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Tarskov Mølle

8462, Harlev J

Tarskov mølle is a half-timbered farm from the 18th century with watermill from the 14th century and preserved buildings. The farm is still functioning with gra...

Egå Marina

8250, Egå

Egå Marina is one of the largest yacht harbours in Denmark. It is often used by visiting sailers prefering a more quiet harbour. Not far from the mouth of Egå River the Strandparken area is located. H...

Sushi Plus

8000, Aarhus C

Sushi restaurant in Aarhus...

Cafe Gemmestedet

8000, Aarhus C

Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine....

Lene Beier´s Bed & Breakfast offers accommodation in Bøgegade 7. In Bøgegade you can stay overnight in a cosy patricia villa located centrally in one of the city´s smal oases. It´s a lovely newly reno...

© Jesper Gormsen

Disc Golf in Aarhus

8240, Risskov

Disc Golf - Anyone can join and it's free!
Disc golf is like regular golf, where a Frisbee disc replaces club and ball. The hole is replaced by a specially designed disc golf basket which has chains ...

© Aarhus Jazz Festival

Aarhus Jazz Festival

8000, Aarhus C

Like all good festivals the Aarhus Jazz Festival is continually evolving and has achieved international renown. The whole city is backing the eight days of jazz and at this festival you can experience...

© Kvindemuseet

The Women's Museum
The museum is one of the world's few women's history museums, and is situated in the city's old city hall (1857). In these historic surroundings the focus is firmly on women's lives...

© Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Aarhus

Scandinavian Congress Center is the largest hotel and conference centre in Denmark and situated in the heart of Aarhus - with the Concert Hall as its "next-door" neighbour. The centre is characterised...

© Rie og Preben

Rie & Preben B&B

8260, Viby J

Holiday apartment in the southern part of Aarhus
Rie & Preben B&B is situated in Viby J close to the city, to the forest and the beach.Short distance to public transport and shopping centres. Good sho...

Restaurant White Elephant

8000, Aarhus C

Thai restaurant in Aarhus...


8220, Brabrand

The west part of 'Lyngbygaard' is a beautiful example of a half-timbered house. Steep steps lead to the entrence, which has wooden pilastre. In the hall a well-preserved stairway lead...

Aarhus Central Station

8000, Aarhus C

Aarhus Central Station: a overhead railway station with stairs down to the platforms. It was built in 1927 under the management of the architects K. T. Seest and A. Hoeeg-Hansen....

Studenterhus Aarhus

8000, Aarhus C

Studenterhus Aarhus is for students on all higher educat...

© Teater Svalegangen


8000, Aarhus C

The Svalegangen theatre
The Svalegangen theatre is only 5 minutes from the Aarhus Central Station. Here you can enjoy theatre of the highest quality; performances which are entertaining and thought-pr...

A Charming House in Downtown Aarhus
The accommodation is located in Møllestien (the mill lane) which is a picturesque cobbled street right in the centre of the city of Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest...

Norsminde Harbour

8340, Malling

Norsminde Harbour
Life in Norsminde can be traced as far back as the older Stone Age 6600 B.C. and there may have lived Vikings here around the year 1000 A.C. 
It's possible to go fishing and go for a...

Salling Department Store

8000, Aarhus C

Salling department store - a shopping experience out of the ordinary.

At Salling, the whole family can receive an exciting shopping experience as exclusive designs and new products in all categories ...

© Ravsmeden


8000, Aarhus C

"Ravsmeden" is an inspirational jewellery shop offering excitingly different jewellery by Danish and international jewellery artists. Ravsmeden carry jewellery in silver, gold, brilliants, pearls, hor...

Le Coq Restaurant and Bar

8000, Aarhus C

French restaurant in Aarhus....

Restaurant Margueritten

8000, Aarhus C

Italian restaurant in Aarhus...

Søstrene Grene

8000, Aarhus C

At "Søstrene Grene", in the pedestrianised high street, you can see for yourself what the Grene sisters Anna and Clara have brought home from their travels all over the globe.
In the shop, you will...


8000, Aarhus C

Organic restaurant in Aarhus...

Hotel & Restaurant Ferdinand is an exclusive hotel and a modern brasserie in Åboulevarden – which is in the heart of Aarhus, right in the middle of the popular café environment along the exposed Aarhu...

The Norsminde yachting harbour was built in 1978.
Due to heavy currents, the harbour can only be docked at using motor....

Ristrup Hovedgård

8471, Sabro

Ristrup Hovedgård (Estate) received the Danish Award of Architecture in 1996 for fitting in new architecture into an old estate building. The estate is private owned and is mainly use...

Truust Mølle

8882, Fårvang

Angling is possible daily from 7 a.m. til sunset 
Maximum permissible taking is five fish per rod and card....

