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Julebæk Beach

3000, Helsingør

Julebæk Beach has been a popular excursion spot for the citizens of Helsingør since the 1860'es. A beautifully located sand beach with a view to the Sweedish coastline. Beach playground for kids and g...

© vino

Langebro Beach

3140, Ålsgårde

Langebro Beach in Ålsgårde extends approx. 200 m on either side of a large jetty with sitting area and toilet. Handicap Accessible: Access to the bridge, toilet and chute into the water. There is life...

© Katja Folt

Hellerup Beach

2900, Hellerup

Just north from Copenhagen you will find Hellerup Strand, which is a sandy and kid friendly beach.

Hellerup Strand is a relatively small beach that stretches about 100 meters from Onsgårdsvej to Lil...

© knud mortensen

Drejø Strand

5700, Svendborg

Drejø Beach, near the harbour...

© Lars Plejdrup

Herslev Beach

4000, Roskilde

The Herslev Beach is a coarse sand beach suitable for children with a wooden pear, car park and public toilet....

Nibe Strand

9240, Nibe

Nibe means more than just festival and herring: Nibe also means beach and relaxation! Northern Jutland has some of Denmark’s best and most tourist-friendly beaches, and Nibe is no exception.


© Torben Mougaard


5631, Ebberup

Feddet is located in Åkrog Bay along Little Belt, about 4 kilometres south of Ebberup.

It is possible to park about 125 metres from the beach, where public toilets are also located....

© Fotograf Torben Mougaard

Damsbo Beach

5683, Haarby

Damsbo Beach is situated in Helnæs Bay/Nørrefjord, about 6.5 km from Haarby. The beach faces west.

Parking is available about 50 metres from the beach. Shaded parking and public toilets are available...

© Torben Mougaard

Helnæs Fiskerhuse

5631, Ebberup

Helnæs Fiskerhuse is located on the east side of Helnæs peninsula in a very shallow area of Helnæs Bay/Nørrefjord.

Parking, toilets and an information board about beach conditions are found about 80 ...

© VisitMariagerfjord


9560, Hadsund

Als Reef "Malolorca"

"Malolorca" is the unofficial, local name for the 1400 meter long beach-island of the coast off Als. The little island is a nice sandy beach, which is perfect for bathing in Katt...

Fuglsang Sø

7400, Herning

Fuglsang lake is an artificial lake that was opened in 2005. 
The lake is situated just north of Herning and is 28 ha in size....

© Bjørg Kiær

Beach Houses in Ærøskøbing

5970, Ærøskøbing

A beach house on the island of Ærø is not just a beach house. It is a gathering place for families, traditions and good times.

People enjoy life while the midsummer fire is burning or the easter eggs...

© Bjørg Kiær

Beach Houses in Marstal

5960, Marstal

A beach house on the island of Ærø is not just a beach house. It is a gathering place for families, traditions and good times.

People enjoy life while the midsummer fire is burning or the easter eggs...

© Lars Nielsen, VisitKøge

Sandy beach in Køge Bay between Køge and Copenhagen.

Mosede Fort was raised in 1913-16 as part of Copenhagen's fortification.
The fort history can be studied inside in an exhibition and items.


Jegind Tap - Thyholm

7790, Thyholm

Jegind Tap - Thyholm

Jegind Tap is a long narrow point on the southern tip of Jegindø. A public road leads to the point which has remained a favourite picnic area for many years because of the excell...

© VJ

Sandbjerg Vig - Beach

7130, Juelsminde

Beach north of the port and Juelsminde city...

© VJ

Daugård Beach

8722, Hedensted

The beach is located on the north side of Vejle Fjord - Blue Flag Beach...

© VJ

As Vig Beach

7130, Juelsminde

As Vig beach is located between Glud and Juelsminde. It is a beach in its true form, with several kilometres of nice sandy shores. Make a turn from the main road towards Kirkholm and you will find a l...

© VJ

Grønbjerggård Beach

7130, Juelsminde

The beach is located on the south side of Juelsminde...

