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3460, Birkerød

Mantziusgaarden in Birkeroed is a very important cultural centre in the North of Sealand. Koncerts of any kind as well as theater take place in the koncert hall "Mantziussalen".In one of the...

Modern avantgarde theater. Play language: Danish only. Part of the interior is made by the famous Danish design companies Frits Hansen Møbler and Montana Møbler....

© Henriette Engom Larsen VNS

Gurre Slotsruin

3000, Helsingør

Situated north of the road between Gurre and Tikøb. The Central Tower was built at the end of the 12th century, while the outer wall was erected during the reign of King Valdemar Atterdag in the 14th ...

© Industri Museet Frederiksværk


3300, Frederiksværk

The Gjethus is built in 1761-1769 by General Classen and was a cannon foundry until 1928.The Gjethus is now art- and culture centre with theater, music and art exibitions.The café ...

© Karen Folker VN


3000, Helsingør

Toldkammeret is a culture center centrally situated in Helsingør with about 200 arrangements every year in the area of music, art exhibitions and children's culture.

Toldkammeret (The custom house) l...

Visit the best preserved mill. 
The longer you go up to the turbine, all the more magnificent is the view. 
"Karlebo Mill was built in 1835 and is thus more than 175 years old. ...

© Capital of Children Company

The Company Town Route

7190, Billund

Billund is unique. The town, its citizens and the LEGO company have created modern Billund together. If you follow the Company Town Route, you will gain an insight into the cultural history of the tow...

© Karen Folker VN

The Elsinore History painted - the Middle Ages and the Sound Dues

In the old part of Elsinore you can see two fascinating murals descibing the town history in an alternative way.

The two Italian art...

© Kunst og Byrum Helsingør

On the gable of Allégade 7, you can see scenes from the maritime history, conducted by Spanish Oriol Caminal Martinez and Italian Piercarlo Carella. They've made their sketches on the spot, and the mu...

Esrum Møllegård

3230, Græsted

The historical buildings of Esrum Møllegård are today housing Centre for Nature & Environment - a centre for active and practical environmental education. The old watermill houses exhibitions on natu...

© Ericailcane/Kunst og Byrum Helsingør

Kunst & Byrum is behind the 4th. major urban project in Helsingør, this time with the theme "Life in The Sound". The works will be inaugurated on August 29 2014, around Helsingør station and bus- and ...

Asdal Voldanlæg (rampart)

9850, Hirtshals

Asdal Rampart (1300). Asdal Rampart was created when people dug through a foreland, Asbjerg. At the bottom of the valley runs the streem Kjulåen. There are 3 dams which can still be seen. Wi...

Hirtshals Fyr

9850, Hirtshals

The history

Hirtshals' lighthouse on top of Stenbjerg is the town's beautiful landmark. The lighthouse was opened in 1863 and was constructed in King Frederik VII's time. The king's monogram adorns t...

Tornby Gl. Købmandsgaard

9850, Hirtshals

200-year-old maritime and general store with furnishings from 1860. The shop smells of freshly ground coffee, salted fish, salami, rope and camomile soap. Purchase specialities of ...

Bymiljø Hjørring. Walk through the area around Nørregade, the oldest part of Hjørring with 3 mediaeval churches. Continue to Merchant Riis’ villa from 1790, it has housed a school and a hospital, and ...

Kattegat Silo

9900, Frederikshavn

The Kattegat Silo was originally a grain silo.In 2004 the silo was renovated and today it is a 13 stories high office building with a fitness center at the top....

Nordre Skanse

9900, Frederikshavn

Nordre SkanseThe first defensive works at Fladstrand, built by German troops 1627-29.Located by a natural harbour and still today there is a harbour for small boats, which can be used b...

Frederikshavn Rådhus

9900, Frederikshavn

Town hall of Frederikshavn
A 3 storey rectangular building with a Council Hall in a separate building.

The structure is a concrete post-and-beam system fitted out with standard concrete elements.



9900, Frederikshavn

North Jutland’s highest vantage point, 160 metres above sea level. Ice-cream kiosk and playground for the children. Paths to the forest of Vandværksskoven and the Bangsbo area.   ...


9900, Frederikshavn

Pedestrian bridge, popularly known as the 'Valutaslangen' (currency snake) because of all the Swedish and Norwegian shoppers arriving by ferry and enter the town by using the bridge.
It meassures to...


9900, Frederikshavn

Restaurant Møllehuset

Here you can enjoy a delicious dinner with lots of seasonal specialities.
You can experience the unspoilt atmosphere and beautiful countryside....


9900, Frederikshavn

Fiskerklyngen is the oldest part of Frederikshavn.A cluster of fishermen's cottages, that dates back to 1568, it was originally half-timbered houses, such as the house on Strandgad...

© Jytte Nielsen

The Mill Baunhøj Mølle is one of the cultural lighthouses of Norddjurs Municipality.
The mill is also known as the town of Grenaa's landmark - located up high on Baunhøj. Apart from being the locatio...

© Kirsten Semberg

“Den Gamle Smedje” is located on Smedestræde in Grenaa.  At the museum you can see examples of the old crafts, and the tool there over the years has bee used. . Possibility of access for groups outsid...

