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The Ask Stone

8340, Malling

Ask-stenen (The Ask stone)
The Ask Stone is standing outside the Ask folk high school and dates back to 1920. The Ask folk high school is located near the village of Malling just south of Aarhus....

Elskovskampen og de seks amoriner (The battle of love and the six cupids) from the early 30s was made by Johannes Bjerg.Renovated in 1990-91 when the pool was removed together wi...

J.P. Jacobsen

8000, Aarhus C

J. P. Jacobsen 1847-85, writer.
A disciple of Brandes and influenced by French naturalists, he wrote the short story "Mogens" and later the novel "Mrs Marie Grubbe".
He died from tuberculosis at th...

Jeppe Aakjær

8000, Aarhus C

Jeppe Aakjær 1866-1930, writer.
A writer of popular songs (many set to music by Carl Nielsen) about nature and everyday-life in his native Jutland "Songs of the Rye", and an outstanding socialist-re...

Reclining Girl

8260, Viby J

Liggende Pige (Reclining girl) was erected in 1966 outside the library in Viby at Skanderborgvej 170. The artist is Gerhard Henning....

The Marathon Runner

8000, Aarhus C

Maratonløberen (The marathon runner) is located by the "Atletion" spectator-sports complex. It dates back to 1927 and it was created by the artist Viggo Jarl....

Forest Art

8270, Højbjerg

Skovkunst (Forest art) created by the artist Jørn Rønnau, consisting of 14 sculptures made specially for selected spots in an around the Marselisborg Woods

Thøger Larsen

8000, Aarhus C

Thøger Larsen 1875-1928, writer.In his nature-based regional poetry, realism is united with a pantheistic perception of a cosmic life force running through all living things. Slæ...

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Bellevue Beach

8240, Risskov

Bellevue Beach - 4 kilometres north of the centre at suburb Risskov. Nice sandy beach with very fine sand and bathing jetties.
Along the coast north and south of Aarhus you can find some of the coun...

Hørret Forest

8320, Mårslet

Hørret Skov
Take the bus to Hørret Skov (forest), get off and follow the paths into the forest. Hørret Skov is a large forest with marked paths, hazel shrubs, (remember to bring along bags in the autu...

© Aarhus Kommune, Per Ryolf

Riis Forest

8240, Risskov

Riis Skov
In the year of 1395 Her Majesty Queen Margrethe the 1st  determined the demarcation of the common field at which the southern part of Riis Skov (Riis Forest) went to the town of Aarhus. The ...

Vilhelmsborg Forest

8330, Beder

Vilhelmsborg Forest
Vilhelmsborg Manor is one of the three large manor houses south of Aarhus. Vilhelmsborg Forest is situated at both sides of the Giber Aa east of the manor. The forest is a beautifu...

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The Park Route

8000, Aarhus C

Sunbeams over Aarhus - The Park Route
The 5,4 kilometres route starts and ends by The Natural History Museum. It follows asphalted path systems through the three parks – Universitetsparken/the Univers...

Brabrand Kirke

8220, Brabrand

The first thing the visitor notices when walking round the exterior of Brabrand Church is the impressive view of Brabrand Lake.
The Romanesque part of the church was originally only 20 meters long....

Åby Church

8230, Åbyhøj

Åby Church is a church with one long nave, with a three-sided chancel at the east end and a west-end tower. The church was built between 1872-1873 as a replacement for a previous Romanesque church.

Holme Church

8270, Højbjerg

This was originally the site of a medieval church. This structure was demolished in 1882 and replaced in the same year with the present church.
Until 1968, the church consisted of a chancel, nave, ...

Kolt Church

8361, Hasselager

Kolt Church consists of a Romanesque chancel and nave, a late medieval two-storey porch and a tower....

Lystrup Church

8520, Lystrup

Lystrup Church is delightfully sited on the grass-covered burial mound of the Viking chieftain Lyr, in the picturesque Egådal (Egå valley). From the church, there is an impres...

Ormslev Church

8260, Viby J

Ormslev Church is an impressive building, with the westernmost part consisting of the nave of the Romaneque church, so that the church now appears as a long nave. There is an ...

Skjoldhøj Church

8220, Brabrand

Skjoldhøj Kirke was built between 1983-84 by the Friis and Moltke architects' practice. When standing in the porch, one side serves as the entrance to the church...

Spørring Church

8380, Trige

Spørring ChurchThe church consists of a Romanesque aspe, chancel and nave. The porch and base section of the tower are late Gothic. The tower was first completed in 1935, althoug...

Tranbjerg Church

8310, Tranbjerg J

Tranbjerg ChurchA fragment of a Romanesque grave stone is build into the base of the porch. The chancel nave and tower are also Romanesque. Five out of the original seven round-a...

Viby Church

8260, Viby J

Viby Church
The church consists of a Romanesque aspe, chancel and nave, with a late-medieval porch and tower, in which much of the original Romanesque stonework was reused....

Åbyhøj Church

8230, Åbyhøj

Åbyhøj Church is a very picturesque whitewashed building and is one of the newer churches in the city og Aarhus. Completed in 1945, the church has a cruciform ground plan and is a copy of Løgum Kloste...

Solbjerg Lake

8355, Solbjerg

Solbjerg Lake
Solbjerg Lake is a large connected lake-system situated south-west form Aarhus in the area Solbjerg, Hørning, and Stilling. Rich on birds and vegetation.
Lakes and rivers in and around...

