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Mols Bjerge National Park

Spectacular views

You can see spectacular views of the whole park at the Jernhatten ridge. The central area of the park is made up of high heathlands, forests and large open pastures, while along the coast there are many great beaches to discover.

Man meets the sea

Maritime history

West Jutland

A blustery beauty

The sea is rougher here than in other parts of Denmark, making these beaches excellent water sports areas. If you’re looking for more child-friendly and family areas for swimming, try the coastal area around Limfjord.

Bornholm's Art Museum


Bornholm has a strong tradition of craft artisans, particularly within the fields of glass work and ceramics. You can visit open workshops all over the island and see the artisans in action at places such as Hjorth's Fabrik, Bornholm's Ceramics Museum in Rønne. 

The round churches

Baltic fortresses

Marguerite Route facts

Prehistoric Denmark

Denmark’s first people

Lindholm  Høje

Artistic enclave

The Branch (Grenen)

Where two seas meet

Changing of the guard in Copenhagen

The Royal Family residence



Sejerø is a beautiful and peaceful island, with undulating landscape and many small swimming beaches. Visit the old church, with its fine fresco paintings, or any of the many burial mounds on the island. You can reach the island by ferry from Havnsø.


Kronborg Castle

Helsingør (Elsinore)


Showing 40 from 41 marked with "History"