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Halkær Stream, shelters

9000, Aalborg

The area has a fireplace and 3 shelters with room for 15 people. You will find access to water and toilet. This area is suitable as a coast spot for sailors in dinghies, rowboats or kayaks.

Nær Halhæ...

Hou Harbour, Camp site

9000, Aalborg

The area has 3 shelters with room for 8 people in each shelter. You will find access to water and toilet close to the area. The area is places very central in relation to an active outdoor life for pe...

Stavn Harbour, shelter

9000, Aalborg

The camp site is located by the Limfjord close to the village Stavn and 14 kilometers vest of the city of Nibe.

The site holds 2 shelters with room for 6 people in each shelter. There is no fireplac...

The area has a fireplace and 3 shelters with room for 15 people. You will find tables/benches, a toilet, access to water and a barbeque place. ...

Tent site - Hannenov Skov

4863, Eskilstrup

Hannenov Skoven - with tent site
You can pitch a tent in Hannenov forest southeast of Eskilstrup on Midtfalster, according to the Danish Forest and Nature Agency’s rules for camping in nature.


Tent site - Havlykke

4872, Idestrup

Camp site close to the water.

Dogs on a leash and horses are allowed.  

There are some rules for camping in the wild in Danmark.
Danish version
German version ...

Welcome to Dokkedal, Lille Vildmose! Here you have the option to spend the night at the primitive campsite. Each of the shelters can accommodate between 6 to 8 people. The campsite is handicap-friendl...

Hærvejscenter i Kollemorten, © Natur og Kulturformidling, Vejle

The Ancient Road Visitor’s Centre in Kollemorten offers six holiday cabins that can be rented for overnight stays. The cabins are old but fully functional. Toilet and kitchen facilities are available ...

© Kanoudlejning på Esrum sø

Nature camp by Lake Esrum

3480, Fredensborg

Here in the shallows by Lake Esrum have Canoeing Letting Esrum, the pleasure of presenting a holiday experience with a difference.
The six tepees have room for 5-6 persons in each. Tipi are located in...

© Brønderslev erhverv og turisme

Shelterplads Stenbakken

9330, Dronninglund

Shelterpladsen is located at the bicycle and pedestrian in Jutland Ås.

This path is part of the national cycle route, which is called the Hærvej route.

The square is fitted with tables and benches....

© Brønderslev erhverv og turisme

Slettingen Jyske Ås

9330, Dronninglund

The shelters are located in Jyske Ås in the middle of Hedebakkerne.

On the site there are two shelters as well as firewood so that you can start a bonfire.

The site is located near the trails of Jys...

© Brønderslev erhverv og turisme

The square may be used without payment.

There is a bath with cold water.

The square is adjacent to Taipei City, at the Sports ground, overlooking a beautiful nature area with stianlæg and Lake.


Øster Skerninge

5762, Vester Skerninge

Contact: Lars Hansen, Åkildevej 28, Øster Skerninge, 5762 Vester Skerninge, phone: 62244505 and 61714505Meadow in a small village. Small organic farm with goats,...

Drejø Tent site

5700, Svendborg

Kontact Peter Møller on phone number +45 62233429The place lies 150 m from the harbour. The ferry sails 2-4 tims pr. day from SvendborgFacilities:Toilet ...

Hjortø Tent site

5700, Svendborg

Contact: Bent Henningsen, Pejdemoret 3, Hjortø, 5700 Svendborg - phone: +45 62 54 15 16The tent site is close to the harbor. Water can be found a mile up the road at the contact person. Fire...

Skarø Tent site

5700, Svendborg

Contact: Gitte Olsson, Skarø Brovej 7, Skarø, 5700 Svendborg, telephone: +45 62203382Lovely large camp 300 meters from the harbor and child friendly beach and water views. First propert...

Tadre Mill Tent Site

4330, Hvalsø

The Tadre Mill tent site is located on a meadow by the forest by the 


4070, Kirke Hyllinge

The tent site Lyndbypladsen has a great location on the waterside of the Roskilde Fjord by the foot of a slope. The beach is sandy and grassy.Fresh water and toilet...

ROAR shelter site

4070, Kirke Hyllinge

The shelter at the ROAR place is open for a night or two to travellers passing by on their route. It is situated 20 metres from a pebbled beach with a wooden pier.  

Gershøj Tent Site

4070, Kirke Hyllinge

The Gershøj Tent Site is an open piece of land situated right by Roskilde Fjord and by the marked route "Fjordstien". The site can be accessed by foo...

