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Loddenhøj beach is a small beach at approx. 1 km.Loddenhøj Camping is located just down the beach where you can use the kiosk and playground at the beach....

Sandskaer Camping

6200, Aabenraa

From main road E 3, drive towards Loejt Kirkeby, then 4 Km towards Noerreskov. *Well situated site with fine opportunities for bathing, fishing, boating and surfing. *Fine opportun...

© Annette Baltzer Larsen

Brørup Swimming Pool

6650, Brørup

Open all summer. In the swimmingpool area there are several opportunitiesfor engaging in games. There is a volleyball ground....

Varde Svømmehal

6800, Varde

Varde Svømmehal has activities for the whole family.Try the 60- metre- long water chute or jump into the wawes in the wawe pool. 1 and 3 metre diwing tower....

© Hvidbjerg Strand Camping

Blåvand Badeland

6857, Blåvand

Blåvand Badeland: The tropical Water Land i spart of Hvidbjerg Strand Feriepark. Entrey is free for camping guests.
The air is 32o centrigrade and the water is 30o
In the water land you will find a 70...

Ho Ferie- & Aktivitetscenter: Pool complex with 30 celsius pool for children with af mini water slide, 29 celsius warm pool with river tunnel and massage jets, waterslide with spe...

© Blåvandshuk Idrætscenter

Blåvandshuk Idrætscenters Svømmehal; Large swimmingpool - 25 m long with a depth of 4 m plus 1 m and 3 m springboard. (27 degrees).
Fun climbingwall directly by the pool.
Large hotwaterpool (34 degree...

The pool is 25 meters long x 15,5 meters wide and 0,3 to 2 meters deep. Facilities include showers, exercise room & sauna.

The water temperature is 26 degrees celsius.

For opening hours please visi...

© Joan

The University swimming pool has international measures of 50 x 21 meters with water depths from 1.8 to 3,8 metres.
Furthermore, part of the pool has variable depths from 0,3 - 1,8 meters.

The pool h...

Public Swimming Pool in Odense, © VisitOdense

Klosterbakken public pool

5000, Odense C

The indoor pool at Klosterbakken was built in 1938 and has a capacity of 220 visitors per hour.

Facilities include showers, sauna, training equipment and a cafeteria.

The pool is 25 x 12 meters and ...

This open air swimming pool is usually open from mid May to late August.

The main pool is 50 x 25 meter and 1,6 - 4,5 meter deep. The second pool is 40 X 25 meter and 0,6 - 0,9 meter deep.

We offer...

Public Pool Bolbro

5200, Odense V

The swimming pool was renovated in 2013 and has several different types of pool; a regular swimming pool, a heated pool with massage, a play pool with a slide and a children's pool.

For opening hours...

Public Swimming Pool in Odense

The pool is 25 meters long x 12,5 meters wide and 0,9 to 3,6 meters deep. Diving boards at 1 and 3 meters. There are showers, sauna and health cabin.

The water temperature is 26 degrees celsius.

If ...

Would you like to jump into a pool with lovely temperated water? Modern indoor public swimming pool with all facilities. Lots of fun activities for children. Special openings for morning swimmers....

© Lone Brodersen

Asnæs Svømmehal

4550, Asnæs

Asnæs Svømmehal (Public Indoor Pool) was established in 1976.
They offer a 25-meter pool with 6 lanes and a mini water chute and a smaller kiddy-pool of 10x10m. Diving area. Sauna and sun bed.


© Colourbox

Roskilde Swimming Pool offers leisure for the whole family: A big pool with a section for children and one for long distance swimmers, a baby pool with 34 degrees hot water and a 55 m long water chute...

© Produktejer

Køge Indoor swimming

4600, Køge

Near Ølby Station - bus and rail. Plenty of parking space

Wellness Thursday 6.30 – 8pm (October - May).
Candlelight, underwater light, relaxing music, salt peeling at the sauna etc.

Farsø Svømmehal

Swimming bath...

© Dayz Rønbjerg

Spa & Wellness, Dayz Rønbjerg Ferie Resort- Vesthimmerland...

Randbøldal Camping Outdoor Pool, © Randbøldal Camping

Randbøldal Camping offers a natural spring pool of no less than 5000m2 with a 65-metre long and 6-metre high waterslide and a bathing area for young children....

