The Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea National Park
A unique national park extending down the West Coast into Northern Europe, provides you with open expanses and unparalleled birdwatching opportunities.

Ecological treasure trove

The Wadden Sea is a national park in Denmark that extends south all the way into Germany and Holland. These parts of the area are now on the UNESCO World Heritage List for their ecological importance. The unique Danish part of the wetland at Ho Bay, near Skallingen, is an easily accessible day trip and unmissable if you love birdwatching, wildlife and exploring intertidal habitats.

Nature at play

When the tidal waters retreat, the exposed seabed comes to life and teems with creatures. The park’s sand dunes are popular resting places for breeding colonies of seals. During spring and autumn, you’ll witness the arrival of enormous flocks of migratory birds. Here, you can see the unbelievable natural phenomenon known as the Black Sun, when thousands of starlings gather at dusk, drawing amazing dark patterns on the sky.

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