Copenhagen nightlife [1]

Copenhagen is ready to show you a good time! At the weekends, the city is a hive of activity until the early hours of the morning with bars, clubs and pubs open late. Below are some nightlife highlights, listing great spots for a night out in the city centre and Copenhagen’s coolest districts.

Denmark's pubs

If it’s your first time in Copenhagen, a bodega is a great way to experience old Denmark. These pubs are cosy, closed-in places where everyone knows everyone else’s names. Ask a local to show you how to play a game of dice, a popular Danish pastime!


Copenhageners love their bars [2]. With everything from trendy wine bars to old-school drinking holes, you won’t go thirsty in Copenhagen. 

Breweries and beer bars

Copenhagen has a great range of micro breweries [3] where you can sample their wares and grab a delicious bite to eat to go with it.

Cocktail bars

Is yours a Hairy Chihuahua or Copenhagen’s very own cocktail, The Copenhagen? Whatever you’re in to, they’ll mix it for you here, in Copenhagen's cocktails bars [4]


Night fever! The Danes like everyting from disco to techno so you won't have trouble finding a nightclub that caters to yoru taste. Here you'll find a selection of the best places to put on your dancing shoes [5]

Sports bars

Don’t miss the game while you’re in town. Head to one of Copenhagen’s lively sports bars [6] to catch all the action. 

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