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9990, Skagen

At the harbour in Skagen is this statue of a lifeboatman and fisherman.

The statue was made by sculptor Anne Marie Carl Nielsen, wife of composer Carl Nielsen, and was revealed in connection with Sk...

Svanelunden - Hjørring

9800, Hjørring

Svanelunden in Hjørring is an ornamental park just south from the railway station.
It was planted in 1878 and in 1884 the main pond was made into an open air ice skating rink.

A Pavillon with al fres...



9800, Hjørring

A Traffic Accident,(Et Færdselsuheld) Concrete Bas relief by Henry Heerup,(1907-1993), 1969, Hjørring
In an abstract, simplified style this bas relief portrays a traffic accident. A person lies uncons...


9990, Skagen

Memorial erected to the memory of 8 fishermen who lost their lives on December 27th 1862 in a rescue action when the Swedish ship 'Daphne' was wrecked....

Today's visitor at Børglum Kloster may wonder why this remote hill was chosen as a centre of power in the Middle Age. However, here was a royal residence, which was raised to an episcopal residence in...

Katsig Hills - Sindal

9870, Sindal

Katsig Bakker in Hørmested/Skærum, Sindal is a protected area of heather-clad hills and deciduous woods covering around 40 hectares. In the woods you can find St. Jørgens Kilde (St Jorgen's Spring), p...

© Børglum Kloster

Memorial stone for Capt. Rottbøll who led and organized the Danish Resistance during the war. The Boerglum monastery was built from 1035 to 1220 by Augustiner munks. Later it was the Praemonstratenser...

Thank You Sindal from Israel.A symbolic Sculpture by Roda Reilinger....

To the East of Astrup in Sindal stands Teglhøj (93m above sea level) one of the best vantage points in the region. From the top you see all points on the horizon around you. Here you can clearly sense...

Vagthøj - (Slotved Woods, Sindal) is among the hillocks to the north of the festival site. Here you can see traces of sunken roads. To the west are nationally protected areas with burial mounds and Ræ...

© Vexebo Vin

Vexebo Vin is one of Denmark's few organic winemakers. Our vineyard is situated on the outskirts of Fredensborg in North Sealand. The 2200 vines of Vexebo Vin supply top-restaurants like NOMA, Geraniu...

© Brødremenighedens Kirke

Brødremenighedens Kirke

6070, Christiansfeld

The Moravian Church has Denmark’s largest non-pillar supported Hall, which accommodates apt. 1000 people.It was consecrated on August 13th 1777, 20 years later the two Side wings were added....

Football Players

8000, Aarhus C

Fodboldspillere (Football Players) dates back to 1936 and was made by Jean Gauguin. The sculpture stands by the Atletion spectator-sports complex.
Jean Gauguin was the son of Paul Gauguin and he liv...

The Well of Pigs

8000, Aarhus C

Grisebrønden (The well of pigs) was made by the sculptor Mogens Bøggild and was donated to Aarhus in 1941 by the local brewery Ceres. In 1992 it was decided to make a replica of the original in bronze...

Henrik Pontoppidan

8000, Aarhus C

Henrik Pontoppidan 1857-1943, writer.
Portrays the conflict, in a broad realistic style, between the dreams of man and the conditions of life, and is based on a naturalist philosophy of life, often mi...

Marie Bregendahl

8000, Aarhus C

Marie Bregendahl 1867-1940, writer.A regional novelist, married to Jeppe Aakjær, 1893-1900....

Monument for Danes killed during 1914-18- inaugurated in The Marselisborg Memorial Park in 1934,  by artist Axel Poulsen and architect Axel Ekberg.
More than 4000 names in alphabetic order of the Dan...

Girl from 1940

8000, Aarhus C

Pigen af 1940 (Girl from 1940) stands in the City Hall park. Created in 1941 by the artist Svend Rathsack....

Girl Swimmer

8000, Aarhus C

Svømmepigen (Girl swimmer) stands by the Århus Svømmestadion public swimming baths in Ingerslev Boulevard, and was created by the artist Svend Rathsack in 1934. Erected at its present...

Slotsbanken - Riberhus, © VisitRibe

This once royal castle is now only moated ruins and a statue of Queen Dagmar. As a castle, Riberhus was known from around the year 1300, but the oldest finds are from the middle of the 12 century....

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Augustenborg Slotspark

6440, Augustenborg

Free access 24 hours....

© Læsø Salt Syderi

Læsø Salt Syderi

9940, Læsø

Today, it is possible to visit a reconstructed village and see the salt-seethers once more at work producing the tangy sea salt....

© Family Farm Fun park

Pony riding

9480, Løkken

Pony riding at Family Farm Fun Park...

© Family Farm Fun Park

Focus on the rabbit

9480, Løkken

Focus on the rabbit - an arrangement at Family Farm Fun Park...

