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© Middelfart Tennisklub

Middelfart Tennisklub

5500, Middelfart

If you are a tennis player, please bring your racket on holiday, as you can make a reservation for the courts at Kongebrovej in Middelfart by contacting:

Middelfart Tennisklub

Poul-Erik Andersen


If you use hand line with earthworms or float with shrimp/worm at or in the channel you will often catch rainbow-trout and brackish waterperches.Waders are neccessary.Onshore wind ...

© Bjørg Kiær

Aeroe Jazz Festival

5970, Ærøskøbing

Aeroe Jazz Festival offers a number of jazz concerts throughout week 31 - most concerts are free of charge. The concerts are played both in Marstal and in Aeroeskoebing.
The full program will be publi...

Fiske og Familiepark West

6950, Ringkøbing

Fishing in scenic surroundings and playground for the entire family.

Between Ringkøbing and Ulfborg is a large park with activities for the entire family. Four beautifully situated lakes give fishing...

Hvide Sande Svømmehal

6960, Hvide Sande

Is it to cold for a day at the beach? Visit the indoor swimming pool.

A 35 metres water slide, whirlpool, sauna and sunbeds. All of this you will find in Hvide Sande Swimming pool. A kiosk with refre...

Klittens Put and Take

6960, Hvide Sande

Fish Lake at approx. 11,000 sqm. located by a fish farm. One of the few saltwater lakes in Denmark. Fresh saltwater streams into the lake, and gives a great taste to the fish.

We postpone the new fis...

© Falkecenter Samsø

The falconer at Ærø

5985, Søby Ærø

Experience the amazing birds at the majestic Soebygaard...

Ringkøbing Put and Take

6950, Ringkøbing

Ringkøbing Put & Take at approx. 7000 m² is situated in a natural area, only 1 km from Ringkøbing.

There is the possibility to enjoy your own lunch at benches around the lake. Near the lake you there...

© Fyns Dykkercenter

Would you like to dive below the surface – then go with Fyns Dykkercenter on an adventure! A beautiful and diverse natural area with an exciting life. Experience breathing underwater and the feeling o...

WestWind Bork

6893, Hemmet

Windsurfing at Ringkøbing Fjord by the cosy place Bork Habour....

WestWind Nord

6960, Hvide Sande

Want to try windsurfing or kite surfing?

Ringkøbing Fjord is the right place to try out windsurfing. The fjord is one of Northern Europe’s best surf spots. Shallow water makes the spot ideal for rook...

WestWind Syd

6960, Hvide Sande

Windsurfing south of Hvide Sande. Courses are offered....

Town Walking Kerteminde

5300, Kerteminde

Starting point for the tour: Tornøes Hotel, Strandgade.The corner of Langegade / Hindsholmvej: Statue of Frederik Paludan-Müller (1809-1876), a Danish poet. A memorial tablet on the wall of ...

© Niles Martner

Hjertestien - Heart Path

5500, Middelfart

Hjertestien – Heart Path

The path starts at Gals Klint Camping and going through Hindsgavl forest. There is an option to choose between two routes, one of 3.25 kilometers and a slightly longer of 5.2...


9000, Aalborg

Funcenter in Nørresundby is only 10 minutes from the centre of Aalborg and the bus takes you directly to the door. The event centre offers both outdoor and indoor activities. is perfec...

Hans Christian Andersen's House, © Odense Bys Museer

Guide Service Fyn

5000, Odense C

Guide Service Fyn is run by VisitOdense and has over 40 guides attached, which means we can offer guide service in many different languages ​​- including in Danish, English, German, French, Spanish, I...

© Cyklerute - modelfoto

The western route: A 55 Km Cycling tour between Blokhus and Hirtshals.
From Blokhus to Løkken is the route on the beach, and from Løkken to Hirtshals follows the route less trafficked roads....

Torup Bogby

3390, Hundested
© Produktejer

Minigolf at Vallø Camping...

© Colorbox

The playground is located at the system of paths between Egevej and A C Hansens Allé in the western part of Middelfart....

© Modelfoto

Playground - Vibevej

5500, Middelfart

The playground is situated behind Vibevej Number 1 and 3....

© Modelfoto

Playground - Rosenvænget

5500, Middelfart

The playground is situated across Rosenvænget Number 20 and Number 22....

