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Visit the giant stone in Søllested Forest (approx. 20 km)Western Lolland is not characterised by stone but in Søllested Forest, around 15 km from Nakskov there is a giant stone t...

The countryside around Nakskov with its many flat cycling routes offers several excellent possibilities for excursions. For example, why not try an exciting roundtrip that starts in Nakskov and winds ...

Apart from the dike, the flat countryside of Lolland does not present very much in the way of hilly terrain.  However, in the landscape around the picturesque village of Vesterborg

© Faaborg Turistbureau

Forum Faaborg

5600, Faaborg

The Swimming Bath has many facilities and is situated near the town centre.Opening hours and prices - see homepage....

Nakskov Fjord is divided into an outer and inner fjord. The inner fjord gets its water from amongst others the Halsted and Ryde streams and apart from the wealth of fish, the inner fj...

© VisitDenmark

Sailin on Nakskov Fjord with the "Post boat" 

Do come along with the mail boat.The mail boat sails to the islands in Nakskov Inlet. It brings letters and goods to the islanders. The tour is never exa...

Use sandworm for flatfish and cod. You can catch eel with rainworm. Ít`s good to fish just after the ferry arrives or leaves the harbour. Onshore wind spoils especially at the ente...

Kirstinelyst, © Naturstyrelsen Trekantområdet


7183, Randbøl

Randbøl Hede is Denmark’s largest inland heath, featuring wide-open windswept heather dunes. The scenic area now offers a hands-on visitors’ centre, Kirstinelyst, where you can learn about the fascina...

Pleasure boat trips on the Maribo Lakes. Maribo Søndersø is Denmark´s eight largest lake and without doubt the one with the most islands. The water areas covers 890 hectares of which 40 hectares are f...

Brændevinsstenen (Dram rock) on Kuddeholm (2 km)
Just outside Hestehovedet lies the little island of Kuddeholm that can be visited via a small bridge. The island has never been cultivated but only use...

Around the town of NakskovNakskov with its population of almost 14,000 inhabitants is the largest town on Lolland and has held the status of market town since the 13th century. T...

© Gribskov Svømmehal

Gribskov Swimming Bath

3200, Helsinge

New nice swimming bath in Helsinge with 25 m pool, pool with 34 degrees warm water, 1 and 3 meter diving boards, pool for the smallest and one long roller coaster.


© Adventure Events is an events company that offers adventure courses, experiences and events to companies as well as to individuals.

Our instructors primarily come from the sports education program...

© Hans Østergaard

Kasmose Forest

5500, Middelfart

Kasmose forest has not been touched since the early 1990’s, and has therefore developed as Mother Nature intended. Here you can walk along paths and experience a multitude of animals and plant not usu...

© Cees

Wedellsborg Forest

5500, Middelfart

Wedellsborg Forest

Wedellsborg Forest is located near the privately owned Wedellsborg Gods (Manor), in the southern part of Middelfart Municipality. The area is a paradise for walkers and cyclists, ...

© Fri Bike Shop

Bike route No. 70, Middelfart- Assens

The distance is 45 km, including 43 km on asphalt road and 2 km of gravel road. The route follows as close to the shoreline as possible, so you almost through t...

© VisitMiddelfart

National Bike Route No. 6: Middelfart-Odense-Nyborg

The distance is 89 km, including 84 km on asphalt road and 5 km of gravel road. From west to east, all the way across the island of Funen, the rout...

© Golf Park West

Golf Park West

6830, Nørre Nebel

Golf Park West - minigolf and other activities for both children and adults....

The Mountain Route

4880, Nysted

The Maountain Route

the route is 13 km.

Currently only a Danish and German version of the map is available. ...

Cycle route in and around Nykøbing Falster 17 km

Start at Bjørnebrønden (The Bear well) and the Czar’s House. Bjørnebrønden was carved out of a block of Granite from Bornholm in 1939. A little furthe...

Cycling around the Borremose Wetlands
Start your trip for example at Tingsted Church. The church was built in the later half of the 14th century. The murals that adorn the vault of the church were pai...

Cycle route near Fuglsang 31 km

Start your trip for example at Fuglsang with its beautiful, expansive parklands, where you can experience amongst other attractions Thujahulen, a natural wonder create...

Cycle route near Grønsund 32 km

4850, Stubbekøbing

Cycle route near Grønsund-Stubbekøbing 32 km
Start the trip at the harbour in Stubbekøbing, from where the old wooden ferry Ida sails back and forth to Bogø Island during the summer.
Ride across the ...

Cycle route near Marielyst 16 km
Start the tour from Marielyst Town Square and ride along Marielyst Strandvej towards Væggerløse. In front of the Hotel Nørrevang you can see a memorial stone and a wat...

The English version of the cycle route is coming soon....

Cycle route near Vålse Vig 16 km

4840, Nørre Alslev

Cycle route near Vålse Vig, 16 km
Start your tour at Kippinge Church. In the Middle Ages the church was a popular destination for pilgrims. The church received large donations from its many visitors, ...

