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© Faaborg Turistbureau

Sdr. Nærå Kirke

5792, Årslev

Situated in the village Sdr. Nærå....

© Odense Bys Museer

For a couple of years, until his confirmation in 1879, the house was the childhood home of the composer Carl Nielsen. Today the building houses an exhibition illustrating the composer´s childhood.


Det Rustikke Landkøkken

8220, Brabrand

The restaurant is the original tap room, kept in a cosy style, with warm colours and wry rafters. Restaurant 2 is a separate room situated next to the tap room. The room can be connected with roo...

© Hudevad Smedje

Hudevad Smedje/Smithy

5792, Årslev

Hudevad Smedje
Visit the working smithy. There is fire in the forge, the sound of hammer against anvil rings out, and the blacksmiths tell stories of the olden days. the smithy in hudevad is a unique ...

© nyvangs fiskesøer

The angling lakes are laid out in a low-lying area with natural springs at the bottom of the lakes, making the water clear. Care has been taken not to spoil the area by any unsightly buildings or shel...

© Tarup-Davinde

Rolfshøj, Rolighedsvej. Anes Høj, Ibjergvej. Bronzealderhøje, Hudevad Byvej 31. Long Barrows and hills....

© Davinde Stenmuseum

Davinde Stenmuseum

5220, Odense SØ

Davinde Stenmuseum
At the museum you can see an exhibition of fossils and crystalline blocks, found in the Tarup-Davinde gravel pits. There is also an extensive collection of lead blocks. Stones theat...

© Faaborg Turistbureau

Faaborg Tourist Office

5600, Faaborg

At the tourist office we take pride in providing expert advice and assistance in any area required. We are happy to help with accommodation and ferry information. 

The Tourist Office also supplies: t...

© Skovlod Design

Skovlod Design

5792, Årslev

Ceramic, workshop....

© naturskolen åløkkestedet

The Nature School and nature exhibition, which is always open to the public. Run by Tarup-Davinde I/S. Surrounded by beautiful nature. Many of the lakes are among the cleanest in Fyn County....

© Tarup-Davinde


5792, Årslev

The landscape is changing rapidly. Gravel excavation is turning the region into an area of lakes. This is the largest area af gravel excavation in Fyn County. The area has supplied gravel to country f...

© Falsled Kro

Christmas activities in Faaborg (only in danish)!...


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