The tent site in Skuldelev is in a former gravel pit at the end of a huge kame a few kilometres from Roskilde Fjord. You can walk on top of the kame to the fjord. 

© Lars Plejdrup

The tent site in Herslev close to Roskilde is situated 120 m from a stony beach and on the route Fjordstien running along the fjord. It is open to cyclists, wanderers and sailors.

Visitors may use t...

© Brønderslev erhverv og turisme

Lunken primitive camping

9740, Jerslev J

There are 3 shelters.

Toilet facilities in Brønderslev municipality's Natural school, located very close by.

The regional cycle route Bollerruten (60) and a vandretursdel of the Hærvej route (3) pas...


8600, Silkeborg

Nature camp...


8600, Silkeborg

Directly at the Hærvej tracking route. Facilities: Shelter, toilet, water....

Located at the cyckling path between Funder and Ejstrupholm and The Hærvejen-hiking route.

Shelter, earth closet, fireplace, wood shed and running water (old-fashioned hand pump)


Primitive camping area on the "Hærvej" tracking route. The site is on the edge of a municipal-owned forest area.
The site is provided with shelter, fireplace, drinking water and primitive toiletry.

Shelter, © Allan Fledelius

Bedstedhave Shelter

4100, Ringsted

Bedstedhave has now a Shelter for 6 persons free of charge. You have to pay a small fee for using toiletfacilities and kitchen.

Bedstedhave Shelter is in a wooded area and there is a fireplace nearby...

© VisitRebild

The Jamboree

A Jamboree is an international scout camp where groups of scouts from all over the world participate. The Jamboree spot was created by former forester Jens Hvass, who himself was an ent...

Havreholm Farmhouse Camping in Ringsted is the perfect camp site for excursions in Zealand for both campers and for biker, hikers and riders.

The farm is a 4-wing farm dating back to 1863 in the coun...

© Helnæs Mølle

Helnæs Mølle

5631, Ebberup

Helnæs Mølle

Outdoor experiences and activities for institutions, businesses and individuals

Helnæs Mølle provides a wide range of activity and accommodation options. We can provide indoor accommoda...


Shelter site at Brunebjerg

Shelter site with 3 shelters, packed-lunch building, pavilion and toilet block.

Two of the shelters are located at the site, and the third at the edge of the woods.

The s...


Shelter site in Trunderup forest

Shelter site with 2 shelters and a toilet.

The site must be booked through Hanne Pedersen of the Roads and Traffic Department of Assens Municipality.

Assens Municip...


Shelter site at Møllegård forest

Shelter site with 1 shelter. A toilet block is found by the natural playground near the highway.

The shelter does not have to be booked in advance.

See the location...


Shelter site at Klakkebjerg

1 shelter, located in the hills.

No toilet.

See the location on a map....


Shelter site, Vissenbjerg Hills

1 shelter, located behind the clay pits.

No toilet.

See the location on a map....

Shelters på Katbakken

9530, Støvring

At the outdoore center ”Katbakken” you can sleep out in the open in shelters with room for up to 30 people. The place is well-attended, so a reservation for an overnight stay is required.

The place a...

The camp is situated next to an old mill from 1864 which is being renovated. The mill sticks up over the roofs of the village so the area is easy to find.

Shopping: 6 km...

Hjemsted Oldtidspark

6780, Skærbæk

Welcome to the camp Hjemsted Oldtidspark. Experience a different place. At Hjemsted Oldtidspark history comes to live and You get the opportunity to experience how life could have been in the Iron Age...

© visitvestsjælland

Shelter Gerlev Legepark

4200, Slagelse

Shelters at Gerlev Playcenter. Free to use, but it is a good idea to call in advance to be sure that they are available...

At Det Grønne Hjørne you can sleep in the nice shelters. Visit also the farm shop.

The area has room for play. Shopping: 2 km

Please call ahead at about 10 a.m.!!

Direction: From A11 you turn towar...

© VisitMariagerfjord

Shelter in True

9550, Mariager

True Nature Camp - A cheap accomodation alternative...

The shelter is situated on a private property, close to a small estate, The camp is surrounded by pine trees and has a bonfire site with a barbe...

Two shelters located at Bursø Hestehave for a break or basic camping. There are stunning views of Maribo Søndersø, and the shelters are just 300 meters from the Nature School, where there is toilet ac...

Stendal Plantage

8620, Kjellerup

Ans Søbred

8643, Ans By


Showing 551 - 600 of 606 entries