Cycle route near the Baltic Sea 19 km
Start your trip at the main building, Corselitze. In the beautiful large park you can see amongst other sights an approximately 3 m high wooden sculpture of Adam ...

© Ukendt


5500, Middelfart


At Havnegade, next to Cafe Razz, two beachvolley courts can be found. They are situated close to the water, with a view of both bridges and close to the pedestrian street. It is free to us...

Spring, summer and autumn is best for sea trout. Perch in summer and autumn, garfish in May-June

Sea trout, garfish, perch, flatfish

Fishing area:
Park at the marina. On this str...

Mariaparken, © Vejle Kommune

Mariaparken is an activity park where you can play ballgames, hockey, badminton or tennis – and soak up the sun. During summer you can roller-skate and in winter months you can go ice-skating.

The ne...

Cycle route near Gedser Odde 20 km
Download cycle route as pdf.
Start at Gedser Church, which dates back to 1915. Ride along Skolegade to The Black Museum, where you will discover exhibitions of miner...

Videbæk Skinnecykler

6900, Skjern

Experience nature from an inspection trolley...

All year round you can hire an inspection trolley at Videbæk-Skjern Veteran- og Modeljernbane. The route between Herborg old station and Skjern is 13 k...

© Modelfoto

Strib Tennisklub

5500, Middelfart

If you are a tennis player, please bring your racket on holiday, as Strib Tennis court has 3 turf courts and 1 synthetic court. Guest tickets for courts in Strib can be bought at the Butcher in Strib,...

Sea trout in spring and autumn Garfish from mid-May and one month ahead.

Fishing area:
This site has relatively deep water, which means that wading is only possible close to the shore. The ...

Sea trout in spring and autumn. Flounders and cod from autumn to early spring. Mullet in late summer. Garfish from mid-May.

Seatrout, garfish, cod, multer, flatfish

Fishing area:...

By mail boat through Nakskov inlet. The Albuen is a long curved peninsula - one of the rare places where nature decides. But during the Middle Ages the Albuen was the centre of one of the largest herr...

© Helle Thomsen


- Askeladen 500
- Asteria 540
- Ocean Tiburon 120
- Ocean 550

Boat rental

For fishing trips
Water skiing


If you enjoy angling. Fænøsund , Gamborg Fjord or Lilleb...

Lolland's Baltic coast

4970, Rødby

Use sandworms for flatfish and cod. Boots are not necessary. Onshore wind spoils the fishing, however offshore wind makes it better.

Experience this tour with the smartphone app “Det Naturlige Lolla...

The Hirbolakes were excavated in the years 1961 and 1962. It took place in context with the foundation of the harbour in Rødbyhavn. 

The lakes are deep with steep sides. The underwater plants have di...

All of the ice-free part of the year.

pike, eel, perch and roach.

Northern end by the Cathedral and from the Nature School boat bridge. A map with more details abou...

SEASON: In particular spring (January-April) and autumn (September-November)

Species: Perch, pike, bream, roach, tench and eel. Chance of trout.

FISHING AREA: Fishing is allowed on an approximately ...

© Middelfart Tennisklub

Middelfart Tennisklub

5500, Middelfart

If you are a tennis player, please bring your racket on holiday, as you can make a reservation for the courts at Kongebrovej in Middelfart by contacting:

Middelfart Tennisklub

Poul-Erik Andersen


If you use hand line with earthworms or float with shrimp/worm at or in the channel you will often catch rainbow-trout and brackish waterperches.Waders are neccessary.Onshore wind ...

© Bjørg Kiær

Aeroe Jazz Festival

5970, Ærøskøbing

Aeroe Jazz Festival offers a number of jazz concerts throughout week 31 - most concerts are free of charge. The concerts are played both in Marstal and in Aeroeskoebing.
The full program will be publi...

Fiske og Familiepark West

6950, Ringkøbing

Fishing in scenic surroundings and playground for the entire family.

Between Ringkøbing and Ulfborg is a large park with activities for the entire family. Four beautifully situated lakes give fishing...

Hvide Sande Svømmehal

6960, Hvide Sande

Is it to cold for a day at the beach? Visit the indoor swimming pool.

A 35 metres water slide, whirlpool, sauna and sunbeds. All of this you will find in Hvide Sande Swimming pool. A kiosk with refre...

Klittens Put and Take

6960, Hvide Sande

Fish Lake at approx. 11,000 sqm. located by a fish farm. One of the few saltwater lakes in Denmark. Fresh saltwater streams into the lake, and gives a great taste to the fish.

We postpone the new fis...

© Falkecenter Samsø

The falconer at Ærø

5985, Søby Ærø

Experience the amazing birds at the majestic Soebygaard...

Ringkøbing Put and Take

6950, Ringkøbing

Ringkøbing Put & Take at approx. 7000 m² is situated in a natural area, only 1 km from Ringkøbing.

There is the possibility to enjoy your own lunch at benches around the lake. Near the lake you there...

© Fyns Dykkercenter

Would you like to dive below the surface – then go with Fyns Dykkercenter on an adventure! A beautiful and diverse natural area with an exciting life. Experience breathing underwater and the feeling o...


Showing 1701 - 1750 of 4277 entries