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12: Havnen in Ringkøbing

6950, Ringkøbing

The pier and the old dock 1904-05 was built for the shipping of materials to the construction of Lyngvig Lighthouse 1906. In the older maritime days, there were often complains about the lack of a jet...

Ringkøbing came about as a shipping town around 1250 and is mentioned for the first time around year 1350. The town´s municipal charter was in 1443 confirmed by Christoffer of Bayern and is the oldest...

West Jutland´s capital

6950, Ringkøbing

Ringkøbing has since the 15th century been a centre of administration. The district revenue officer collected royal taxes and dues, which till about 1800 often was paid with corn, so he had to have bi...

The local architectural style is characterized by low houses of dark red bricks and strong white cornices and large hipped tile roofs. This architectural style replaced old time timber frame and thatc...

In the middle of the 18th century many of Ringkøbing´s houses had cement roofs and single glass windows, but the demolition of the two characteristic corner buildings at the square started the preserv...


5300, Kerteminde
© Olav Berntsen

Hornbæk Lake

3100, Hornbæk

Hornbæk Lake is a scenic gem located right in the middle of Hornbæk. A recreational area that offers a walking trail with nature-fitness posts around the lake, and the possibility of angling if you bu...


9800, Hjørring
© Gillelejegruppen

Close to Gilleleje there is a museum showing Northern Europe’s largest collection of original objects pertaining to the Luftwaffe during World War II. A Messerschmidt 110 G4 Night Hunter stands comple...

Rødhalsen - familiekoncert

3480, Fredensborg

Music performance in Asminderød Church.

Free admission...

Lille Messias for børn

3480, Fredensborg

Music performance in Asminderød Church.

Free admission...


Join on a fishing trip on the South Fyn coast and experience the joy of cooking and eating fish you have caught yourself right on the beach.
A fun and different way of experiencing the ...


6270, Tønder

Carsten Richtsen (Mayor in Tonder 1990-1812), brought an avenue in 1800 on the Northern dike with a footpath, that citizens of Tonder were free to use. Along the path he also built a pavilion of wood ...

The old town

5300, Kerteminde

Grønnegade og Nygade

6950, Ringkøbing

Towards the Square the top of Grønnegade is a narrow passage which expands towards the Fjord. The old garden wall has served as a model for other Ringkøbing walls. On the corner by TDC lies a brick-.b...

Hasmark Strandoase

5450, Otterup

The park at Hasmark beach is a great place to go picnic. Here you'll find a playground, a bonfire site, lots of tables and benches, an open-air stage, restrooms, dressing rooms, showers, and lots of g...


Hirtshals Klint (cliff)

9800, Hjørring

Hirtshals Klint (cliff) is a coastal location southwest of Hirtshals - packed with prehistoric traces. The cliff is 250 meters long and up to 10 meters high.

What might look like an ordinary beach w...

© Børglum Kloster

During the year Børglum Abbey has many different art exhibitions.

Børglum Monastery - the historic centre of Vendsyssel with impressive 13th century cathedral. Access to 3000m2 historical and artisti...

© Ole Grost

Elle in Bogense

5400, Bogense

Elle the mermaid greets all the sailors who come to Bogense.

Once upon a time, people used to say that the mermaids would play in the sea off of Bogense. Sometimes, they swam into town via the town b...

© Middelfart Kommune

Bridgewalking in Denmark

5500, Middelfart

Go on Bridge Walk in Middelfart, Denmark.

Further information: Bridge Walk

You can go to Sydney. Or Lillebælt (The Little Belt). In both places, you can walk above a bridge. Experience the height. T...

© Knud Mortensen

Meet the Ærø islanders

5970, Ærøskøbing

With AEROE TOURS, you can arrange to meet a family from Ærø in cozy surroundings and talk about what it is like to live on Ærø and the South Fyn Archipelago, while you enjoy a good dinner and accompan...

© Ole Grost

The duck pond in Otterup is a lovely place. There are tables and benches where you can enjoy the picnic, and the little park is full of life: There are black swans and ducks in the pond, and you can a...

Kunstlysthuset Næssund

7760, Hurup Thy

Aase Helene Elkjær has trained as a social worker, children's institution leader and as a the teacher.

Aase Helene has attended courses at the Art Academy in Aarhus, and has since the late 1980s, had...

The Art route "Kunst-ruten" in Bjergby and Mygdal

The towns of Bjergby and Mygdal are situated on a foundation of moraine landscape dating back to the Ice Age. Surrounded by beautiful nature the citi...

Claudio Bannwart

4780, Stege

Painter and graphic artist. Linoleum print and watercolours with flowers and motives from Møn. Member of the Danish Billedkunstnernes Forbund, and De Danske Grafikere.
Open by appointment....

Rita Juul

4760, Vordingborg

Rita Juul works in her studio in Vordingborg, where choices of theme and medium vary a lot. She works with wildlife, local motives, portraits and other subjects.
She does commission jobs by arrangeme...

Educated as a ceramist by Anne Lise Bruun Pedersen, one of Europe's finest ceramists. "The Raku technique fascinates me. Everything has its own story: the cross, the bowl or the angel tile. I find my ...

Atelier "D"

4772, Langebæk

Drude Østergaard produces and exhibits her dreamy pictures in studio 'D'.
"I paint with oil on canvas and cardboard. My inspiration comes from nature as well as from my imaginary images"....


4943, Torrig L

On a hill overlooking the sea, we are creating a singing monument on the island of Lolland.  It will be a monument that will give everyone from near and far an experience of greatness, closeness and b...

One kilometre sourthwest of Vojens, on the Skrydstrup field, stands the barrow in which the Skrydstrup Woman was found in 1935. A sign by the Vojens-Over Jerstal road points to the barrow. The oak cof...

The Vedsted mounds

6500, Vojens

Near the road to Abkær in Vedsted there are a number of burial mounds. Within a large burial mound there is a passage grave which was excavated in 1888.
Do not forget to bring a flash light. To the ...

© Tidens Samling

The Time Collection invites you into the Christmas decorated museum where nostalgia and memories of childhood Christmases are redeemed.

Get into the Christmas spirit with the special exhibition 'Chr...


6500, Vojens

Christiansdal used to be an industrial area. In 1772 a tin factory that utilised the water power was constructed.
The transportation of ore and finished tin occurred on Tørning Stream and Haderslev L...

© Anneli


6100, Haderslev

Hindemade - a lake recreated

Sorrounded by wooded inclines is the lake district of Hindemade - but it was not always thus. In 1935, the area, which was previously a marshy area of ponds and meadows, ...


6500, Vojens

In the Middle Ages, the mound where Tørning Mølle is located today, was the location of one of the largest and most important fortifications in South Jutland; Tørninghus. In the 14th and 15th Centur...

Legally protected Hærvej tracks.
On the southern outskirts of Vojens, you can see a small heather clad stretch of the original Hærvejen which is now legally protected.



Showing 8651 - 8700 of 8700 entries