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© Varde Erhvervs- og Turistråd

The Wadden Sea National Park....

© DenGamleStation

Art in Hirtshals

9850, Hirtshals

The beautiful old station building now serves as an art gallery with changing exhibitions and happenings throughout the year....

Fredericia Teater

7000, Fredericia

Fredericia Theatre is a prominent institution that has played an active role in the cultural development of Fredericia for nearly 200 years. Today, the theatre is a regional theatre that is known thro...

© Visit Kolding

Nicolai Art & Design

6000, Kolding

Nicolai Art & Design is a targeted towards professional art, craft and design. The house consists of two parts: exhibition rooms on the ground floor and House of Design at first to 3 floor.

In the sh...

© Kulturforum Würth Kolding

Kulturforum Würth Kolding provides the framework for the art exhibitions that can regularly be seen at Würth Denmark A / S in Kolding. Kulturforum Würth Kolding is integrated into the company's large ...

Ring Lake

8740, Brædstrup

Around the lake Ring Sø in Brædstrup, is a trail, which leads you through the fields and forests that surround the lake. Ring Sø is home to a rich bird life and very varied vegetation. Walking along t...

© Varde Erhvervs- og Turistråd


6857, Blåvand

Langli - an Island in Ho Bugt. It is allowed to walk to Langli from 16 Juli to 15 September.

Watch the tides!

Dogs are not allowed on Langli....

Engsøen - Grindsted Lake

7200, Grindsted

In the Nature - Grindsted Engsø
Grindsted Engsø is an artifical lake landscaped in 1971-1972. The area around the lake is a popular recreational area for locals. There are many hiking, biking and runn...

Fromsseier Plantation

6623, Vorbasse

Fromsseier Plantation near Billund
In the late 1800s many Copenhageners struck extremely rich from trade and industry and began to invest in valuable land – plantations in Jutland. One of the first wa...

© VisitBillund

Kvie Sø

6823, Ansager

See beautiful Lake Kvie
Enjoy a walk round the lake, take a dip in the cooling waters or explore the Corn Labyrinth. Lake Kvie gives you the feeling of being on an inland beach, where children and oth...

© VisitBillund

"The Row Mountains"

7190, Billund

"The Row Mountains" near Billund
The row mountains is a 2 km long, 25 metre wide and up to 9 metre high sand ridge that stretches along the marsh, Simmelmose - a rarity in the otherwise flat landscape...

© Blaakildegård

Blaakildegaard – local history collection and archivesSince 1977 the local history archives of Høje-Taastrup have been housed in Blaakildegaard in Skolevej. Blaakildega...


3200, Helsinge

Farm shop where you can buy flour, veal, beef, lamb, sausages, vegetables and jams  produced at the farm.

Strawberries (Dybdahl, Korona, Zephyr and Senga Sengana).

Large selection of organic foods, ...


5300, Kerteminde

An uninhabited island with deers, lakes, lighthouse, the hunting lodge,
abundant wildlife and above all - NO cars
Romsø can be visited, but should be visited with the right spirit .
Because of the fo...

Valloe Castle

4600, Køge

Vallø Castle

The beautiful and majestic castle is in a big forest belonging to the estate. This historical monument is still a great and pompous castle, where noble women with roots in the old noble ...

© Per Christoffersen

Per Christoffersen

3250, Gilleleje

Per Christoffersen has exhibitions both in Denmark and abroad. He has in 2012 received The Leonardo Award 2012, 2'prize and in 2013 the price Special mention for excellence at The London Art Biennale....

© Produktejer

Skovbo Local Archives are open to anyone searching information about the local community.

The archives are supported by Skovbo Local History Society which has as its purpose to increase the interest ...

Østerhåb Church

8700, Horsens

Østerhåb Church in Torsted near Horsens opened 4 September 2011 and is so far Denmark's newest church.

Architect: Fogh & Følner Architects...

Knaps Villa

8600, Silkeborg

The private residence of bank manager Arnold Knap was designed by the architect Anton Rosen and built in 1920/21.
It was an extremely well-presented, three-storey villa with a total area of ​​140 m²....


6100, Haderslev

The Clayman

9800, Hjørring

The Clayman, Olsen, Hans Pauli,2002. Hjørring
A man’s figure is trying to build itself up out of the clay. This is actually a selfportrait of the artist and one is led to think about artists who are m...



9800, Hjørring

Family,(Familie)  Bronze statue by Hanne Varming, 1983. Hjørring
This family on a bench is expressed in a way that one wants to sit with them and be a part of their family. With simplicity and strengt...



9800, Hjørring

The Unicorn, (Énhjørning)  Sculpture by Karin Olesen, 1990, Hjørring
This unicorn is made of recycled materials and refers to the name of the housing area “Hubertusparken” (Saint Hubert’s Park). But d...



