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Season in spring and autumn. In summer there is a big chance for zo sea trout and small salmons. Use Waders....

Bait: lugworm. Waders is an advantage.....

Stavreby Fishing

4874, Gedser

If the garfish don`t take the spoon bait, then try Buldo or herring.Waders is an advantage. Persons younger than 18 and older than 67 dont need angling licence. ...

The place only stands a weak onshore wind - otherwise the fishing is ruined.There is shelter if the wind comes from north/northeast.Waders are not neccessary - but can be used prof...

Lolland's Baltic coast

4970, Rødby

Use sandworms for flatfish and cod. Boots are not necessary. Onshore wind spoils the fishing, however offshore wind makes it better.

Experience this tour with the smartphone app “Det Naturlige Lolla...

The Hirbolakes were excavated in the years 1961 and 1962. It took place in context with the foundation of the harbour in Rødbyhavn. The lakes are deep with steep sides. The underwater p...

Season: The ice-free part of the year.
The northern part of Søndersø by the cathedral

Experience this tour with the smartphone app “Det Naturlige Lolland”. It will guide you with GPS, pictures, stor...

Use jig, spinners and strongly coloured flies as suspension.Day cards for a weekend to be booked in advance by Jimmy Christoffersen Tel. + 45 54 92 16 42Day cards at Dkr. 50,-, max...

If you use hand line with earthworms or float with shrimp/worm at or in the channel you will often catch rainbow-trout and brackish waterperches.Waders are neccessary.Onshore wind ...

Fiske og Familiepark West

6950, Ringkøbing

Fishing in scenic surroundings and playground for the entire family.

Between Ringkøbing and Ulfborg is a large park with activities for the entire family. Four beautifully situated lakes give fishing...

Klittens Put and Take

6960, Hvide Sande

Fish Lake at approx. 11,000 sqm. located by a fish farm. One of the few saltwater lakes in Denmark. Fresh saltwater streams into the lake, and gives a great taste to the fish.

We postpone the new fis...

Ringkøbing Put and Take

6950, Ringkøbing

Ringkøbing Put & Take at approx. 7000 m² is situated in a natural area, only 1 km from Ringkøbing.

There is the possibility to enjoy your own lunch at benches around the lake. Near the lake you there...

Vilsted Sø

9670, Løgstør


6230, Rødekro

Funder Å

8600, Silkeborg

Remstrup Å

8600, Silkeborg


Showing 401 - 450 of 668 entries

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