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Ny Torup Fiskepark Brønderslev

9700, Brønderslev

The Fishing Park is located in the beautiful nature near Brønderslev....

© Brønderslev Lystfiskeriforening

Fishing in Kraghedesøen

9700, Brønderslev

Kraghedesøen is near Hvilshøj (Brønderslev). You can fish for perch, eel, roach and pike.

Closed seasons:
Salmon and trout: 16/11 to 1/3
Pike: 1/4 to the first sunday in may (in Kragshedesøen)


Karup Å

7470, Karup J

Karup i situated 18 kilometers north from Herning.Fishing is allowed from 01.03 to 31.10.Species: Trout, seatrout, eel....

Welcome to Ingstrup Mølle Fishing Park!The fishing park is located in the beautiful Tjele stream valley. Beside fishing you can watch and enjoy the great wildlife in th...

The Viborg Lakes

8800, Viborg

Nørresø and Søndersø in Viborg are attractive fishing areas.Fishing is permitted from all public areas near the lakes and only a state-fishinf licence is required....

Nørreris Put & Take is situated in a beautiful nature area in the South part of ’Himmerland’ with view to forest, meadow, golf course and Hjarbæk Fjord.There are tw...

The River Karup A

7470, Karup J

The river Karup Å is known by many as one of the best fishing areas for fishing of sea trout and has set records for the sizes of catches. The river "Karup Å" has ...

Hald Lake

8800, Viborg

The lake "Hald Sø" is situated in beautiful nature in the hills of Dollerup.Fishing allowed from the boat ONLY. Boats can be rented at Niels Bugges Kro (Inn), Ravnsbjergvej. Price per hour D...

Torp Put and Take

7470, Karup J

The Put & Take "Torp Lystfiskersø" is situated in the area near the Karup river valley. Special arrangements like Fish'n'Eat.For further information and p...

Tusaagaard Put and Take

7470, Karup J

Tusaagaard Put & Take is situated in the beautiful Karup river valley. Four Put & Take lakes in a 16.000 sqm big area.Open the whole year from su...

Nors Sø is a part of Hanstholm Wildlife Reservation and of National Park Thy. Here it is possible to catche eel, pike, perche, roach and whitefish. You are allowed to fish with a rod from the sign eas...

Sydthy Fiskeland

7755, Bedsted Thy

Sydthy Fiskeland is situated in a very special nature area. Here are 2 lakes, each with unique fishing of pikes, and you can use both lakes without further payment. The place is for the enti...

Fishing possibilities from the beach by Lyngby....

Angling waters: Agger

7770, Vestervig

Fine fishing possibilities:The groynes by Agger strand and Agger Tange....

The Lake Flade Sø is a 661 ha fresh water lake, (one of the best zander waters in Denmark) apart from the zander, a wide variety of fish is to be found here, such as pike, roach, perch and lavaret, wh...

19 km west of ThistedFishing card: Day/DKK 50,-Month/DKK 300,-rent a boat: DKK 50,- per day....

Ballerum Angling Lakes

7700, Thisted

The lake is situated at Tangrimmen 14, Ballerum.
200.000 m2 water, dams.
Forest  and nature area.
Open from 8 am until sunset.

Price per fishing rod:
Only DKK 150.00, for 8 hours.

Trouts (maximum 10...

Snedsted Fiskesø

7752, Snedsted

Quiet and peacefull angling paradise on Mosevej in Todbøl - situated between Snedsted and Sjørring - and with toilet and a place for camp fire.Open daily from 05.00 a´clock until 24.00.

Nørhå Fiskepark

7752, Snedsted

A pearl of a fishing park, situated in unique and beautiful nature, just on the edge of Nationaprk Thy. 4.000 sqm fishing water. Open from sunrise to sunset. Rainbow trouts of 1 to 6 kilo ar...

Lild Strand kyst

7741, Frøstrup

A nice shore where it is possible to catch codfish, flatfish and viviparous blenny....

Streamy shore with possibilities to catch flatfish, macherel and perch....

Vorupør strand/mole

7700, Thisted

Here, you can catch scombrids, plaice, cod and herring....

Bulbjerg kyst

7741, Frøstrup

Nice coast for inshore fishing....

Skjoldborg Lystfiskersø

7700, Thisted

Beautifully situated lake at 5500 square metre - 4 kilometre to the south of Thisted by A11. The lake is open daily from 6 am. to sunset. Trout and eel from 800 g - 4 kilo are daily put into the lake....

© Niels Møller

Midtthy Fiskepark

7752, Snedsted

Size of the lake is 3000 square metres. It contains trouts from 500 - 6000 grams.In connection with the lake you will find a

© Nikolaj Godsk Vestergaard

HP's Fiskesø/Put & Take

7860, Spøttrup

The lake covers an area of approx. 10,000 m2 and is situated in a reestablished gravel pit. Brown trout and rainbow trout are put out daily. Open: 6 a.m.- 11 p.m., from March 1.-November 30.


Vile Put and Take

7870, Roslev

Vile Put and Take
Daily from 6 a.m.-10 p.m.

2 hours DKK 70
3 hours DKK 80
6 hours DKK 135
Children's discount.