9800, Hjørring

Suspension Field, (Spændingsfelt) Two granite sculptures by Claus Ørntoft,  2003, Hjørring
Two almost identical imaginary creatures squaring up to each other across a busy road. Their tense glances co...



9800, Hjørring

Elephant,  Kaj (Glamsbjerg) Nielsen, 1958, Hjørring
The natural forms and lines of the granite rock inspired the artist, who gave the stone its form by chiseling a minimal amount away and letting its ...

© Allan Mølbæk

Thorsbro Waterwork

2635, Ishøj

Concurrent with the steady growth of Copenhagen around 1900, there was also an in-creasing need for water among the inhabi-tants and in the factories. The waterworks in central Copenhagen could not de...


Børn (Children)

9800, Hjørring

Children,(Børn) Poul Hansen,  1978, Hjørring
The two small young children seem delicately vulnerable as they sit outside the Teacher Training College in Hjørring. In spite of this, there is an artisti...


Morgentimen (Morning Hour)

9800, Hjørring

Morning Hour, Weathered Steel sculpture by Kurt Tegtmeier 1990, Hjørring
This sculpture is reminiscent of a human figure just beginning to rise from a prone postion, just as one does in the morning.



Drage (Dragon)

9800, Hjørring

Dragon, (Drage) Granite sculpture by Flemming Holm,1995, Hjørring

This dragon may appear ferocious with it's sharp teeth bared and it's jagged spine, but it is a patient creature. In any case, it ha...


Universets fødsel

9800, Hjørring

Birth of the Universe (Universets fødsel),  Granite and Bronze sculpture by Jens-Flemming Sørensen, 1974. Hjørring

Columns and spheres are simple forms that can contain a long story. “Birth of the Un...


Dyrefigur til 1983

9800, Hjørring

Animal Sculptures, created until 1983 by Peter Jensen, Bjergby
Peter Jensen was a folk artist without any formal training. He decided to fill his garden with exotic animals which he made of recycled m...

© Jan Laurberg LIst

Atelier List

3220, Tisvildeleje

Art Gallery

The expressionist painter Jan Laurberg List, which has combined gallery and studio in Tisvildeleje, creates imaginative abstract paintings that speak to both emotions and imagination.

© Annie Nielsen

Annie Nielsen

3200, Helsinge

Art Gallery. Open by appointment...

© knud mortensen


5700, Svendborg

Not open for public....

© visit svendborg


5700, Svendborg

Svendborgs landmark, illuminated all year. Preserved in class B. Rebuild in 1859 and used until 1958. Svendborg Community owns the mill.Can only see the mill from the outside....

The smithy is a workshop used for making ironmongery for buildings worthy of preservation. The idea is that through this work the old smiths can pass on the trade to the younger generation....

© Fotograf Lars Johannesen

S/S Bjørn - the history
The vintage steam-icebreaker S/S Bjørn in Elsinore port is a unique marine historic project under Danish Veteran Ship Club. S/S Bjørn was built in Bremerhaven in 1908 for Rande...


3200, Helsinge

Farm shop selling fresh lamb, sausages, cheese and much more.

In winter sold whole or half lambs by appointment. Please call the + 45 24890951...

© knud mortensen

Gravhøjene i Gl. Hestehave

5700, Svendborg

Prehistoric places in Gl. Hestehave....

© Marie Plum

Gallery Plum

3000, Helsingør

Marie works with the big shapes. She make a close up to find the sculpture in the objekt, both the negative and the pisitive shapes,

witch is found in the nature endlessly. Marie takes the objekt out...

© knud mortensen


5892, Gudbjerg Sydfyn

Gudbjerglund is a small memorial grove, 2 hektares, and it was planted in 1923-24. In the small wood stands a complex of 4 long barrows, 106, 41, 19 and 117 m respectivily. Open all day....

© knud mortensen

Gudmekongens Hal

5884, Gudme

Open all day....

© knud mortensen


5874, Hesselager

During the period 1538-48, the whole group of buildings were built with Morten Bussert as the master builder and Jacob Binck as the artist of; inter alia, the paintings in the Hjortesal-Hall. The owne...

© knud mortensen

Hvidkilde Gods

5700, Svendborg

The present centre wing was built abt. 1550. In 1742 it was extended and the west- and east wings were added with, as far as is known, Phillip de Lange as the architect. In 1820 the impressive farm bu...


5700, Svendborg

One of the Denmarks biggest burial mounds. 7 metres high, 41 metres in diameter. An absolutely incredible view from the top. Open all day....

Møn Bolcher

4780, Stege

Sweet dreams come true 

The small sweet factory at the old sugar factory in Stege is one of the best places to visit for any child.

Here, children can make their own lollipops together with professi...

Vrads Station

8654, Bryrup

Vrads Station has today been converted into an evocative summer restaurant and function restaurant. The restaurant is located by the veteran Bryrup–Vrads line, which is one of central Jutland’s bigges...

© knud mortensen


5881, Skårup Fyn

Klingstrup is not open for public....


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