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Beach at Middelfart Marina
Lovely children-friendly sandy beach close to Middelfart Marina.
Large grassy area nearby with playground, beach volley and minigolf.  Middelfart Marina, kiosk, toilets and ...

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Strib Nordstrand No. 6

5500, Middelfart

Strib Nordstrand, Middelfart
Shops, including bakery and butcher, are located nearby, in Vestergade. Tables and benches are found at the beach. A concrete platform functions as a bathing jetty....

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Good bathing beach. The quality of the water is very high, and is tested during the season to secure you as guest....

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Varbjerg Strand No. 1

5464, Brenderup Fyn

Lovely and childrenfriendly beach with sand and gravel. Parking at both sides of the harbour. You will find a kiosk at the beach, and, west of the harbour, are toilets, a number of picnic sets, and ha...

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Vejlby Fed No. 4

5500, Middelfart

Vejlby Fed Strand, Middelfart
Vejlby Fed Campsite and areas with holiday houses are situated close to Vejlby Fed beach.
Parking is close to the campsite and near the beach.
Kiosk can be found at the c...

© Gjellerodde Strand, Lemvig

Gjellerodde beach

A small comfortable beach for families, whit good possibilities for surfing and to go canoeing in kayak.

Toilet and shoppingpossibilities/cafe near by....

© Thyboroen strand, Lemvig

Thyborøn Strand, Lemvig

7680, Thyborøn

Beach at Thyborøn.In Thyborøn you find a wonderful child friendly sandy beach which is protected by breakwaters on both sides. Near the beach there are eating plac...

© Vejlby Strand, Harboøre

Vejlby Strand, Harboöre

7673, Harboøre

Vejlby Beach

Vejlby Beach is a big lovely sandy beach.

Read the folder "The sea can take anyone by surprice" with advice about bathing in the North Sea.


© Hofde Q, Fjaltring

Breakwater Q in Fjaltring

The area around Breakwater Q in Fjaltring is the most popular North Sea beach in the municipality of Lemvig. If you behave wisely, it is a very child friendly place to bathe...

© Anette Hellmund Werenskiold

Husby Beach No. 13

5592, Ejby

North of Wedellsborg you will find the family friendly Husby Beach, a sandy/gravel beach. It is at the same time a popular fishing spot. Here is a picnic-set, a toilet and parking opportunity right ne...

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Lyø beach

5600, Faaborg

At the harbour, there is a fine small bay with a good bathing beach....

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Båring Sommerland No. 2

5466, Asperup

Enjoy the shallow children-friendly beach (sand/gravel) which reaches 1 Km. eastbound and is replaced by Varbjerg Strand. Here is a car park and a larger green area with toilet building and picnic set...

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Dæmningen No. 5

5500, Middelfart

The beach is a 1400 Metres long and 5-10 Metres wide sandy beach, which can be a bit difficult to reach due to very large stones. Quite deep water at the western part, more shallow at the eastern part...

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Ronæs Beach No. 11

5580, Nørre Aaby

Here as a nice children friendly beach. In the middle of the beach, you will find a bathing jetty with play area in the shallow water and in the southern end a boat jetty. At the entrance to the camp ...

Albuen Beach

4900, Nakskov

Albuen Beach 
The Blue Flag 2012, 2013 & 2014- close to camping site and the peninsula Albuen. Safe bathing for families with children and possibility to walk along the narrow isthmus, Albuen. The bea...

Maribo Sø CampingThe beach consists of a 1,500 m2 grassy area by Maribo Rowing Club and is ideally suited for sunbathing and picnics. The coast stretches for around 100 metres an...

Maribo Søbadeanstalt

4930, Maribo

Maribo SøbadeanstaltThe beach is situated beside a large grassy area at Maribo Kayak Club, where there are excellent possibilities for playing, sunbathing and picnics. The beach ...

Bikuben Beach

4880, Nysted

Kleiner Strand von ca. 1978 mit Steg unterhalb einer Ferienhausanlage an der „Paradiesroute“....

Askø beach

4930, Maribo

On the northwest side of Askø where Østerhovedvej meet Askø Strandvig, at the holiday cottage area, lies a fine beach. The beach consists of fine sand with a few stones. The beach is 5 metres wide and...