© Steffen Nørlem Christensen

Audi Challenge Aarhus Half Marathon
The Audi Challenge Aarhus Half Marathon takes places in the central part of Aarhus. Marathons in Denmark are quite popular and both travelers and locals love to cha...

© Den Gamle By

Traktørstedet Simonsens Have
Traktørstedet Simonsens Have is a café/restaurant in Den Gamle By - The Old Town Museum. You will find it in one of the historical buildings where you can enjoy a nice cup...

Apoxyomenos (The Scraber

8000, Aarhus C

Apoxyomenos (The Scraper)
Next to the "Aarhus Stadion" spectator-sports complex is a replica of the marble sculpture by the Peloponnesian Lysippos....

Fugl med guldæble i næbbet (Bird with golden apple in its beak) stands at the corner of Søndergade/Østergade and it was created in 1973 by the Danish artist Erik Heide, born in...

Harry Søiberg

8000, Aarhus C

Harry Søiberg 1880-1954, writer.It is the popular tale versus mythogenesis in his Jutland family trilogy "De levendes land" (The land of the living). He was awarded the "Heiberg ...

Jacob Knudsen

8000, Aarhus C

Jacob Knudsen 1858-1917, writer, folk high school teacher and clergyman.
In his novels he described the conflict between the laws of society, ethics and conscience....

Johan Skjoldborg

8000, Aarhus C

Johan Skjoldborg 1861-1936, writer.The great poet of the Danish smallholder movement, who wrote socialist-realist novels and songs....


8000, Aarhus C

At Pustervig Torv (Square) in Latinerkvarteret you may see "Madame", a sculpture made by the artist Christian Lemmertz. The sculpture was raised in 2...

The Egg by Piet Hein

8000, Aarhus C

For the poet and the scientist Piet Hein noted for his collections of "Gruk" (grooks) under the alias of Kumbel a permanent memorial has been set up in Aarhus: a sculpture, as tall as...

Steen Steensen Blicher

8000, Aarhus C

Steen Steensen Blicher 1782-1848, writer and clergyman in the villages of Thorning and Spentrup.He translated the poems of Ossian and he was later celebrated for his short storie...

The looping well

8000, Aarhus C

Torvenes Brøndsløjfe ("The looping well in the square") on the Main Square (Store Torv) was created by Elisabeth Toubro, born in Nuuk, Greenland, in 1956.She came to Denmark at 1...

Constantinborg Forest

8260, Viby J

Constantinborg Forest
The forest is situated 10 kilometres outside Aarhus and can be seen on the way in direction of the preserved areas at Pinds Mølle (Pind's Mill) and Jeksen Bæk (Jeksen Brook).

Marselisborg Forests

8000, Aarhus C

Marselisborg Skovene (Marselisborg Forests)
South of Aarhus a forest belt streches 7 kilometres along the coast. The part of the forest near the city is known as Marselisborg Skovene (the Marselisborg...

© VisitDenmark

The Forest Route

8240, Risskov

Sunbeams over Aarhus - The Forest Route has two different starting points, one by the parking ground in Mollerup Skov by Skejbyvej (A) and one by the dog training facilities of DCH on Viengevej (B). F...

© VisitAarhus

The Deer Park

8270, Højbjerg

South of the Aarhus city, in the Thors woods which are part of the larger Marselisborg-Moesgaard forest, lies the Deer Park. The area houses a wonderful population of sika and fallow deer which you ca...

Ellevang Church

8240, Risskov

Ellevang Kirke in the suburb Vejlby, was designed by the Friis and Moltke architects' practice and was built between 1973-74. The church interior and the parish council chambers are placed between two...

Gellerup Church

8220, Brabrand

Gellerup Kirke is located in the western part of Aarhus. The church, consecrated in 1976, is situated close up to the "City Vest" shopping centre and the "Gellerup" housing area. The architect Blach P...

Hasle Church

8210, Aarhus V

Hasle Church is built on a site with a very high elevation, and the 16th-century tower has thus often served as a navigation point. The original part of the church was built in the mid 12th century, w...

Kasted Church

8200, Aarhus N

Kasted Church was built of dressed granite about 1180. The porch was added in the 16th century and the present tower in 1935....

The Christian Science Church
Reading Room may be closed during the summer holidays in July and August. Church may be closed in the same period. Call librarian for further information about opening hou...

© Sankt Johannes Kirke

Sankt Johannes Church

8000, Aarhus C

Sankt Johannes Kirke
Sct. John's Church was consecrated in 1905, thus becoming the fourth church to be built in Aarhus. It was designed by the Royal Surveyor, Hack Kampmann, who is also well known fo...

Sdr. Aarslev Church

8220, Brabrand

Sdr. Aarslev Kirke is sited by the road leading from Aarhus to Silkeborg and consists of a Romanesque chancel and nave.During the late Gothic period, the church was extended to t...


Showing 201 - 250 of 717 entries