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Folkeparken (park)

9850, Hirtshals

The park is a lovely area with paths through the woods and along the lake.
Ducks and other animals are found in the park.

There are tables and benches, where you can sit down and relax, and also a ...

Christiansgave - Hjørring

9800, Hjørring

Christiansgave in Hjørring is a park, situated in Hjørring's town centre.

Christiansgave today is a popular destination, where young and old gather. The grassy areas are frequently used for sunbathi...

© Hjørring Kommune

The Arboreal Nature Park (Forstbotanisk Naturpark) at Landbogården in Hjørring is a source of inspiration for many people

The 13-hectare landscaped gardens that were laid out in 1987 containing more ...

Bangsbo Botaniske Have

9900, Frederikshavn

Botanical garden 17.500 m2.English-style park, lawns & rhododendrons. Rose garden with 200 historical species. History of imported fruits/berries. Bonsai collection. Sensory/medicinal/herb ga...

Bangsbo Skovene

9900, Frederikshavn

Beech forest covering 100 ha with a rich variety of bird life & wildlife. Animals roam free within the fenced-in area of the forest. A trail leads through the wood, The Kings Trail,...

SCT. KNUDS KILDE (St Knud's Spring) in Hjørring is a large ornamental park with woods and ponds located in a rolling terrain. The Holy Spring dating back to the 12th Century which was still visited up...

Svanelunden - Hjørring

9800, Hjørring

Svanelunden in Hjørring is an ornamental park just south from the railway station.
It was planted in 1878 and in 1884 the main pond was made into an open air ice skating rink.

A Pavillon with al fres...

Koldkær Forest

9370, Hals

Koldkær Forest, which is owned by Aalborg Municipality is located in between Hou and Hals, boardering all the way to Kattegat and used to be a desolate area with moist ponds and a moor area with heath...

66 of the 100 hectare of Vester Aslund Plantage is owned by Aalborg Municipality. In the lush forest areas there are a number of interest pats marked with colours to indicate the length of each route....

Loch Ness

4400, Kalundborg

Loch Ness is a nature park where gravel was formerly extrated. When this came to an end, the owner renovated the area, made paths and planted vegetation.Ducks and geese were put out in the l...

Gram Manorpark

6510, Gram

The garden and the park are well worth a visit.The garden was laid out about 1700 and relaid by the landscape architect Paul Le Fevre Jacobsen in 1990.Rebuild 2000 due to damages from the st...

© Ulla Fibiger

Holsteinborg Park

4243, Rude

HOLSTEINBORG CASTLEHolsteinborg Castle which is located 13 km from Skælskør in the direction of Næstved was build by the Trolle family between 1598 and 1651 but has been owned by the Holstein fam...

Taarnborg park

4220, Korsør

Beautiful recreational area on the outskirts of the town. The Taarnborg Park has due to the geological circumstances a sharply undulating terrain with both woods and&nb...

Smedegade park

4200, Slagelse

Lovely green area with a little pond where you can feet the ducks and with a playground for the children. Situated close to the center of Slagelse.The park has been renovated in 2009...

Lovsø Park

4220, Korsør

Green oasis close to the city centre and one of Korsørs many beaches. Gravel walks, three small lakes, one with bridge access to tiny island, and play ground with swings and&n...

Korsør Town Park

4220, Korsør

Lovely nature is all around Korsør, and even present in the middle of the city – although in a tamer form – in the town centre park, Byparken. Byparken was created on the old railway gr...

Kongegaards garden

4220, Korsør

Kongegaardshaven (garden) was originally a private garden associated with Kongegaarden, but today it is a public amenity. ‘Kongegaard Saturdays’ are held here during the summer, when the townspeo...


4200, Slagelse

Just south of Slagelse you'll find Hylleåsen - a delightful area with tables, benches and a playground. There a also goats and a small pool that is home to ducks and other birds. The animals...

Halkevad Park

4200, Slagelse

Halkevad Mindelund is a small historic nature area situated between  Skørpinge and Flakkebjerg. From the parking lot you can see the statue "The Lion".Several paths....

© Ulla Fibiger

Guldagergård Park

4230, Skælskør

A park where the centre is formed by the garden and forest surrounding the beautiful main building Guldagergård. Here you can watch many different bushes and trees and experience the (shiny water mirr...

Boeslunde Mindepark

4242, Boeslunde

The memorial park in Boeslunde is situated in the centre of the village. The area is worked out as an amphitheatre around a circular lawn.On the top there is placed a memorial stone for F.J. Borg...

© Hyldespjældets Skulpturbank

Hyldespjældets Skulpturbank

2620, Albertslund

Vestegnen has many cultural gems. In the northern part of Albertslund, close to Vestskoven (the Western Forrest), the residential area Hyldespjældet contains a very special sculpture park.

A host of ...

© De Japanske Haver

De Japanske Haver

5672, Broby

Beautiful situated near the town Broby.

Open 1. maj- 30. september 10 p.m. till 6 p.m....

© Faaborg Turistbureau

Holstenshuus Castle Park

5600, Faaborg

Holstenshuus SlotsparkThe park is a private garden that is open to the public. The gardens were laid in 1753 as a rococo garden designed by G.D. Tschierske. Today, the garden is a romantic garden...

