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Korsør Swimming bath

4220, Korsør

Korsør swimming bath offers baby pools, chlidren´s pools, 25 m pool, diving boards, saunas and a nice cafeteria.The jetonsale closes 45 minutes before closingtime. The price for 2 hours is D...

Fitness dk Slagelse

4200, Slagelse

Focusing at the training fitness dk will give you good experiences. Fitness dk offer at large supplies of exciting training and well-being output in high-quality....

© Ulla Fibiger

Angling from coast Stigsnæs

4230, Skælskør

Færgehavnen Stigsnæs is a bit overlooked area. Right off the ferry, starts a good sea trout area. Continue along the "green field" is a small reef out where you can also stand. Further out is Ørnehove...

Naval Base Korsør

4220, Korsør

Naval Operational Logistic Centre Korsoer
Naval Base Korsoer (OPLOG KOR)  is a part of Admiral Danish Fleet, a modern establishment, especially designed to deal with matters and incidents Denmarks geo...

Slagelse Tennis Club

4200, Slagelse

Slagelse Tennis Club has 12 tennis courts and 2 mini pitches outside. Of these, 9 is clay courts, 2 is "Hard Courts" and 1 artificial turf. Furthermore, there is tennis with 4 indoor courts.

Winterbath at Kobæk Beach

4230, Skælskør

All year round the winterbathing club meets at Kobæk Beach for a quick dip in the ocean.Skælskør is known for its beautiful stretch of coast and with its many kilometres of clean beache...

Skælskør Library pc-book

4230, Skælskør

Skælskør Library´s Internet computers can be booked during the opening hours.

On this ride you will be taken around Denmark's largest man-made lake - Tange Sø. The ride passes through cozy villages and beautiful forests. On the ride you will follow the old pram path. It is poss...

On this ride (38 km), you will pass through the versatile nature of Viborg region. You will pass the beautiful and fertile Nørreådal and continue towards the elongated hill Ø Bakker. Here you can enjo...

Hjarbæk Harbour

This ride (51 km) takes you around the beautiful Hjarbæk Fiord which is an important layby for a large amount of aquatic birds. Here you will among others find otters, grey herons, bats and seals. The...

© Niels Martner

Find your way in the Hindsgavl Forests

Find your way in the company of Hans Christian Andersen, kings and deers. Run or walk through the unique forests on the Hindsgavl peninsula with water and Lil...

© Hans Østergaard

Røjle Klint

5500, Middelfart

A walk along the Kattegat coast will take you past the rare 37-meter-high Røjle Klint. The coast is special. There are slopes from all angles. Trees have their top down or have roots jutting out into ...

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Ejby and Kingstrup Moor

The track consists of a marked route of approx. 4.5 km. Remember rubber boots and stick to the beaten track - parts of the track can be damp.
The route starts at the marked ...

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Fønsskov Odde

5580, Nørre Aaby

Fønsskov Odde.

Rarely visited spot. Very deep, with a powerful current around the tip. Excellent summer spot, but also very good chances in late spring.
P: Parking at the end of the road....

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Welcome to Holmeskoven

Along with Gelsted Borgerforening (Gelsted Civil Association), Holmeskoven is a publicly accessible area. The forest is about 25 ha. and was consecrated in 1997....

Enjoy a soothing walk or a bicycle tour of Lake "Skanderborg Sø" and take the time to visit the old Skanderborg Castle Chapel which is situated beautifully above the Skanderborg Castle Hill. The Skand...

Nordsø Badeland

6960, Hvide Sande

30 degrees C in a 1000 square metres indoor water world… Nordsø Badeland is situated 6 km south of Hvide Sande The water world is placed in connection with a camping site, but is open for everybody. C...

© Helle Thomsen


A public area in the deer garden behind Hotel Comwell Kongebrogaarden. It is close to the sea and the forest, and in snowy winter-times a very good sleighing hill.. You will also find a cove...

Welcome to Bøvling Put & Take 

The lake of Bøvling Put and Take is established by an association to strengthen the bonds of unity in the local area and to draw people to the town.  Operation must not...

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Fishing in Aarhus
Aarhus is blessed with a wealth of places of great natural beauty where you spend hours on end in the happy company of your fishing rod. Along the Bay of Aarhus there are excellent s...

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Located south-facing by Gamborg Fiord, right where Svinø meets the mainland. Picnic benches available....

© Hans Østergaard

Located on the northwest side of the island by the inlet to Ellebæk Vig cove. There is access from the jetties, via the beach, or on foot through the woods. There are picnic benches, a bonfire ring an...

© John

Contains a playground for the very young children, areas for ball playing, many exercise tools, areas with tables and benches, and a BBQ at the bonfire hut. Whit toilets and water.
Everybody is welcom...

© Nanna

Football golf

5500, Middelfart

Overcome the obstacles and kick the ball into the hole on the 18-hole football golf course. A fun experience for the whole family....

The East Coast Route, © VisitVejle

The East Coast Route follows the shores and inlets of the east coast of Jutland. The coastal stretch along the Vejle Inlet features magnificent tree-capped cliffs and scenic lookout points. The northe...

The Engsholm Route, © Cees van Roeden

The Engelsholm Route between Vejle and Billund features 34km of scenic country road. Heading from Vejle, the route cuts across hilly terrain towards Høgsholt and Rugballe Mose in the magnificent valle...

