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© Mads Brodersen

This activity includes both a morning session with an introduction to sea kayaking for beginners, as well as an afternoon on the water.

Book both tours as a package deal here: Sea kayak and save 25%...

© Henrik Lund

There is girl power at Fænøsund in Lillebælt when Match Racing Denmark invites you to Woman Matchrace. Take on a challenge.

Book here: Matchrace

Experience the rush of the fastest and most challen...

Riding holidays in Thy
- With wonderful tours in Thy National Park and at the North Sea coast.

Riding holidays on the coast:

Hanstholm Camping offers 3 - and 4-day riding vacations with beautiful ho...

© Hans Østergaard

Boat trip at Fænøsund

5500, Middelfart

On board Mira3 we cruise on the beautiful Fænøsund – a 2-hour cruise

Book the tour and see time schedule/prices here: Cruise Middelfart

The tour departs from Middelfart Gl. Havn, go under the Old L...

© Hans Østergaard

Theme sailing on board Mira3

5500, Middelfart

During the theme cruise, there will be various events on board, or are we looking for porpoises

Book the tour and see time schedule/prices here: Theme sailing Middelfart

It is not yet scheduled wh...

© Henrik Traugott Olsen

Sailing with the sail up

5500, Middelfart

Exciting sailing trip, where you will participating actively in the sailing adventure

Book the tour here, and see time schedule and prices:  Sailing...


8600, Silkeborg
© vino

The life-saving Service on the coasts of North Sealand is breaking new ground in safety enhancement: an app called R.E.D. to be downloaded for free to your iPhone or Android.

Should an accident occur...

© VisitMiddelfart

Route 1: Båring-Asperup

5466, Asperup

Park for example by Asperup Church. There are several parking/strating options on the route.

Tour 2.9 Km.

Go along Kirkestien, turn left onto Lindegårdsvej and then right onto the northbound path

© Niels Martner

Route 2: Båring Vig

5466, Asperup

Båring Vig about 5.0 km.

Parking at Båring Forsamlingshus at Middelfartvej.
Follow Lykkegårdsvej to the farm Løkkegård on top of the hill and continue along the field road. Turn left onto Sommerland...

Han Herred Fritidscenter

9690, Fjerritslev

Swimmingpool and sauna....

© Esbjerg kommune

Fair in Esbjerg

6700, Esbjerg

Fair with fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese, flowers and delicateses in front of Esbjerg city hall every Wednesday and Saturday....

© Anette Werenskiold

Route 3: Føns

5580, Nørre Aaby

Føns, approx. 2,5 kilometers.

The route starts at the ice cream shop, where you turn right on Føns Strandvej and follow the public footpath through Præsteengen to Ovnhusvej and Fønsvej. Take a trip ...

© Niels Martner

Kongebro run 6 km route.

The route starts at Middelfart Stadion, Adlerhusvej 3, 5500 Middelfart, where you go under the railway tunnel and up and follow Brovejen to the right. Thenturn left onto Hind...

© Niels Martner

Kongebro run 9.6 km route.

The route starts at Middelfart Stadion, Adlerhusvej 3 , 5500 Middelfart , where you go under the railway tunnel and cross Brovejen. Continue through the forest, along the o...

© Nygårdens Gårdbutik

Pony Draw and twistbread

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Bring the entire family to Nygåardens Farm Shop and  enjoy a pony-draw tour around the plantation on a nice pony. Afterwards you may bake twistbread by the bonfire.

Pony draw, per tour DKK 25,-


© VisitOdsherred

Ghost hunting Viekærgård

4572, Nørre Asmindrup

Are you scared of ghosts and monsters? Go ghost hunting among the animals on the farm, in the old ghost house and find all the ghosts. You may feed the animals and play on our new playground. It will ...

© Viekærgård

Farm visit - Viekærgaard

4572, Nørre Asmindrup

Come visit the animals on the farm! We keep poultry, sheep, pigs, goats, cats and rabbits. You may feed the animals with the feed you get, and you may enter the sheds of the rabbits and goats. Childre...

Enjoy an amazing adventure rowing in a sea kayak along the coast of the island Als. On the ‘voyage’ you will hear anecdotes from the war of 1864 and stories about the nature.

The charge including a g...

© ms arkiv


6600, Vejen

The river Kongeåen meanders through the area and is the southern border of the three municipalities, Brørup, Holsted and Vejen. It is known to be one of the best fishing waters in Denmark with its exc...