© VisitMariagerfjord

In 1998 a cloister garden was opened by Mariager Museum. Here you can see for instance the medicinal plants which are still growing in the area around the Abbey of Mariager, now the Judge's Office.

© VisitMariagerfjord

Den Italienske Have

9550, Mariager

The Italian Garden is privately owned.

In the garden you'll find about 500 different kinds of perennials, 500 cairn plants, 75 rhododendron, 40 different kinds of waterlillies, 40 azalea as well as ...

Orangerie Nandina

9520, Skørping


Nursery and product development
Nice and inspiring cottage garden

Do you go for a walk around the buildings, you experience the old cottage garden, which is unique in itself. Here in this surrou...

© Læsø Rhododendronpark

Læsø Rhododendron...

Beside Sæby river, a path winds its way from the harbour to the old Sæby Watermill. Between Algade and the river is a wonderful little park, formerly the gardens of Clasens Hoten, which now house the ...

Nellemanns Have is an old Siberian crab apple orchard, which has retained a poetic beauty though neglected.

The garden, established in 1925, consists of cultivated land and areas of garden and woods...

Dybvad Søpark

9352, Dybvad

A former marl stratum, in the 1940's it was converted into a recreative nature area.

There is a path around the lake, which is now a beautiful recreational area with lawns, talbles/benches, beech tr...


7700, Thisted

Solbakkehaven is a farm garden of approx. 11.000 m². In 2003, it was elected 'Garden of the Year' by the organisation 'Danish family farming'.Solbakkenhaven is placed on a slo...


7730, Hanstholm

The gallery is perched on the slope above the harbour. Throughout the summer there are exhibitions by Danish as well as other North Atlantic artists. Outside the gallery is "Havhaven" (the Seagarden)w...

Klosterparken i Vestervig

7770, Vestervig

The inhabitants of the village Vestervig took 1990 the initiative of establishing a park on an empty area in the middle of the village. The stream running through the area there was layed out a pond a...

© Jimmy Lind

Skive Town Park

7800, Skive

A town park with many beautiful flowers, plants, and art.

There is also an aviary with birds.
Fountains and sculptures decorates the park. A bridge connects the town park to the park at the museum....

Feriepark Jesperhus

7900, Nykøbing M

The biggest flower park of the North situated in and at the beautiful Legind Bjerge south of Nykøbing. In the Park you can see far more than a million richly coloured summer flowers, cactuses, palms, ...

© Højriis Slot

Creaking doors, fluttering curtains and dripping blood in the basement. You have arrived at an old castle where a crime has been committed.

Fingerprints on the old gramophone and lipstick on the aban...

Søndergaards Have (Parc)

8620, Kjellerup

Søndergaards Have garden, which is spread over 3 hectares, is primarily used by the public as a pleasant playing field and playground. But the garden also contains a 10,000 m² rural garden and an adve...

De Små Fisk

8600, Silkeborg

The green area “De Små Fisk” (the little fish) between Silkeborg and Sejs is the setting for a number of activities, including the annual “Open Air Festival”. The area also has a beach and camping are...


8600, Silkeborg

The Lunden area of parkland in Silkeborg is the year-round setting for various events, from a fair for children attending the town’s after-school clubs to the traditional 1 May meetings. Lunden contai...

Krabbes Grønne Ring

8620, Kjellerup

Krabbes Grønne Ring is named after Christopher Krabbe (1833–1913), who was the town bailiff and district bailiff in Kjellerup. Among other things, he instigated a town planning regulation for Kjelleru...


8600, Silkeborg

Indelukket, an area of park and woodland, is one of Silkeborg’s most popular destinations. The area has a marina and an open-air theatre. The latter is the setting of the annual Hede Rytmer (hot rhyth...


8600, Silkeborg

As the name suggests, Cirkuspladsen (the circus ground) in Kastaniehøjvej, Silkeborg is used for circus performances, but it also provides the setting for animal shows and a temporary campsite during ...

Struer Park

7600, Struer

Struer Lystanlæg/BorgerlundenStruer Lystanlæg (park) stretches from the town centre towards the south. In extension of the park you find Borgerlunden (citzens' grove). ...

Lemvig Museum, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Lemvig Museum, a mirror of the Lemvig area.

Visit Lemvig Museum and learn more about the distinctive character and identity of Western Jutland both past and present.  Explore the many exhibitions of ...

The Japanese Garden in Nees.

The garden is inspired of Japanese garden culture and Japanese traditions. You can see beautiful trees, bushes and flowers. The garden gives you peace in soul and mind.


Ribe Art Museum, © Ribe Kunstmuseum

Ribe Art Museum

6760, Ribe

A beautiful historic building from 1864 provides a worthy setting for the unique Ribe Collection. The collection of art includes masterpieces by Golden Age painters, Skagen Painters and classic Danish...

Minidyrhaven Ribelund, © Minidyrhaven Ribelund

Mini zoo, Ribelund

6760, Ribe

In beautiful surroundings close to the railway station you will be able to get close to many animals. Here you find red deer, dee'r, pet goats, donkeys, horses, bird haven and small kangaroos.


Ribe Herb Garden, © Ribe Urtehave

Ribe Herb Garden

6760, Ribe

In the Ribe Herb Garden's 36 beds grow between 270 and 300 medicinal and gourmet herbs. The two signs in each bed show the names of various plants in Danish and Latin.

Please note that not all the h...


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