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© Karen Folker VINO

Hornbæk Harbour

3100, Hornbæk

Located as the focal-point of this delightful little town with wonderful restaurants and specialty shops (sunday-open during the summer). Surrounded by the well-preserved old town and a wide sandy bea...


Ramløse Havn

3200, Helsinge

At the bank of Arresø you find Ramløse harbor which is the homeport of the yacht club of Arresø founded in 1969. There has always been a great interest in having a quay berth in the beautiful scenery....

© Gilleleje Havn

Gilleleje Harbour

3250, Gilleleje

The living harbour

The scent of tar, fish and sea floats on the breeze when you take a walk on Gilleleje Harbour. The large, beautiful gulls sweep low through the air or stand on the pier eyeing the ...

Lynæs Harbour

3390, Hundested

On Lynæs harbour you find the restaurant Skipperstuen and there are both a delicious fish house with the option to eat on the spot, a nice ice house with burgers, sausages etc.., As well as new bridge...

Hundested Harbour

3390, Hundested

Hundested Harbour lies between bay and ocean and right in the city center. Hundested Harbour offers a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery, while there in the old fishing port is a cultur...

© Karen Folker VN

Snekkersten Havn

3070, Snekkersten

Snekkersten Harbour was built at the fishing hamlets Snekkersten and Skotterup in 1872.

Today an active harbour with many association activities and a charming environment. The harbour has 137 berth...

Helligpeder Havn

3790, Hasle

Small fishing hamlet. Macimum stay: As long as you want. The inner harbour is usually filled up with local boats, while the outer harbour is usually reserved for visiting craft. Schould be entered dur...

Allinge Havn

3770, Allinge

May be entered day and night, allowances being made for wind, current and visibility. Should not be entered during strong onshore winds. Compass variation occurs, and strong currents coupled with bad ...

© Karen Folker VN

Helsingør North Harbor

3000, Helsingør

Helsingør Nordhavn (North Harbour) is a municipal yachting harbour with about 1000 berths. It was built as a fishing port and yachting harbour by the municipality of Helsingør in the years 1932-1934 a...

Espergærde Harbour

3060, Espergærde

Fine nature - fine beach - and a lovely forest nearby.Shoppingcenter 1 km.Busses along the coastline, direction Helsingør and Copenhagen....

Nivå Harbour

2990, Nivå

Very popular small harbour visited by many yachtsmen. Unpretentious atmosphere with cosy restaurants and a fine ice-cream booth. Rowing club, yacht club and boat club.

Nice beach wit grill facilities...

Sletten Harbour

3050, Humlebæk

Sletten is an idyllic fishing village in the southern part of Humlebæk. Here are about 130 old fishing houses which are all privately owned and carefully restored. The harbour is the center of Sletten...

Humlebæk Havn

3050, Humlebæk

In the cosy harbor of Humlebæk you find an authentic atmosphere with beautiful nature and lovely beaches. Around the harbor you find a protected area with a forest and beautiful fisher houses....

© Industri Museet Frederiksværk

Frederiksværk Harbour

3300, Frederiksværk

Frederiksværk marina is a new marina completed in 1995 right next to beautiful Hanehoved. It is situated 1,8 km from the town centre and 5 km from the beach.Fishshop and kiosk....

Vang Havn

3790, Hasle

Small fishing and yacht harbour, 25 berths. Visiting boats in the outer and middle basins. At the eastern quay in the middle basin, boats should be moored stern to quay since stern moorings are laid o...

Rønne Havn

3700, Rønne

Bornholm's largest commercial and ferry harbour. Visiting boats are weicome in the Soendre Boat Harbour and the south harbour. May be entered day and night, allowance being made for wind, current and ...

Marina north of Roenne, 300 berths. Visitors' quay in western basin. Modern marina approximately 400 m from downtown Roenne with new service Centre built in 1992 containing shower/WC-coin laundromat -...

Tejn Havn

3770, Allinge

maximum stay - 150 days. The harbour is undoubtedly the most clam harbour in all kinds of weather. Tejn Harbour may be entered during all weather and wind conditions. When North and NE-ly winds prevai...

Teglkås Bådehavn

3790, Hasle

Small fishing hamlet - frequently filled with llocal boats. A certain amount of visiting boats may be able to find a berth along the S-quay in the outer harbour, which is greatly agitated by WN-ly win...

Snogebæk Havn

3730, Nexø

Small fishing and skiff harbobour. Two red lights guide the approach between Salthammer Reef and Broens reef at a guideline of 318 degrees. The harbour is navigable both day and night. Morreings for p...

Årsdale Havn

3740, Svaneke

Well-protected fishing and pleasure craft harbour. Boats registered in the harhour have right of priority. May be entered during the day in bright, clear visibility, but not during onshore winds. Comp...

Svaneke Havn

3740, Svaneke

Fishing harbour, 30 berths. Outer harbour bets rough during onshore winds. Local boats have right of priority in inner harbour. The harbour gate getween the inner and outer harbours is closed during s...

Sandvig Havn

3770, Allinge

Small fishing harbour and marina. 15 berths . Should be entered only during the day in bright, clear visibility and only by boats with draughts of up to 1.4 m and not during onshore gales. Compass var...

Gudhjem Havn

3760, Gudhjem

The Port of Gudhjem consists of 2 harbours: Noerresand Harbour (North) with a water depth of 3.6 metres and Gudhjem Harbour (South). Applicable to both harbours: May be entered day and night, allowanc...


