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© Greve Kommune

Kildebrønde orchard

2670, Greve

33-hectare orchard

Opening hours in 2013:

1 Jan.-31 May Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9am-5pm.
Danish apples, pears, apple juice etc.

1 June-31 Aug. Monday-Sunday 9am-6pm. Dani...

Horn Cider

8670, Låsby
© Christine Leth-Møller

'Plantagen' is a small organic farm, located in Horslunde on Lolland.

We grow a wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables that you can buy freshly harvested in our farm shop.

In the growing se...

© ulla fibiger

Bisserup Fish

4243, Rude

Buy fresh fish at the harbour in Bisserup - open Friday and Saturday...

Lovely farm shop with courtyard cafe, fresh strawberries, raspberries and much more....

Elegant Danish white wine from vineyards on south-facing slopes at Ålsgårde. Denmark´s first commercial vineyard. Guided tours and wine tasting for groups by prior agreement. Wine for sale at winery....

Idaslettens Beekeeping

4892, Kettinge

Welcome to Idaslettens Beekeeping .

We are a family owned company which in five years has driven beekeeping as a profession. In addition to pollination tasks for fruit growers and seed producers , w...

Mustafa Sahin, Supervisor at the public toilets, recommends:

"There is so much to see as a tourist in Roskilde. Roskilde Cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum are always well worth a visit. They have...

Oringe Nursery Garden

4760, Vordingborg

The historic nursery garden is situated on the beautiful peninsula Oringe, in Vordingborg.
Here vegetables, apples and flowers are grown and sold.The place is known for its
apple juice....

Jonsholm Strawberries

4760, Vordingborg

Jonsholm is an old family farm, wonderfully situated at the Storstrøm in Bakkebølle, Vordingborg, part of the "Manor House bycycle route". Seven different sorts of strawberries are sold directly at th...


Showing 151 - 161 of 161 entries

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