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9362, Gandrup

Teglværksøerne (The Tile work lakes) is a lovely nature area where, in previous times, workers were digging for clay for the tile works. In this process, many natural lakes occurred which has resulted...

Barup Lake Nature Reserve

4850, Stubbekøbing

In this nature reservation of 26 ha. there is a path and a wide-view-tower, where you can get a good look of the area. Here you can see and hear reed warbler and grebe among others....

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Halskov Vænge

4871, Horbelev

Halskov Vænge Falster

See the film from halskov vænge :

Exploring an ancient cultural landscape
Why are there so many dol...

Fuglereservatet - Bøtø Nor

4873, Væggerløse

Bøtø Nor used to be a 15 km long and 1 km wide bay with low wather. In 1873 a new dike and a new pumping station was build, the cove finaly became dried-up. At the pumping station near by Marrebæk the...


4863, Eskilstrup

Borremosen is situated between the 2 forrests Ovstrup and Hannenov forrest. A charming area with meadow and peat bogs which are a bird sancturay.

There is a leaflet with routes to walk in the area....

Høstemark Forest and Bog

9280, Storvorde

The forest and bog of "Høstmark" are enclosed with a fence. The natural forest of Danish hardwood trees are predominant in the forest of "Høstmark" but foreign coniferous trees such as common spruce a...

Høstemark Skov

9280, Storvorde

The village of Mou, in the north-west of Municipality of Sejlflod, is surrounded by unspoiled countryside. For example the woods of Høstmark, one of the areas in Denmark which is fenced in, is used to...

"Lille Sø" (Bette Sø)

9280, Storvorde

"Bette Sø" covers 19 hectares with a depth of water of 0,8 meters. It is a rather small lake but there are a lot of ducks and grebes. The lake is encircled by a rush bed where the marsh harrier has it...

Lille Vildmose Visitor Center introduces exciting, interactive exhibits for kids and adults about the nature and culture of the bog. Watch a movie about the bog in the cinema, take a flight in the eag...


9280, Storvorde

By the cosy little city Dokkedal you will find the ridge called Mulbjerge with a beautiful view of Kattegat to the east and the moor Lille Vildmose to the west. The area rises 30 – 43 meters above the...

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9280, Storvorde

In Portlandmosen, you can experience Lille Vildmose's raised bog and observe the return of the original ecosystem in areas where peat production used to dominate. Access the bog via the road off Ny Hø...

Raptor Tower

9280, Storvorde

During the winter time the birds of prey are feeded with offal from a platform outside the tower of the birds of prey. You can get quite close to the biggest visitors, the eagles. Also ravens, common ...


9280, Storvorde

An old fishing village.
Not many years ago there were a lot of activities in the fishing village but today there are only anglers left. A bathing jetty leads you to the sand banks which are drained at...

Tofte Forest and Bog

9280, Storvorde

The deer fence around the forest and bog of "Tofte" is about 27 kilometers long and was built in 1906. The forest covers about 500 hectares and is one of the largest coherent natural forests in Denmar...

Arnkil Maj

6400, Sønderborg


9690, Fjerritslev


Showing 851 - 900 of 1814 entries

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