© Børglum Kloster

Børglum Monastery - the historic centre of Vendsyssel with impressive 13th century cathedral. Access to 3000m2 historical and artistic exhibition on Stygge Krumpen and Chr. Michael Rottbøll. In 2011 t...

Klithusegaarden Farm is located 1,4 km from the central building. At the farm you can meet many types of animals and experience how the farm works, and if you like, you can help with many of the daily...

Historical museum 'from refugee camp to modern holiday centre'. Part of one of the old houses from the time of the refugee camp (1946) has been fitted out as refugee barracks, whilst the rest of the h...

Bies Bryghus Museum

9500, Hobro

Bies Bryghus is a small museum, which tells the story of the beer production, the Bies family, and much more.

In the 1880’s  the brewhouse starts tapping beer onto bottles. From here and through the ...

© VisitMariagerfjord

100 years of yachting. Models, drawings, photos and charts. Special exhibitions....

© visitMariagerfjord

Hobro Museum

9500, Hobro

Housed in the oldest house in Hobro, from 1821. The history of the region. From market town to industrial centre. The Fyrkat findings....

Mariager Museum

9550, Mariager

The Mariager Museum has a collection of axes, spearheads, knives, chisels, and samples from a kitchen mitten from the Stone Age.

From the Bronze Age you can see preserved bronze swords, and there are...

© VisitMariagerfjord


9500, Hobro

Vikingecenter Fyrkat consists of the historic ringfort Fyrkat and the Viking Farmstead, which is 9 reconstructed houses, that together constitute a large Viking property. Both dwelling houses and work...

© Anders Brohus

Bypark Øst

6000, Kolding

Citypark eastEast Citypark connects the city and the forest Marielund through the Troldhedebane-Tunnel. Citypark East is maintained as a natural area, and life around the lake is unique....

Harte Skov

6000, Kolding

Harte SkovThe forestation of the forest of Harte has been carried through according to the rules. In the forest there are planted a big variety of trees and bushes. The composition...

© Visit Kolding

Forest Marienlund

6000, Kolding

There are several marked trails in the forest of Marielund skov.

The forest reaches all the way into central kolding.

On the way into the forest, the trail leads past the former millpond, marielun...

© visit kolding

Sct. Jørgens Have

6000, Kolding

Sct. Jørgens GardenAn ancient city garden built in the mid-1950s. The idea was to create a botanical garden with a plant collection and to ensure public views of Slotssøen.  The Garden ...


6000, Kolding

Castle BankThe Castle Bank vas made when the clay ground was pushed up by ice during the Ice Age. The marked elevation made it natural to place Koldinghus fortress here, and it is a landmark...

Øko Ged og Grønt

8350, Hundslund

Go exploring the many cosy farm shops and specialist shops in the Odder seaside area. Here you will find a wide range of specialties which can make your holiday even sweeter.Øko Ged o...

The Ecology Garden

8300, Odder

A splendid garden for both adults and children. The garden stretches to 20 acres of countryside and is Scandinavia’s largest public organic garden. There are 1,000s of different plant species distribu...

© Colourbox

The Local History Archive of Christiansfeld is designed to save the local history of Christiansfeld and the surroundings. The Local History Archive is collecting, recording and preserving archives, im...

Strø Kirke

3320, Skævinge
© Karen Folker VN


3000, Helsingør

Ceramic artist Karina Hansen runs the workshop and shop Panikkeramik. She tells about her work: I am inspired by nature but also humour plays a big role in my works. My field of work includes gold and...

© Kolding Legeland


6000, Kolding

Koldings large Play land offers many hours of fun entertainment. Everything from trampolines, bouncy castle, slides, ball pool, cycling track, football field and climbing the tower makes the Play land...

In one of the personnel bunkers visitors can see an exhibition about the 10th Battery and Hirtshals. Other bunkers have been restored to their original condition. A visit to the Bunker Museum is there...

© Galleri Elander

Galleri Elander

3220, Tisvildeleje

House of books and modern art....

The Beach Forest

8270, Højbjerg

In 1935 the municipality bought a large field- and beach area from the manor Moesgaard for public recreational purposes. In the summer this is one of the most popular beaches in Denmark. ...

Havreballe Forest

8000, Aarhus C

Until 1896 Havreballe Skov (forest) and the rest of the Marselisborg Skovene (the Marselisborg Forests) belonged to a manor the home farm of which was situated in the northern part of the forest where...

Moesgård Forest

8270, Højbjerg

Moesgård Skov (Moesgård Forest)
The forest is situated around and north of Giber Å (stream). The owner of the forest is the Prehistoric Museum and the area is primarily used for reconstruction of the ...

The University Park

8000, Aarhus C

Universitetsparken is a beautiful park at the Aarhus University.
The Park is one of many green areas in Aarhus.
Please read the story about the park....


Showing 7451 - 7500 of 8707 entries