© Colourbox

Playground - Havegyden

5500, Middelfart

The playground is situated next to Havegyden Number 8 and Number 10 and a system of paths...

© Colourbox

Playground - Kløvervej

5500, Middelfart

The playground is situated at the area behind the kindergarten Regnbuen (Rainbow) - with entrance from Kløvervej...

Juelsminde Mini Golf

7130, Juelsminde

Miniature golf in nice surroundings in Juelsminde...

© Modelfoto

Playground - Skrillingevej

5500, Middelfart

The playground is situated across Skrillingevej at Number 16 and Number 20....

© Colourbox

Playground - Bogøvænget

5500, Middelfart

The playground is situated at the corner of Bogøvænget across of Number 62....

© Colorbox

Playground - Bjørnøvænget

5500, Middelfart

The playground is situated in the bottom of Bjørnøvænget at Number 19, in connection with the system of paths....

© Modelfoto

The playground is situated in the bottom of Vejrøvænget at Number 66....

© Colourbox

The playground is situated in the bottom of Kåsvænget at Number 47....

© Modelfoto

The playground is situated in the bottom of Sportsvej and behind Kauslundevej 76....

© Colorbox

Playground - Vejlby Fed

5500, Middelfart

The playground is situated in the bottom of Rigelvej towards the beach....

© Modelfoto

The playground is situated at Solvænget Number 44....

© Colourbox

The playground is situated across Kongeløkken Number 2 in Nørre Aaby....

© Colourbox

The playground is situated across Kongeløkken Number 25 - Nørre Aaby...

© Modelfoto

Playground - Åbakken

5580, Nørre Aaby

The playground is situated behind the houses of Åbakken in Nr. Aaby....

© Modelfoto

Playground - Sevanen, Nr Aaby

5580, Nørre Aaby

The playground is situated at the bottom of Sevanen at Number 13....

© Colourbox

The playground is situated between the Town Hall and 4A in Ejby....

Rofi Centret

6950, Ringkøbing

Sports centre in Ringkøbing...

”Rofi” is the name of Ringkøbing’s sports centre. It contains fitness centre, hall, firing range, minigolf, squash courses and bowling centre. Next to the centre is a y...

DGI Huset

9000, Aalborg

The DGI House is located in Nordkraft – Aalborg’s most exciting and modern mekka for culture and sports.At DGI, sport and exercise is approached in new innovative ways. 

Among other things, the DGI H...

MS Solea

6960, Hvide Sande

M/S Solea The fishing vessel ”M/S Solea” offers angling- and sailing tours on the North Sea and harbour boat trips. You can rent a fishing rod or buy fishing tackle onboard....

Søborggård Hestecenter

3250, Gilleleje

Horse center...

Helsingør Bådudlejning

3000, Helsingør

Rental of 4 persons joller.Påhængsmotore, Fiskegrej, and more.
Monday to Friday Rentals by agreement
Saturday and Sunday rental when weather permits....

Hillerød Bueskyttelaug

3400, Hillerød

All instructors are volunteers. It is
Archers / trained coaches who give good
advice and shows beginners how to behave as an archer.
The club offers instruction for children over 10 years.
By agreeme...

© Poul Madsen

Pat a fish & kiss a crab

5500, Middelfart

Pat a fish and kiss a crab

Tuesday and Thursday from Middelfart Marina, see the hours here: Pat a fish & kiss a crab

A childrens activity. 

“Pat a fish and kiss a crab” is entertainment for the you...

Bring your own bike - or rent it at Esrum & Møllegård - and plan  a route that passes by the king's hunting ground in Gribskov, Søborg Castle Ruin, the transformed lake, Esrum burn channel, the Danish...

Captain´s Gym

3000, Helsingør

Captain's Gym is a completely different gym in Elsinore. We offer functional training, weight lifting, weight training and work closely together. We train hard and intensely using such kettlebells, ba...

Silkeborg Tennisklub

8600, Silkeborg

From 1 May to 1 October, you can rent outdoor courts at Silkeborg Tennisklub. Tennis court rental costs DKK 150 per hour.
To rent a court, please turn up in person to: Turisme Silkeborg Torvet 2A DK-...


Showing 1751 - 1800 of 4245 entries