© VisitHerning

DGI-huset Herning

7400, Herning

Exercise, fun and comfort for all! Fitness, teamsports, swimming, climbing, wellness.DGI-huset Herning is all about physical activity, fun and friendships.Ultra modern, in- and outdoor facil...

In Vildbjerg Sport- and Culturecentre you find:

120 beds
Meeting- and conference facilities
28 football grounds
2 artificial gras course
Sports centres
Fitness center
3 tennis courts

© KongeåBadet


6580, Vamdrup

Experience the new and modern swimmingpool

8 millio DKK has been used for the renovation involving a new ventilation system, new water improvement system, new tiles in the swimmingpool, new showers e...


8220, Brabrand

Gellerupbadet is a swimming pool for the entire family.
Free with the AarhusCard....

Lyseng Swimming pool

8270, Højbjerg

Lyseng Svømmebad
Swimming pool in suburb Højbjerg.
Free admission with AarhusCard....

Aarhus Swimming Pool

8000, Aarhus C

Aarhus Swimming Pool
The pool is placed in Frederiksbjerg which is a city quarter within Aarhus.
50 metre pool (depth: 2 metres). For swimmers only.
Ticket office closes 45 minutes befor...

Aalborg Havnebad

9000, Aalborg

Aalborg Havnebad is once again opened for the summer. Aalborg Havnebad gives you an opportunity to cool-off in the summer heat. Aalborg Havnebad is situated in the heart of Aalborg at the new waterfro...

Gigantium Swimming Pool

9220, Aalborg Øst

Whether you are working out or just want to have fun, Gigantium Swimming Pool is just the right place to do it. The facilities are new and functuanal and you will find different pools with different t...

Børkop indoor pool, © Børkop Svømmehal

Børkop indoor pool

7080, Børkop

Børkop indoor pool - Børkop Svømmehal - disposes of a 25 m pool, dive boards, children’s pool and baby pool. Sauna. Børkop indoor pool is always heated to 28C.


Opening hours: please see belo...

Give Camping, © Give Camping

Give Open-Air Pool

7323, Give

Give Open-Air Pool - Give Friluftsbad - is Denmark’s oldest. The open air pool comprises a heated 25 m pool with diving boards and two children’s pools with switchbacks. The open air pool is...

© Lone Brodersen

In case of bad weather, Asnæs Svømmehal (Public Indoor Pool) is an excellent alternative to the beach. There is an 25m pool with swimming lanes and a small kiddy pool 10x10m. 5m diving tower as well a...

If you like to jump into an azure pool with lovely temperated water, then you must visit Nykøbing Sj. Indoor Public Pool. It is a modern swimming pool with large water slide, hot-water pool, diving bo...

Hjarbæk Strandpark (Beach)

The beach at Hjarbæk is about 10 meters wide and consists of layed out sand. The bottom of the fiord is snad and rocks.

In the summer the water in Hjarbæk Fjord can unfort...

Welcome at Kølvrå open air bath where you and your family can enjoy the sun, entertain yourselves with different sport activities and enjoy a swim in the cool pool....

© Produktejer

Greve Svømmehal

2670, Greve

We look forward to seeing you at the swim centre Greve Svømmehal.

Lanes for fitness swimming, diving boards, towers, baby pool, fitness centre, water gymnastics and an outdoor playground are just a s...

© ms arkiv

Rødding Svømmehal

6630, Rødding

Swimming pool, motion center, solarium, sportcenter.Please call for further information about opening hours during the summer holiday....

© Vejen Idrætscenter

Vejen Idrætscenter

6600, Vejen

Welcome to Vejen Idrætscenter:As a guest at Vejen Idrætscenter and Danhostel vejen you can choose between many various activities.Indoor:Swimming bath with 3 pools and sauna, ...

© VisitHerning

CityFys Wellness is located in DGI Huset Herning in the center of Herning, where our skilled therapists welcome you to wonderful wellness treatments 7 days a week. Come and enjoy relaxation for body a...


4070, Kirke Hyllinge

Saeby-Gershoej swimming pool & minigolf is a small oasis, placed in the  northern part of

Lejre municiparlity, where grown up and kids during the summer period, can swim, have fun, soaking up the sun...

© Vandhalla

The Swimming center Vandhalla in Hou, is not an ordinary swimming pool.

There is a 25 meter pool with easy access to the water, a circular hot tub, where the depth can be varied to suit the guests a...


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