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© Tina Koudal


7860, Spøttrup

A different flea market, which focuses on things and smaller furniture for creative interior design.
The details make the difference.
Here you can discover lots of exciting thing old as well as retr...

Situated between Skive and Viborg on the A26 road.Large function rooms ideal for parties of all kinds as well as meetings, business lunches, coach parties, etc.There is almost no limit ...

© Karen Margrethe Kristensen

This school camp is not just for schools and other institutions. If you are looking for a place to hold your family reunion, the school camp is a good solution at a reasonable price. We also offer acc...

© Jimmy Lind

Ålbæk Strand

7860, Spøttrup

Vendal Mound

7860, Spøttrup

Vendal mound is over 5 metres high and lies 35 metres above sea level. From the top of Vendal mound, you have an excellent view accross Venø bay to Thyholm, Jegindø and the vind mills by Oddesund.

© Curt Johansen

Balling Kirke (church)

7860, Spøttrup

The church is built of ashlar and consists of a Romanesque chancel and nave with three extensions. In the Late Middle Ages a tower was added but only the lower part has been preserved and the tower wa...

© Curt Johansen

Rødding Church

7860, Spøttrup

The church is characteristic with its slim, octagonal steeple. Moreover, it is the only church with a steeple in the Salling region.Two noble families have influenced Rødding church particularly,...

Each year in week 37 approximately 50 old traditionally rigged sailing vessels are participating in the four-day-long "Round The Limfjord Race". The race is...

© Alex Kirkegaard

The Inn Spøttrup Kro

7860, Spøttrup

The Inn Spøttrup Kro is beautifully situated in the heart of the town of Rødding, just 10 minutes from the nearest beach and only a five minute drive from the mediaeval castle in Spøttrup. 

Private c...

© Curt Johansen

Brøndum Church

7860, Spøttrup

Romanesque ashlar church with a late Gothic style tower.Baroque altarpiece with new paintings by the Danish painter Ingolf Røjbæk.A Romanesque tombstone is built-in in the chancel wall....

© Curt Johansen

Vejby Church

7860, Spøttrup

A small Romanesque ashlar church. There are remarkable late Gothic fresco paintings in the chancel arch from the 15th century....

© Bent Olsen

Spøttrup Havkajaklaug

7860, Spøttrup

For security reasons at least two people must sail off together, and one of them must be over the age of 20.

Children's kayak DKK 150,-.
Junior and adult kayak DKK 175,-.
Two person kayak DKK...

Junget strand (beach)

7870, Roslev

Close to Junget Strand Camping....

© Curt Johansen

Lihme Church

7860, Spøttrup

Construction year unknown - ca. 1100. One of the oldest Romanesque village churches in Denmark. Consecrated to Sct. Vincentius in 1176. The nave is built of fieldstones. Base of apse and tower is buil...

Restaurant Gyldendal

7860, Spøttrup

Restaurant Gyldendal is situated at the Gyldendal marina and has a beautiful view of Limfjorden.

The restaurant offers a varied menu. 

Opening Hours:
In May, June, July and August from 12 noon to 1...

© Anders Heegaard

The aqua dome will be closed for restoration for approx. 7 months, from week 14 to week 41, 2014.
The fitness centre will be open.

- 30 degrees C M...

© Curt Johansen

Volling Church

7860, Spøttrup

A church consisting of Romanesque apse, chancel and nave, and with a late Gothic tower dating back to the time of the Valdemars. From the outside the church is beautiful with its tall, whitewashed tow...

© Curt Johansen

Krejbjerg Church

7860, Spøttrup

The church consists of Romanesque chancel and nave with two additions in late Gothic style. In the cemetary rests the famous Jens Væver, whom invented the Danish seine net. ...

Marienlyst Beach
Near the camp ground Skive Fjord Camping.

Facilities: Lawn with tables and benches. Slipway for smaller boats. Outdoor fitness equipment.

Dogs on the beach: Dogs must be on leash o...

© Jimmi Lind

Lundø Nordspids

7800, Skive

Lundø Beach
Facilities: Jetty. Information about hiking routes in the area.

Campground. Kiosk and café not far from the beach.

Dogs on the beach: Dogs must be on leash on the beach from April 1st –...

© Curt Johansen

Lem Church

7860, Spøttrup

Romanesque ashlar church with apse, ornamented with an elegant arched frieze of granite. Romanesque stone mason art in ashlar. Romanesque baptismal font with foliation and blood groove on the base dat...