© Kirsten Semberg

Thatched rectory built in 1593 - the oldest in Denmark. Along with three wings have the old ground long formed a four-winged connected systems with a total of 78 subjects egebindingsværk. In one of th...

© Hammelev Præstegård

Hammelev PræstegaardHammelev Pfarrhaus wurde 1760 gebaut und war ursprünglich Viereck. Es gibt jetzt nur  3 Flügel intakt. Hammelev rectory was built in 1760 and was originally qua...

© Destination Djursland

The Ruins of Kalø Castle

The Castle of Kalø - formerly an island, now a peninsula - was erected about 1313 by the Danish King Erik Menved.
It is one of several fortresses built round Århus Bugt (bay)...

© Gammel Estrup

A tour of Gammel Estrup’s magnificent halls and rooms gives unique insight into 600 years of the grand life of the Danish aristocracy. The individual rooms are furnished to show how the rooms might ha...

© Kirsten Semberg

Hornslet old prison building is the setting for Rosenholm local Archive. Rosenholm Archive, share a house with Hornslet Library. Opening hours are Hornslet library....

© Kirsten Semberg

In the southwestern part of Djursland you will find the small, attractive commercial town of Hornslet. It is easy to reach the town by train or bus,and there are excellent possibilities of experiencin...

© Kirsten Semberg

Ebeltoft – Idyllic town with timber-framed buildings and cobblestones - Djursland – East Jutland

The crooked timber-framed houses, the uneven cobbled streets and the hollyhocks in flower make Ebeltof...

© Destination Djursland

Museum Østjylland is an approved cultural museum that runs several departments.Visit the Old Townhall, The Siamese Collection or the Old Dyers Yard, placed near eachother  in the old town of Ebeltoft....

© Destination Djursland

Kaloe Manor from 1700 is very picturesque and well kept. Behind the Manor is a small hunting lodge built in 1899 by the German nobelfamily - von Jenisch, who then owned Kalø Manor. Today both the esta...

© Feldballe Præstegård

The Vicarage of FeldballeThe Vicarage was built in 1688 and is now scheduled as a historical monument. The oof and the brickwork were replaced in 1928, but the timber is still original. The thatc...

Powder Magazine

7000, Fredericia

A citadel is a fortress in a fortress. A place where the defenders could retreat to make a last defensive stand.

The cannons at the Citadel had in fact the same function as those at Kronborg, which w...

The North Star

7000, Fredericia

The North Star (Nordstjernen) is a half-timbered house from the latter half of the 17th Century - the oldest house in Fredericia and preserved today.

Unfortunately the list of the house's owners does...

Fredericia Ramparts

7000, Fredericia

The great fortifications, which today form a peaceful and attractive background for the oldest part of Fredericia, were originally built to defend Denmark. At the time, Europe had just been through a ...

The White Water Tower

7000, Fredericia

Get the most extensive view of Fredericia, the Ramparts and the Little Belt from the White Water Tower - built in 1908, inaugurated in 1909.
Eat lunch at 44 metres above sea level.
Take your picnic b...

Fanø Art Gallery

6720, Fanø

Throughout the past 100 years and up till today Fanø has attracted a constant stream of artists, who more or less settled down on the island.

The collection of the art gallery is based on paintings ...

Esbjerg Water Tower, © VisitEsbjerg

Esbjerg Water Tower

6700, Esbjerg

The Esbjerg Water Tower - the landmark of Esbjerg

-  from 1896-97 was designed by C.H. Clausen, who has
   virtually copied the medieval residence Haus Nassau in

-  unique view of the...

© Helene Høyer Mikkelsen/Realdania By

Amberg's Courthouse in Esbjerg

Amberg's courthouse and jail from 1892 is located on the central square in Esbjerg. When completed it was not only a significant building in the city, it pushed the lim...

© Esbjerg Byhistoriske Arkiv

Museum street - H.C. Ørstedsgade, Esbjerg....

© VisitEsbjerg

The Railway Station, 1904, The Station Square - an excellent example of station building "out on the track", as practised in major station towns around the turn of the century. ...

Esbjerg Performing Arts Centre - the cultural focal point of Soutwest Jutland

Esbjerg Performing Arts Centre is the work of worldfamous architects Jan & Jorn Utzon.

The 10.000 m2 building is the ven...

© egeskov mølle

Egeskov Mill

5772, Kværndrup

The impresseive Dutch windmill Egeskov Mill is placed 2 km from Egeskov Castle. The present mill was built in 1855. In 1952 Egeskov Mill became familiar to all Danes when the illustrator Ib Andersen u...

© Faaborg Turistbureau

The Belfry in Faaborg

5600, Faaborg

The belfry is part of Faaborg´s original parish church - St. Nicolai. The church was founded in about 1250 while the belfry is built towards the end of the 1400....

© Faaborg Turistbureau


5600, Faaborg

Vesterport (the West Gate) - the last remains of a medieval fortifica- tion with ramparts and moats surrounding the town. Later Vesterport and three other gates served as the places where the town dut...

© Faaborg Turistbureau

Den Voigtske Gaard

5600, Faaborg

A famous farm, situated in the town centre....

© Grubbe Mølle

Grubbe Mill

5600, Faaborg

GRUBBE MØLLE is located near Faaborg at the southern part of the Danish island of Fyn. It comprises an old watermill and a dutch windmill, both of which are fully functional. The history of the mills ...


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