Skive Karup Å

7800, Skive

Prices 2014: Required state fishing licence: Day DKK 40,-. Week DKK 130,-. Year DKK 185,-. Fishing licence for Karup Å: DKK 200,-. Junior DKK 100,00....

Lundbro Put and Take

7800, Skive

Lundbro Put & Take is situated in a beautiful nature area close to Skive and only 10 minutes’ walk from the river Karup Å. No catch limits and we guarantee that there are always at least 250 kilos fis...

Morsø Fiskepark

7900, Nykøbing M

Morsø Fiskepark is open from 6 am to 10 pm.

2 hours € 6/10
3 hours € 8/11
6 hours € 10/19
9 hours € 12/22...

Hedensted Put & Take

8722, Hedensted

By the main road 170 between Horsens and Vejle you will find 5 beautiful Put & Take lakes covering an area of 30.000 sq m in a charming setting that was once a gravel pit. Fish are released into the l...

Teglværksøen is situated in Tofteskoven.The lake is in a delightful setting surrounded by forest and bushes.There are pontoon jetties on the banks of the lake to make fishing comfo...

Uldum Kær

7171, Uldum

Excellent angling possibilities.

Angling for Prech, pike and river trout.

Here you will find a map of the area

Fishing licenses can be purchased here...

Ølgod Put and Take

6870, Ølgod

Ølgod Put and Take: Licens can be bought at:StatoilØstvej 146870 Ølgod75 24 42 59Sportigan Ølgo...

Adsbøl Sø

6870, Ølgod

Adsbøl Sø: Licens can be bought on the spot. Reduction for children under 15 years.4 appartments for 4 persons for rent situated near Adsbølgaard....

Stauning Put & Take

6900, Skjern

Fishing in Stauning fishing lake. The fishing lake of 10,000 square metres is created in fine children- and wheelchair friendly surroundings. A building with a roofed terrace. The site has both toilet...

Klegod fishing lake

6950, Ringkøbing

In the beautiful nature between Ringkøbing and the Northsea, you find Klegod Fishing Lake. In the 2 lakes you are guarantied an extraordinary fishing experience. You can catch trouts and with Holmslan...

Søndervig Put and Take

6950, Ringkøbing

Put & Take only 2 km south of Søndervig. Søndervig Put & Take Lake of 7.000 square metres is situated between sea and fjord. The area is wheelchair-friendly and you also find a building with t...

Lodbjerg Heath Trout lake

6950, Ringkøbing

Lodbjerg Heath Trout Lake lies in beautiful surroundings between the sea and the heath, a mile or two north of Søndervig. The Lake, which covers 15.000 square metres, is always stocked with lovely tro...

Oxriver Put and Take

6950, Ringkøbing

Oxriver is one of Denmark’s largest lakes and rivercourses, with a watersurface area of about 40,000 m² in natural surroundings close to the village of No near Ringkøbing. You can fish at two location...

Midtjysk Angling Centre

7361, Ejstrupholm


Midtjysk Lystfiskercenter (angling centre) is a paradise for all anglers. Here, you will find a line of fishing lakes in the heart of Central Jutland. The centre offers one big lake and several sma...

Angling - Holtum Å

7330, Brande

At the stream, Holtum Å, you find some of the most beautiful natural areas in Denmark. Here, you have the perfect opportunities to experience the Danish wildlife at close range. Holtum Å is a part of ...

Harlev Put & Take

8462, Harlev J

Welcome to Harlev Put & Take
Established in 1998 in picturesque surroundings and located near the city of Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark....

Pinds Mølle Put and Take

8362, Hørning

Fishing in beautiful surroundings. Fishingpossibilities in one of the 3 lakes or in the stream Århus Å.

Open around the clock, all year. One lake can be hired for special arrangements.

Shop with fi...

Skanderborg Lake

8660, Skanderborg

The Skanderborg Lakes are beautifully situated in the Lake District of Central Jutland.

The fishing here is outstanding and offers plenty of opportunities for a good catch.

Throughout the lakes, it...

With 2,400 members, Silkeborg Angling Society, which was founded on 3 March 1869, is Denmark’s largest angling society.
The society’s fishing waters are also among the best, biggest and most diverse ...

Lystfisker Oasen

8600, Silkeborg

A really peaceful and idyllic oasis for anglers. There are three lakes here, one of which is a children’s lake, covering a total of 8,500 m². Always plenty of first-class quality fish of all sizes. Ni...

Tollundgaard Put and Take

8600, Silkeborg

Tollundgaard Put-and-Take is one of Denmark’s oldest angling lakes. The angling lake was opened in 1982 in the existing Lake Tollund sø. The lake has since been expanded to around 60,000 m². The lake’...

With its lakes and Denmark’s biggest river, Gudenå, Silkeborg has much to offer in the way of great outdoor experiences, including a cooling dip on a hot summer’s day, a fishing trip or a canoe trip. ...

Gl. Laven Fiskesø

8600, Silkeborg

Gl. Laven Fiskesø is located in a large recreational area with three large campsites.
The fishing lake has a surface area of approx. 7,000 m² and is up to six metres deep in places. The lake has not ...


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