meeting point: parking lot at Himmerlandsvej just...

Big Apple Juice Day

9520, Skørping

Cn the 18th October 2014 kl. 10:00 to 16:00

This day, you and your family press apple juice. The activity is collecting in the orchard, washing and pressing of apples.
Price: 12 DKK / Liter.


Lawn at old school. Small enclosure for horses - hay can be ordred. Close to the walking route of Hærvejen through Stendal and Ulvedal plantations. 

Call ahead to O. Schmidt, tlf. 86 66 22 68 (kl. 7....

© DenGamleStation

Art in Hirtshals

9850, Hirtshals

The beautiful old station building now serves as an art gallery with changing exhibitions and happenings throughout the year....

© Karen Margrethe Søndergaard

Glyngøre BB ll

7870, Roslev

Centrally located house close to the wood and the beach with a view of the fjord and the town. You have the whole house to yourselves. 1 room with two single beds and the possibility of two extra beds...

© Britta og Jens Jensen

BB Britta og Jens Jensen

7860, Spøttrup

Cosy renovated flat with separate entrance in rural surroundings. Double room and double couch in the living room.

Separate kitchen (hob), bathroom, beautiful terrace, garden and barbecue. TV, dish s...

The Queen & The Robbercastle....

If there is anything that can put us in high spirits, champagne is certainly in order. When on top of that , the presentation is elegant , witty and well-founded , well, then it can only be an evening...

Vennebjerg Mølle

9800, Hjørring

Hear about the mill, its function and exciting story and see how to make flour....

© Kirsten Borger

This B & B is located at the cycle route around the Limfjord, 3 km from Virksund, 16 km from Skive and 22 km from Viborg. Direct opposite the village hall at Lund. 100 m to bus stop (Route No. 411: Sk...


29 November and 6 December 2014

THE SWEET CHRISTMAS-Reserve'r online! 
Christmas dance with large Christmas table-Per person DKK 199,00

Christmas weekend stay:
Coffee and cake, big Christmas di...


Pizzaria og Kebab House...


The Clayman

9800, Hjørring

The Clayman, Olsen, Hans Pauli,2002. Hjørring
A man’s figure is trying to build itself up out of the clay. This is actually a selfportrait of the artist and one is led to think about artists who are m...



9800, Hjørring

Family,(Familie)  Bronze statue by Hanne Varming, 1983. Hjørring
This family on a bench is expressed in a way that one wants to sit with them and be a part of their family. With simplicity and strengt...



9800, Hjørring

The Unicorn, (Énhjørning)  Sculpture by Karin Olesen, 1990, Hjørring
This unicorn is made of recycled materials and refers to the name of the housing area “Hubertusparken” (Saint Hubert’s Park). But d...



9800, Hjørring

Suspension Field, (Spændingsfelt) Two granite sculptures by Claus Ørntoft,  2003, Hjørring
Two almost identical imaginary creatures squaring up to each other across a busy road. Their tense glances co...



9800, Hjørring

Elephant,  Kaj (Glamsbjerg) Nielsen, 1958, Hjørring
The natural forms and lines of the granite rock inspired the artist, who gave the stone its form by chiseling a minimal amount away and letting its ...


Børn (Children)

9800, Hjørring

Children,(Børn) Poul Hansen,  1978, Hjørring
The two small young children seem delicately vulnerable as they sit outside the Teacher Training College in Hjørring. In spite of this, there is an artisti...


Morgentimen (Morning Hour)

9800, Hjørring

Morning Hour, Weathered Steel sculpture by Kurt Tegtmeier 1990, Hjørring
This sculpture is reminiscent of a human figure just beginning to rise from a prone postion, just as one does in the morning.



Drage (Dragon)

9800, Hjørring

Dragon, (Drage) Granite sculpture by Flemming Holm,1995, Hjørring

This dragon may appear ferocious with it's sharp teeth bared and it's jagged spine, but it is a patient creature. In any case, it ha...


Universets fødsel

9800, Hjørring

Birth of the Universe (Universets fødsel),  Granite and Bronze sculpture by Jens-Flemming Sørensen, 1974. Hjørring

Columns and spheres are simple forms that can contain a long story. “Birth of the Un...


Dyrefigur til 1983

9800, Hjørring

Animal Sculptures, created until 1983 by Peter Jensen, Bjergby
Peter Jensen was a folk artist without any formal training. He decided to fill his garden with exotic animals which he made of recycled m...

© Dansk Skaldyrcenter

In high speed over the fjord

7900, Nykøbing M

High Speed across the Fjord

Experience high speed, and feel the wind in your hair, and the water splashing your face as you bounce across the waves at high speeds with up to 95 km. pr. hour.

On the ...

Røverlejr (Robber Camp)

9520, Skørping


Robber camp in Rold Skov (Forest )

Robber camp in the scenic Rold Skov, is an unique and different experience in authentic frame....


Nille’s Spheres,(Nilles Kugler) Granite fountain by Kirsten Jensen, 1990, Sindal
This little fountain is one of the many in Sindal. With its  low heigt these round stones are a favorite place for chil...

The scenery and formation of Skagen Odde/ a guide to determine pebbles. From the ice Age to present time - exhibition of e.g. bones from the mammoth, amber jewelry and tools.

A calendar of further ac...

Galleri Billedhuset

9670, Løgstør

Menneskedyr (Feline Man)

9800, Hjørring

Feline Man (Menneskedyr), Granite Sculpture by Claus Ørntoft, 2007-08, Bjergby

When you pass this sculpture on Bjergby's main street, you may think like many others: Should it be crooked? Yes, it sho...


Rhinosceros,(Næsehorn) Granite Sculpture by Sven Bovin, 1973, Tårs
The rhino is rooted in place and oversees the children in the playground. Children may safely crawl on its back, it got used to that ...


Untitled,(Uden Titel) Granite Sculpture by Finn Nielsen, 1987, Tårs

The artist never gives his abstract sculptures a title, and it is therefore up to each person to interpret the sculpture’s meaning....


Untitled, (Uden Titel) Granite Sculpture by Poul Erland, 1980 Tårs
Is it a hare or a bird? A platypus or a penguin? The species doesn’t really matter, because the artist has created an upright, organi...

© Aalborg Kommune

Obel's Kanal

9000, Aalborg

Obels Kanal fills the area around Kanalhavnen with life with a fresh breath of the fjord. The Channel was initiated in 1997 where it was build in order to bring the city behind the industry area close...

© Søren Thomsen

B & B Øster Brønderslev

9700, Brønderslev

B & B near Brønderslev. The rooms are on the first floor....


9000, Aalborg

You will find a beautiful view over Aalborg from more directions at Signalbakken (Signal Hill). At the Hill you will find Hvilehøj (Rest Hill) and Signalhøj (Signal Hill) which are two mounds. Signalh...


Showing 5351 - 5400 of 6727 entries