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Denmark’s number one design street 

Copenhagen nightlife

Denmark's pubs

If it’s your first time in Copenhagen, a bodega is a great way to experience old Denmark. These pubs are cosy, closed-in places where everyone knows everyone else’s names. Ask a local to show you how to play a game of dice, a popular Danish pastime!

Munthe plus Simonsen

Image: Tine Harden

On the trail of The Killing

The Killing sweater

Helena Christensen's favourite

Danish bike design

The Pedersen Bicycle


Danish food

More than cabbage sausage and rib broths

Cycling Denmark

1.   You are never very far from the next place to eat or sleep in Denmark.

Cycling in Denmark

The whole country at your feet

New Nordic Cuisine

Back to Denmark's roots

Changing of the guard in Copenhagen

The Royal Family residence

Copenhagen architecture

A city at the cutting edge


Copenhagen's colourful free city

Green Copenhagen

One of the world’s most environmentally friendly cities

Built for bike lanes

Copenhagen is covered by 350km of cycle paths and lanes which are raised from the road and really safe to cycle on. Some city junctions even have flashing lights when cyclists approach to warn drivers before they turn. 


Showing 40 from 44 marked with "City breaks"