Idyllic and Historic Danish Countryside


Idyllic and Historic Danish Countryside

Denmark's Garden Island

Funen (Fyn in Danish) is Denmark's second largest island, situated between the island of Zealand and mainland Denmark. You can instantly see why it is called Denmark’s garden island, with its gently rolling hills, orchards, hedgerows and thatched, half-timbered farmhouses. The main city of Odense is Denmark's third-largest city and is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, one of Denmark’s best loved authors, while the Funen countryside hosts countless farms, historical sites like Egeskov Castle, and the scenic South Funen Archepelago. If you’re planning a holiday to Denmark, Funen is a great place to see something new. 


Walk in fairy-tale footsteps in Odense

Once upon a time in Odense... 

Get to know Funen

Take a tour of Denmark's Garden Island and learn about some of its top tourist activities

Sailing in the South Funen

Active holidays

Funen offers lots of options for fun and exercise in the great outdoors, on land and on water.

The wonders of Funen

Explore the wonders and coziness of Funen, the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen

The South Funen Archipelago

Natural experiences

Explore Denmark's garden island, a lush and rolling landscape covered in cycling and walking routes and sights.

Funen beaches

Beach life

You find fine sandy beaches, with calm waters suitable for swimming, all along the Great Belt coast and the southern stretch of the Little Belt.