KongeåenYou may fish from Gredstebro until 2 km east of Foldingbro. A Fishing licence is required.The Fish:- you can catch all kinds of freshwater fish....

Vejen å winds beautifully north of Vejen. The river provides excellent fishing for angling enthusiasts.Buy your licence here:Svends kiosk Nørregade 62, 6600 Vejen. Tlf. 75361408

© ms arkiv

The Jels Lakes

There are 3 Lakes in Jels Neder- Midt and Oversø. You are only allowed to fish in Neder- and Midtsø. Oversø is preservation of natural amenities.

You are allowed to fish in the Jels L...

Guidet tour in Schackenborg Palace Garden. Guides tell obout the carstle and the garden ( no admittage to the castle). Photography is allowed.
2014: 19. and 26 of june, at july every Tuesdag, thursday...

Moutain bike route, Bagterp Plantage

In Bagterp Plantage you find a small but funny and challenging mouitain bike route. The route is with funny curves and for the daring ones there is also a few jum...

The Tolne route
The route goes through landscape which is made in the lastest ice age. 
The route is 55km long and extend from Frederikshavn to Tolne and Sindal to Hjørring. You bike from Hjørring o...

The Asdal route

The route goes through landscape which is made in the lastest ice age. 
The route is 8 km long and extend from Bjergby to Asdal to Uggerby Klitplantage in Hirtshals.  

There are blue...

© Birgit Mau

Join in on a whole week in art

Book the experience here: Workshop in art and see times and prices.

The experience is for children and adults who love creativity and colours - under the expert guid...

© Ulrik Westphal & Søren Larsen

Life at shallow waters

5500, Middelfart

Life at shallow waters

Book here: Life at shallow waters

Dressed in waders we go out into the shallow water, and by using nets we catch animals living in the water. The catch goes into trays, where ...

© Niels Martner

Day of wild flowers

5500, Middelfart

Day of wild flowers - a free activity and super nature experience

Book and see times here: Nature Experience - flowers

Creative activities and wild flowers. Try to colour with flower petals, makin...

© Rikke Vesterlund

Hunting in the pond

5500, Middelfart

Hunting in the pond - free activity

Book here and see times: Nature experience in pond

Come and explore the wildlife in the pond. Do you know what you have caught?
Bring wellingtons/rubber boots ...

© Visitmiddelfart

Beach crabs - free activity

Book here: Beach Crabs and see times and locations.

A fun children's activity where we catch crabs and learn how to tickle them on the stomach.
Give yourself and the s...

© Niels Martner

The trees in Hindsgavl forest
The story of the trees in Hindsgavl forest is a unique nature experience
Book and see times here: Hindsgavl forest
The activity is free!
The story is about the forest, ...

© Niels Martner

The sea at night

5500, Middelfart

The sea at night
We examine the fish life in the evening. The activity is free and suitable for children.
Book and see times here: The sea at night
The activity is free!
Are you curious to experien...

© Niels Martner

Full moon tour - come and see the animals in the Nature Reserve Hindsgavl Dyrepark

The activity is free.

Book here: Full moon tour

The animals in the Nature Reserve are very active, even after th...

© VisitMiddelfart

Day of the Sea

5500, Middelfart

Day of the Sea
We look at life under the surface of Lillebælt. Day of the Sea is an activity for children, which is free.

Book and see times here: Day of the Sea
There are many different activities ...

© Tom Nielsen

The sea at spring

5580, Nørre Aaby

The sea at spring
A delightful nature experience at Føns.

Book and see times here: Nature experience by the sea
A brisk walk along Føns Beach. There may be spring in the air - but is there also spr...

© Middelfart Museum

Cultural history - The Old Mental Hospital.
Hear the story of the Old Mental Hospital in the charming area of Teglgaardsparken in Middelfart.

Book and view times: Psychiatric Museum
You hear the hi...

© Niels Martner

Hiking on the Heart Path

5500, Middelfart

Hiking on the Heart Path
Get out in the open air on a hike – it is free 

Book and see times here: Hike 

In connection with the Heart Day we will take a hike on the Heart Path on the Hindsgavl penins...

Text coming soon...

Kerteminde Motionscenter

5300, Kerteminde

Text coming soon...

Langeskov Motionscenter

5550, Langeskov

Text coming soon...


Showing 4051 - 4100 of 4124 entries