The Post and Telegraph building building is constructed in Hack Kampmann´s prefered materials - granite boulders and tiles.
The Post Building was built in 1904 with front balconies of amazing flowers...


8220, Brabrand

Gellerupbadet is a swimming pool for the entire family.
Free with the AarhusCard....

Giber Stream

8270, Højbjerg

Giber Å
Giber Å (stream) is placed in Moesgård Skov (forest). Take the bus to Skovmøllen (watermill). Follow the road, pass "laksetrappen" (the salmon stairs) up along the stream into the forest.


8270, Højbjerg

The Restaurant Frederikshøj is situated in Hestehaven on Oddervej. In contrast to the numerous illegal beer gardens and modest restaurants The Restaurant Frederikshøj (has been licensed for more than ...

© Kähler and Friends

Kähler Spisesalon

8000, Aarhus C

Prizewinning open sandwiches in a unique setting 
At Kähler Spisesalon you will immediately sense the passion and love for Kähler’s world-famous ceramics. The unique ceramic design of Kähler converges...

Møllevang Church

8210, Aarhus V

Møllevangskirken (the Møllevangs Church) was designed by the architect C.F. Møller and was consecrated in 1959. The distinctive detached bell tower was built in 1969....

© Tivoli Friheden

Ever since the beatiful old wooden pavilion Restaurant Terrassen was built in 1904, it has been the place to go for a day out for the citizens of Aarhus....

© Poul Erik Østergaard


8000, Aarhus C

Royal Customs House (Toldboden)
The Royal Customs House building was built for the government in the period between  1895 and 1897. The building is the work of the Royal Architect Hack Kampmann.


Villa Kampen

8000, Aarhus C

In the 1902 substantiated Hack Kampmann a house for himself and his family on Beach Road. Villa match, which the house is called, is strongly influenced by the English architecture.

© VisitAarhus

Angling in Aarhus

8000, Aarhus C

Angling is possible from bridges and at the coast of the municipality of Aarhus from Norsminde to Vosnaes.

Read more on www.fisketegn.dk/fisketegn...

Aarhus Stream Valley

8220, Brabrand

Aarhus Ådal
Valley situated west of Brabrand Lake; is a part of the subglacial stream trench that stretches from Aarhus to the lake highland in Midjutland. The Aarhus Stream Valley is bounded to the N...

Restaurant Miro

8000, Aarhus C

French gourmet restaurant in Aarhus, mentioned in the 2015 Michelin Guide....

Restaurant Komfur

8000, Aarhus C

Restaurant in Aarhus...

© AMOKsmykker


8000, Aarhus C

AMOKsmykker is the place where sparkling creativity meets jewelry design, where you will discover an infinite selection of fun, beautiful and handmade jewelry.

In the shop you will find...

© Ceres Park og Arena

Ceres Park & Arena venue

8000, Aarhus C

Ceres Park & Arena provides the perfect setting for holding conferences, meetings, and fairs. A conference and event centre only a 15-minute walk from the city centre – with conference rooms and halls...

© Den Gamle By

Dansk Plakatmuseum

8000, Aarhus C

Dansk Plakatmuseum (The Danish Poster Museum)
The Museum is a unique cultural-historical museum, established as a private foundation with its own exhibition space in an extension to the Aarhus Art Bui...

© Settwell Relocation

Settwell Relocation

8000, Aarhus C

Settwell Relocation is an independent Danish relocation company founded in 1992. It was the first company in Denmark to offer professional relocation services to companies assigning international key ...

The Vadestedet

8000, Aarhus C

Take a bunch of cafés, add some night clubs, one river, a lot of people, and mix. Sprinkle the mixture with a great ambience, and voilá: you get the ‘Vadestedet’. The Vadestedet is the plac...

Åboulevarden – in the heart of Aarhus.

The Åboulevarden in Aarhus is simply filled with atmospheric cafés and nightlife, while also offering charming and exciting shopping along the riverfront. The a...

© First Hotel Atlantic

First Hotel Atlantic

8000, Aarhus C

First Hotel Atlantic in Aarhus is located by the waterfront in Aarhus overlooking the city and the harbor. Staying at First Hotel Atlantic you are only 2 minutes walk from the main shopping streets wh...

© Scandic Aarhus Vest

Scandic Aarhus Vest

8210, Aarhus V

Hotel Scandic Aarhus Vest
The modern hotel with a prime location close to the city and visitor sights, yet offering ease of access from the main approach roads. The hotel with soul, atmosphere and exc...

© Scandic Aarhus Vest

Restaurant Bispeengen

8210, Aarhus V

Restaurant Bispeengen
The à la carte restaurant serves from Danish and Mediterranean kitchen.
Try the excellent lunch buffet and for your evening meal, choose from a wide
variety of dishes.

There is...

Montra Nilles kro

8471, Sabro

Danish restaurant near Aarhus...

Comwell in Aarhus

Comwell Aarhus

8000, Aarhus C

The 4-starred Comwell Aarhus, welcomes you inside a modern building, outfitted by the Danish design house Hay. The 240 guest rooms, which are distributed on 12 floors, are comfortable and have an impr...

© Tivoli Friheden

Hermans - a venue with possibilities
You are now able to hold unique meetings and conferences in scenic and historic settings in the new cultural house Hermans. The location in the amusement park Tivo...


Showing 51 - 100 of 702 entries