Tiufkær-Route, © VisitVejle

The Tiufkær Regional Bicycle Route offers 32 km of scenic roads connecting Vejle and Kolding. From Vejle, the route meanders along a quiet country lane, through a valley and the woodlands of Vejle Søn...

Service & Co.

8230, Åbyhøj

Guide services in Aarhus
If you are interested in a conducted tour in or aroundAarhus, then contact Service & Co. who organise conducted tours for private parties, clubs and associations, and companie...

© Fri Bike Shop

Biking track - Red 6 Km.

5500, Middelfart

Red track
The track starts at the former school in Aulby, continues towards Stavrby and ends at Lerbjergvej at Vejlby.

Interesting sights are Vejlby Church and the remembrance stone for the war again...

© Fri Bike Shop

Biking track - Green 17 Km.

5500, Middelfart

Green track

The track starts at Føns Church, continues towards Balslev, further along towards Nr. Aaby and ends in Asperup.

Interesting sights are Føns Church, one of the oldest churches on Funen an...

© Lars Rønnow Larsen

Gabet - Lodshuse

5370, Mesinge

There is deep water all the way into the shore. It is a stony beach with a strong current.Driving directions:By road 160 (Hjulby(Nyborg-Kerteminde)) towards Kerteminde. In Kertemin...

Power Motion Zumba

3400, Hillerød

Power Motion is a cozy place to excercise located in Hillerød.
The house oozes of personality and energy, and the positive atmosphere created many new friendships between its members.

Unlike a gym, t...

Lynæs Surfcenter

3390, Hundested

The sea sport centre Lynæs Surfcenter at Lynæs harbour has everything you need for a fantastic day on the water. The vast low-water area in the scenic Isefjord means it is almost impossible to find yo...

Kirkerundtur - Hindsholm

5390, Martofte

En lang vandring, en pilgrimstur, eller bare en familiecykel-tur til HINDSHOLMS 4 smukke, gamle folkekirker og 1 Valgmenighedskirke.

Turen er trafiksikker, da en stor del af den er på den nedlagte j...

The society was established 22. april 1954.

The society was established to create solidarity between the shopkeepers in Videbæk and promote trading in the town in benefit for members as well as for ...

Min Købmand Bjerregaard Grocery Store and bike rentals.

Grocery shop with a wide selection of groceries as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. Always cold beer and water. Fresh baked bread is deliver...

Endelave Lægeurtehave

Visit the medicinal herb garden, and see the healing herbs, which can be found, growing wild on the island, Endelave,  as well as the cultivated medicinal plants, which used to be grown in both garden...

Beach Bowl

6950, Ringkøbing

Houses with free bowling, fitness, tennis and netcafé.

Find links to aktivity houses along the westcoast, with free bowling, fitness, tennis and netcafé in Beach Bowl at our webpage....

Guide service Naestved

4700, Næstved

Book a guide and get a tour of the history of Naestved.

Prices 2014:

2 hours (approx. 1 ½ hour guided tour) DKK 700, -

3 hours (approx. 2 ½ hour guided tour) DKK 1100, -

4 hours (approx. 3 ½ hour ...

Albuen - Fishing

4900, Nakskov

Sea trout, flounder and cod from autumn to early spring. The outermost part - the sand isthmus - at “Albuen” is closed to access during the bird breeding period of March 15-15th July. You sho...

Use sandworm for flatfish and cod. You can catch eel with rainworm. Ít`s good to fish just after the ferry arrives or leaves the harbour. Onshore wind spoils especially at the ente...

Kirstinelyst, © Naturstyrelsen Trekantområdet


7183, Randbøl

Randbøl Hede is Denmark’s largest inland heath, featuring wide-open windswept heather dunes. The scenic area now offers a hands-on visitors’ centre, Kirstinelyst, where you can learn about the fascina...

© Gribskov Svømmehal

Gribskov Swimming Bath

3200, Helsinge

New nice swimming bath in Helsinge with 25 m pool, pool with 34 degrees warm water, 1 and 3 meter diving boards, pool for the smallest and one long roller coaster.


© Adventure Events is an events company that offers adventure courses, experiences and events to companies as well as to individuals.

Our instructors primarily come from the sports education program...

© Hans Østergaard

Kasmose Forest

5500, Middelfart

Kasmose forest has not been touched since the early 1990’s, and has therefore developed as Mother Nature intended. Here you can walk along paths and experience a multitude of animals and plant not usu...

Cycle route near Fuglsang 31 km

Start your trip for example at Fuglsang with its beautiful, expansive parklands, where you can experience amongst other attractions Thujahulen, a natural wonder create...

Cycle route near Grønsund 32 km

4850, Stubbekøbing

Cycle route near Grønsund-Stubbekøbing 32 km
Start the trip at the harbour in Stubbekøbing, from where the old wooden ferry Ida sails back and forth to Bogø Island during the summer.
Ride across the ...

Cycle route near Vålse Vig 16 km

4840, Nørre Alslev

Cycle route near Vålse Vig, 16 km
Start your tour at Kippinge Church. In the Middle Ages the church was a popular destination for pilgrims. The church received large donations from its many visitors, ...


Showing 1851 - 1900 of 4276 entries