4970, Rødby

The beach comprises fine sand with small stones by the edge of the water. The seabed near the beach is stony. The beach is 10-20 metres wide and 1,000 metres long.

Access to the beach by ...

Bredfjed Strand

4970, Rødby

Bredfjed Beach
The Blue Flag  2013 & 2014 – child-friendly sandy beach with dikes and wild plantsThe beach is a child-friendly sandy beach with dunes and dikes.   There are numerous beautiful and rare...

Bruserup Strand

4873, Væggerløse

Bruserup Strand
Long tranquil sandy beach with beautiful tidal meadows....

Dannemare høje Strand

4983, Dannemare

Dannemare Høje
The beach at Dannemare Høje is a lovely child-friendly sandy beach with dunes....

Elkenøre Strand

4872, Idestrup

Elkenøre BeachElkenøre Beach is the most northerly part of Marielyst Beach on South Falster. The beach follows the northern part of the Falster dike and is almost as wide as the ...

Enehøje Strand

4900, Nakskov

Enehøje Strand
On the west coast there is a 12-metre high cliff, where amongst others sand martins breed during the summer. Below the cliff, there is a fine sandy beach....

Femø Strand

4930, Maribo

The Blue Flag 2014
Femø Harbour Beach with its lovely sandy beach is just west of Femø Harbour where the ferry from Kragenæs arrives several times a day. Femø Harbour Beach has the blue flag. From the...

Frederiksdal Strand

4912, Harpelunde

The beach lies undisturbed out at the Langeland Strait in front of fields belonging to the Frederiksdal Estate. Access to the beach by car is via a track from Frederiksdal Estate, which c...

Gedesby Strand

4874, Gedser

Gedesby strand has a good and children friendly beach on both sides of Gedesby.

The 25 km of white sandy beach with dunes on the east coast of Falster is know for the clean bathing water and is one o...

Gedser Strand

4874, Gedser

Gedser Strand

South of Gedser Marina lies a nice nice beach....

© VisitKerteminde

Bathing Guidelines

5300, Kerteminde

Enjoy the nature, the beach and the sea on one of the lovely beaches in Kerteminde Municipality. But don’t forget to respect the sea when you go the beach.Read the swimming advice, which are...

© Nr. Lyngby Strand

Nr. Lyngby Strand

9480, Løkken

Nr. Lyngby beach is surrounded by steep dunes. The 9 km beach has nice sand, and a Blue Flag as the one in Løkken. Due to the westerly wind the beach is good for surfing. Cars are permitted to drive a...

© paragliders Løkken

Rubjerg Knude Paragliding

9800, Hjørring

Paragliding & hang gliding are practised along Nr. Lyngby’s 10 km long cliff & especially at Rubjerg Knude. The cliffs vary from 30 to 100 m in height and give, due to the strong upwind, some ...

© Løkken Turistbureau

Rubjerg-Lyngby Strand

9480, Løkken

The beach between Nr. Lyngby and Rubjerg is surrounded by high dunes. The beach is 9 km long and has fine sand as in Løkken. You can also find "The Blue Flag" which tells you if it ia safe to go swimm...

© Ole Olsen

Trelde Næs beach

7000, Fredericia

Trelde Næs beach lies in a beautiful nature area with lofty cliffs and is surrounded by woods....

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9560, Hadsund

Als Reef "Malolorca"

"Malolorca" is the unofficial, local name for the 1400 meter long beach-island of the coast off Als. The little island is a nice sandy beach, which is perfect for bathing in Katt...

© VJ

Sandbjerg Vig - Beach

7130, Juelsminde

Beach north of the port and Juelsminde city...

© VJ

Daugård Beach

8722, Hedensted

The beach is located on the north side of Vejle Fjord - Blue Flag Beach...

© VJ

As Vig Beach

7130, Juelsminde

As Vig beach is located between Glud and Juelsminde. It is a beach in its true form, with several kilometres of nice sandy shores. Make a turn from the main road towards Kirkholm and you will find a l...


Showing 451 - 500 of 743 entries