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Dansk Slager Parade 2015

9000, Aalborg

Dansk Slager Parade (Danish Hit Parade) presents a number of iconic Danish hit artists whose songs are played in the radio program ”Dansktoppen”.

The concert is in Danish.

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Gain an enchanting insight into the brilliant artist life, when K&K Philharmoniker and the Austrian K&K Ballet visit Musikkens Hus (the House of Music) during their ongoing European tour.

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Far out in space, you’ll find Den Blå Planet (the blue planet) where only children live. The children have fun all day. They chase lighted bugs, collect shells at the beach, watch butterflies, and let...

Rasmus Walter

9000, Aalborg

Concert with the Danish pop singer Rasmus Walter. 

The concert is in Danish and sold-out.

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A Picasso

9000, Aalborg

Danish performance based on true stories from Picasso’s life.

The performance is in Danish.

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Showing 1001 - 1009 of 1009 entries

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