"Two Jutland Horses"

7800, Skive

A bronz sculpture by the Danish sculptor, Joseph Salomon (1996). It is placed at the old horse fair ground. For generations, this was where town and country met, to trade goods and gossip. ...

© Curt Johansen

Hvidbjerg Church Skive

7860, Spøttrup

Romanesque ashlar church with a large late Gothic tower with pyramid-shaped roof and a modern porch. Altarpiece and pulpit date back to the 18th century.Inside the porch, a runic stone with ...

© CurtJohansen

Lundø Church

7840, Højslev

The church is built of fieldstones mixed with mediaeval large bricks. The church was probably built in the middle or end of the 14th century, meaning in the Gothic of the best period. I the Middle Age...

© Curt Johansen

Ramsing Church

7860, Spøttrup

Romanesque ashlar church built in ca. 1150. Tower and porch were built in 1879. Altarpiece and pulpit in renaissance style. In 1991, a set of fully automatic chimes was installed. Key for th...

© Curt Johansen

Håsum Church

7860, Spøttrup

A very old Romanesque ashlar church with chancel and nave, a late Gothic tower and a 19th century porch. Bricked up north portal with pillars.The restoration of the church was finalized in 1...

© jørgen lastein, jels


6630, Rødding

“Slotsgaarden” is located near Jels City, forests, lakes and the Royal Oak Golf Club.


300 kr. pr. person by singel room.
400 kr. pr. for double room....

© ms arkiv

Rødding Centret

6630, Rødding

Rødding Centret offers you a lot of different activities.

· Swimming bath
· Exercise center
· Solarium
· Sports centre
· Cinema
· Library


Herb garden by the castle Spøttrup Middelalderborg. Open all year round from sunrise til sunset.Free admission.The herb garden is one of the locations on "Snapseruten" - see also www.s...

Vejby Kræmmermarked Skive

7860, Spøttrup

Visit the shop for toys, tools and a thousand other things. On weekends the owners have a thrift market from 10am – 5pm. ...

© Kaj Fjendbo

Spøttrup Cirklen

7860, Spøttrup

Association of local craftsmen in the Spøttrup Area....

© Iben Warthou

Shelter for overnight stays in Hjerk town, next to the stadium. Nice toilettes and a great beach. Football field and playground. Dogs on a leash are welcome.

Not for motorised vehicles, intended for...

© Anders Larsen

Trandum Camping

7800, Skive

A pleasant family and anglers camping site near the stream Karup Å and many tourist attractions. Sales of fishing cards for all zones.More information on:

© hygum hjemstavnsård, web master

During Harvest Days at Hygum Hjemstavnsgård, you can experience the harvest development from around year 1900 onwards. It is the evolution from scythe to distributing machine, self-binder and the comb...

© hygum hjemstavnsgård

The village in Work and Celebration at Hygum Hjemstavnsgård is an arrangement with changing topics:

-        Fuel manufacture with peat manufacture and brushwood cutting
-        Continuous exhibitio...

© peter egebæk

In Jels Idrætscenter & Vandrerhjem you can - by and large - perform all kinds of sports activities. In the in-door sports centre it is possible to play:


© ms arkiv

The (blue) approx 3,5 KM tour through Barsbøl Forrest leads you by a funny looking oak with three trunks, Barsbøl meadow and the lakes in Jels.

In the willow scrub breeds the nightinggale, whos tril...

Klaskeroj Forrest
The earth in Klaskeroj has a very high water content and is therefore very acid and moist, hence the word "Klask" in its name, a word that in Danish means "sopping wet".

The tour (...

© ms arkiv

The approx 3,2 km tour goes arround Midtsø. The route takes you along the seapath at Midtsø. At the end of the lake you´ll pass "Heksebroen" were there is a beautiful vue over the Nedersø.


© ms arkiv

Stursbøl Plantage

6500, Vojens

Stursbøl plantation is placed a little south of Jels. Follow the Hærvej-bicycleroute south, and turn into the forrest, there is a large parking ground. On this parking ground you will find some orient...

© ms arkiv

Every year the last sunday in September there is a International fishingcompetition in the Lakes in Jels.Following fish is participates in the competicion:Group 1: Pikegroup 2. Eel...

© Martin Ruby

This Bed & Breakfast is the former herdsman’s house of Thorum Vicarage. The house of 110 m2 is completely restored with 3 bedrooms sleeping up to 8 people. The rooms share a bath and kitchen with cook...


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