3740, Svaneke

Fortress and naval harbour form the 1600's 60 berths. Good emergency harbour during a fresh gale, but not form the south. Visiting boats may seing anchor to the north of the swing bridge across the ha...

Melsted Havn

3760, Gudhjem

Melsted is an old fishing hamlet situated just south of Gudhjem. Melsted Harbour is a small, private harbour with a well-protected location between the Sorteskaer and Guleskaer skerries. The harbour w...

Nexø Havn

3730, Nexø

Small traffic port, but Bornholm's largest fishing harbour. Visiting boats must use the boat harbour. 40 berths. May be entered day and night, allowancws being made for wind, current and visibility. C...

Listed Havn

3740, Svaneke

Fishing hamlet with 20 berths for visiting boats in the middle basin. Should omly be ebtered in daylight when visiblity is bright and clear, but not in onshore wind situations. New: Leading lights now...

Hasle Havn

3790, Hasle

The harbour's light beacon guides boats in at 93-101 degrees (Sectored light). The Harbour Master's Office can be contacted at VHF=12,13 and 16. Modernised medium-sized fishing, commercial and yacht h...

Arnager Havn

3700, Rønne

Arnager Harbour is Bornholm´s "largest offshore harbour" and the only harbour on the south coast that can accommodate keelboats.The fishing hamlet has an active herring smokehouse/restaurant and,...


9900, Frederikshavn


Small harbour north of the city surrounded by little red fishermen’s houses. 

200 m to camping site and public transportation. 

Restaurant Penna’s. 

Large natural playground for chil...

Frederikshavn Marina

9900, Frederikshavn

Situated 0,3 nautical mile S of Frederikshavn Flådehavn. Kattegat 57 25,57´N 10 31,8´E - map 123.Frederikhavn Marina is a modern marina with many facilities: -including a serv...

Strandby Havn

9970, Strandby

Strandby is the biggest and most used fishing harbour in Kattegat. From medio june to medio august, a special part of the harbour is reserved for guests (sailors). We can offer nice fac...

© Brønderslev Erhverv & Turisme

Asaa Habour

9340, Asaa

When the sun shines from a clear sky, it is time to enjoy the outdoorlife and the environment in Asaa town and habour. The waves invites you to saile or surfe. On the way to the habour you will find t...

© Udbyhøj Nord Lystbådehavn

Udbyhøj North, the marina at the bay, the ocean and the beach ...The Marina can serve 50 guest sailors. You can find electricity and water on most bridges, diesel, wc- and showering facilities.


© Destination Djursland

A good landmark is the 50 meter tall radar tower east of the port. Entering from the south and west, pay attention to the unmarked rocks 0.5 nautical miles south of the entrance. Be aware that there m...

© Destination Djursland

The yachting harbour in Grenaa is an obvious destination for yachtsmen from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The yachting harbour is constructed by the traffic harbour only 100 m from the commercial centre...

© Bønnerup Lystbådehavn

Bønnerup Marina is in an area of natural beauty with wonderful sandy beaches on the north coast of Djursland. Next to the Marina is the commercial Bønnerup Fishing Harbour where blue fishing boats lan...

© Sebastian Nils

The port consists of two separate pools traffic harbor with berths for yachts and fishing harbor.South of the fishing harbor is situated Ebeltoft small craft harbor and north of Traffic Harbor lies Wo...

© Henning Madsen

The yachting harbour of Nappedam

The harbour is at the end of Egens Bay at Kalø with a view to the hills of Mols, Helgenæs and the Århus Bay, with only a few hundred metres to the ruins of Kalø Castl...

© Sebastian Nils

Sail to Ebeltoft Habour

Ebeltoft is one the only west-facing harbour on the east coast of Jutland and with a fabulous view to ”Ebetoft Vig” and ”Mols Bjerge”. The harbour is situated close to the mi...

© Knebelvig

If you like peace and quiet, there is hardly a more beautiful place than trick Elbro Dinghy and Bådehavn.Som name implies, the port of marina character, but instead bring natural beauty and comfort in...

© Vibeke Ingemar

Øer Maritime Havn

Øer Maritime Harbor is part of Øer Maritime Holliday city . Here is an opportunity for short boat trips to Hjelm, Samsø and Tunø, and there are only approx. 20 miles to Sjællands Od...

Skærbæk Marina

7000, Fredericia

The idyllic marina in Skærbæk....

© Fredericia Turistbureau

Fredericia Marina

7000, Fredericia

Quiet harbour under most directions of wind. Opening hours of the port office: 11-12. Gas: can be purchased at Q8, 100 m. from the Yacht habour....

© Fredericia Turistbureau

Gl. Havn - The old Marina

7000, Fredericia

Gl. Havn, the old harbor in Fredericia is located in the heart of the fortress city. For sailing guests there are plenty of activities close to the quay. There are also lots of shopping opportunities,...

Fanø Marina

6720, Fanø

Fanø MarinaHarbour due for  every 24 hours (please notice that the harbour due - standard - is incl. electricity):Boat's length < 10 m   DKK ...

© esbjerg søsport

Esbjerg Marina

6700, Esbjerg

Esbjerg Marina

situated along Pier 1 with room for 198 boats.

More information call + 45 25231362


© VisitHaderslev

Aarøsund Lystbådehavn

6100, Haderslev

Årøsund Yacht harbour has room for 151 boats.In Årøsund you find a grocery, Grillbar, Restaurant, WC and Wash salon....

© Faaborg Turistbureau

Smooth harbour with many facilities. Payment: Length under 8 m/80 dkk., over 8 m/90 dkk, over 10 m/100 dkk....


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