Marielyst - nude beach Bøtø

4873, Væggerløse

The official nude beach close to Bøtø with fine light sand is a part of the long Marielyst Beach, which runs along the east coast of Falster, past Marielyst, Bøtø and down to beach by the forest. This...

© VisitMiddelfart

On the map, you will find all our beaches in Middelfart and surrounding area.
Apart from the 5 Blue Flag beaches, there are 11 other official bathing beaches.
Please note: the webpages are in danish l...

Dalby bugten

5380, Dalby

Text coming soon...

Knarbo Klint Beach

4540, Fårevejle

Small intimate sandy beach at Nekselø Bay.

Staircase from the cliff to the shore.

No parking space for cars and no toilet facilities. ...

Bjørnebæk Strand

4262, Sandved

Bjørnebæk beach is a small gem appearing at the end of the gravel road "Strandbakken" when you approach it from Næstved. A lovely recreational area with beach, coastal region and forest. The beach is ...


4640, Faxe

Faxe community has 30 kilometers of beautiful and versatile coastline to offer. Numerous exciting experiences await the whole family in this paradise for water lovers.One of them is the...

Fed beach

4640, Faxe

The beach at the peninsular Feddet is a treat for the hole family. The area around the beach offers a wide range of activities.For the children you find Bungy Trampoline, a covered play coun...

© VisitJammerbugten

Thorup Strand

9690, Fjerritslev

Thorup Strand is situated in the Jammerbugt....

Hyldtofte Østersøbad

4970, Rødby

Hyldtofte Østersøbad

The Blue Flag 2014 - A delightful, wide and child-friendly sandy beach with dunes....

Rømø Beach

6792, Rømø

Sand, beach and water and lots of holiday experiences for both grown-ups and children in fantastic scenery. This is what makes Rømø a first-class holiday island. The beach of Rømø belongs to the very ...

© VisitOdense

Odense Harbour Beach

5000, Odense C

The beach on Odense Harbour was constructed in 2013 and it took 800 tons of sand! The view is beautiful and the location means that you can buy coffee, ice cream and refreshments when the Football Fac...

© Henrik Numelin/VisitNordsjælland

Espergærde Beach

3060, Espergærde

Espergaerde beach lies just south of the Espergaerde harbour. The sandy beach is of good quality and staffed with lifeguard post from mid-June to mid-August. Here are often sheltered when the wind blo...

© VisitFredericia

Hyby Beach

7000, Fredericia

Blue Flag beach at "Hyby Strand" in Fredericia.
The beach has a public toilet, picnic tables, life saving equiptment and a jetty.


© Bramsnæs

Ejby Beach

4070, Kirke Hyllinge

Ejby beach is a small beach. Enjoy the beatiful view and take a walk to the nearby small habour....

© Avnsø


4330, Hvalsø

It is no coincidence that the island of Fur has been chosen as one of Denmark's most shareable places. Fur is an utterly unique island and one of the most beautiful in Denmark.
Here you get an insigh...

© Møns turistbureau

Præstø Beach

4760, Vordingborg

Præstø beach is a bathing beach, placed close to Præstø city.

Here you can find table/bench, grill/fire ring, wooden pier and a handicap

© Møns turistbureau

Ulvshale Beach

4780, Stege

Beautiful nature and a wide and childfriendly sand beach...


Klinteparken beach

4760, Vordingborg

Klinteparken beach is placed by the water on Ore, west for Vordingborg....

© Møns turistbureau

Svinø Beach

4750, Lundby

Svinoe beach is and with child-oriented low water. Svinoe camping ground is situated next to the beach. ...

© Møns turistbureau

Hårbølle beach

4780, Stege

Hårbølle beach is a very nice family beach, placed a bit away from the parking space at Hårbølle.

The beach is nice and wide, and good for children to build sandcastles on....

Kalvehave beach

4771, Kalvehave

Bathing jetty with steps. ...

© Feriepartner Møn

Klintholm Havn beach

4791, Borre

Nice child-friendly beach...

© Møns turistbureau

Ore beach

4760, Vordingborg

Beach with a big lawn and bathing jetty - only 2 km from Vordingborg....

Råbylille beach

4780, Stege



Showing 701 - 750 of 756 entries